Interviews from the farm 65: Wisdom of the Observer with Mythomania


Bernard Poolman & Darryl Thomas

19 January 2010


Bernard: ok, You were saying?

Darryl: Ah that was so weird - so we just have like this fishbowl around our heads that we take as …

Bernard: If you look at the Context of the Universe, the Earth will look like a Fishbowl
Isn’t it?
It’ll be like, from far-off this… watery place, with a few points of Entertainment in it called ‘Land’
Isn’t it?
And, you are bubbling along within it, gasping for air.

Anna: trying to look out

Bernard: Yes, and you are Eating, you are Shitting and you are, have a Functional System that Breathes for you, because You don’t Breathe.
You are attempting to Observe what is ‘Real’.
I mean, what are you Observing? How can you Trust your Observation if you cannot even Observe the System that is Currently Existent that is Not Equal Support for all Life?
And you’re Unable to See that and you are Unable to Observe ‘What to do about it’ - that means you’re completely Disempowered as the Observer.
Yet, from the perspective of your Science the Observer seemingly is the one that is the Creator, it is Not-
the Observer is only the Creator of Consciousness - that’s the ‘Con’ within which your Conscience is warped to Not Actually Care, then you Dare to give Definitions to Words like ‘Love’ and Align Yourself to your Definition and Defend your Definition of ‘Love’, Generating within yourself an Energy that Feels according to Your Observation - like ‘love’- and then you Act within that.
But all of that is Illusion - it is Not ‘Reality’, which is what Death Proves because-
If you were Able to Actually Converse with the Dead, you will at any given moment be able to Converse with All Dead Beings - whether Animal, Plant, Stone, Molecule, Human - All of them at Once, Immediately.
I mean, Obviously
If you can’t do that and you have a ‘Select Few’ you Communicate with, You Must Realize that you have Created the ‘Select few’ as your Particular Delusion
And obviously they will Speak words of ‘Wisdom’ because the ‘Wisdom’ they Speak is the Wisdom you Believe you Have, and they’re just Confirming your Observable ‘Wiseness’
Because in your ‘Wiseness’ you are Answering the question ‘Why’ to your Satisfaction.
The Fact that that Whole Process is a Lie, is Irrelevant.

Darryl: Well it's not considered, I mean, the whole epic sweep of philosophy is, you know, Plato’s perspectives, Socrates perspective… and people think: ‘Wow! that was Awesome - We must be thinking along in the same line’

Bernard: yeah, here basically as ‘Observer’, Creating your own ‘Myths’ it’s- you can call it ‘Mythomania’
You are Living ‘Your Myth’ as the ‘Observations of You’ without even Considering that Everything you’re Observing has got Nothing to do with Reality, it’s only gotta do with ‘Your Reality’, and ‘Your Reality’ ‘Observably’ is the Result of your Observation.
And is only Possible to Exist as long as You Exist in this Particular Form - when this Particular Form ‘Fails you’, then the question becks:

Who are You?, What will Remain?
It’s like a Motor Car- the Moment it runs out of fuel and the tires are gone and you park it under the tree, the Earth will ‘Eat’ it away till there is nothing left.
And what would have Happened to the Life of the car? It is Gone, No More.
And as the Memory Disappear, so does the car - That is the Same with the Human being.

Darryl: Oh yeah, lost Languages, lost Civilizations,

Bernard: All of it is Proving beyond the Shadow of a Doubt that the Human has Not Considered Reality at all -
And that again is Confirmed through a Simple point where One can Look at Reality as you Remove the Human and,
all Knowledge will Disappear, all Wisdom will Disappear, all Civilization will Disappear, all Technology will Disappear - that would mean that the Human is the Actual Creator of these Things and that shows very clearly that there is No God that Exist, whatsoever
And God do Not Determine Anything that Happens on Earth – it is All Human
That’s a simple Math point - I mean, you do the math and You can See for Yourself that:

God Does Not Exist.