Interviews from the farm 64: Enlightenment Explained

By: Bernard Poolman
15 January 2010

So - We’re discussing ‘Enlightenment’ and ‘Ascended Mastery’, and ‘Ascension’ per se.

What did we find in ‘Heaven’? We found 70,000 ‘Ascendant Masters They were grouped under the banner of what they called them themself: “The Invisible College”. And they were in the Service of the ‘Creator Gods’.

Now, let’s investigate, for a moment, the ‘Process of Enlightenment’: It requires you to ‘make peace’ with all Conditions prevailing on Earth and reaching a ‘state’ of ‘Unconditional Love’, which is a ‘state’ of Acceptance of all conditions on Earth as a ‘Natural State’ of ‘Evolution’, or ‘Movement’, or ‘Growth’ - for the Price of being, or the reward of being rather, an ‘Ascendant Master’, both here on Earth where you will then ‘Recruit’ or involve other Beings to follow the same ‘path’ for ‘a Higher Life’ after Death.

Now - the ‘Angels’ followed exactly the same Methodology of Disregarding the Abuse prevailing on Earth, not looking at the Potential of making Life on Earth a ‘state’ which one can call ‘Heaven of Earth’ but rather Accepting the situation as Unchangeable and Prevailing through Multiple Lives, that One ‘grow’ and ‘move’ to a ‘Higher state’, a ‘Higher Being’, a ‘Higher Frequency’, an ‘Higher Energy’ that ‘Lifts you Above’ the so called ‘Lower Energy’ on Earth, and then you are in an apparent ‘better state’ after Death and you ‘out-blow’ closer to the universe, the Universal “I AM”.

Now - we found One Surprise – One being, One person, that’s been on Earth, that Transcended being an ‘Enlightened being’ and that were not trapped in ‘Heaven’ as ‘Ascendant Masters’ in a group that was Existing in Denial of the System on Earth, and that person was Lao Tzu.

So, if you investigate the writings of Lao Tzu, you’ll notice a vast difference between his writings and the writings of ‘Ascendant Masters’ and ‘Angels’ and ‘Channels’. The writings of Lao Tzu is focused on How to Practically live Common-Sensically on Earth. While the writings of ‘Ascendant Masters’, ‘Channels’, ‘Aliens’, ‘Enlightened Beings’, All fall under the category of getting You in a way of Application where you Deny the State on Earth, you do Nothing on about Changing Earth to a place which will be Equal to Heaven, ‘as above as bellow’ - You ‘lift’ Yourself from Earth to a ‘Higher state of Being’ and simply leave Earth be in the way it Exist.

Now, I know this is difficult to hear - These ‘Enlightened beings’ and ‘Ascendant Masters’ and ‘Angels’ were all part of a Deliberate Deception - and therefore, they’d never ‘Ascended’ in-Fact. They purely ended up in a far Greater ‘Polarity-Separation’ than anything else because they took no Responsibility for Earth and the way the Human and the Animal and the Planet Exist - and purely saw it as a ‘school’ instead of an Actual Living Experience.

Suggestion is to study the work of Lao Tzu and to have a look: what is Lao Tzu saying that is so different to what your Enlightened beings are saying? Cause Lao Tzu’s approach is one of Practical Love that Actually, if Applied, will bring about a State of Heaven on Earth which is Practical Solutions, while all the other ‘Channels’ give no Practical Solution but only give you a ‘state of Energy’, which requires you to Become in your ‘Inner Being’ a particular form of ‘Energy’ but you do nothing about bringing forth any Change.

And therefore you are in-Fact then Useless as a Being - Completely. By the way, none of those ‘Ascendant Masters’ Exist anymore and they will Never again Exist. None of the ‘Angels’ Exist anymore and they will Never again Exist. What now Exist, is through Inversion and if you want to understand how that works, you can look at the interviews with Anton LaVey and How ‘Heaven’ and ‘Hell’ and all those things were Created.

With the inversion of Everything, all of these conditions are now Created within and as the Human Mind. And the ‘Communications’ are happening similarly to as before, except that they are Individualized as a ‘state of Possession’ within the Human.

Obviously in the Processes of Beings crossing over, we are investigating, what happens to them under Equality and Oneness as they Die and cross over.

As an example here, we’ll use Elizabeth Clare Prophet which has been quite a well known ‘Channeler’ on Earth, that has presented a very Particular ‘Path’ in ‘Consciousness’. She Died fairly recently and on her crossover it was found that there was nothing left of her, that means: No potential of Individualization Existed and therefore she Amalgamated back to Substance and thus, has lost her opportunity of Equal Individualization due to Living as an ‘Energetic Being’ without any Practical Contribution to the condition on Earth, purely Deceiving people to Live for ‘a Life after Death’ which was absolutely Useless. The Price to pay for that is: that you Lose yourself Completely and thus cannot Individualize yourself or hold yourself together after Death.

So please note that these things has changed dramatically and is going to have a Consequence - Do some Common Sense research in terms of what would be the Consequence if One Do Not Honor Life Equally Here on Earth and Do what is Best for All.