Interviews from the farm 67: Game Theory of the Gods ont he Road to Freedom


By: Bernard Poolman

Okay, so – ‘Game Theory of the Gods’ is the ‘Next Series’ that we’ll be Starting - Video uploads in ten days-time.

What is ‘Game Theory of the Gods’? That is the ‘Mathematical-Equations’ within-which Everyone’s ‘Life’ and ‘Consciousness’ in itself has been ‘Designed’, so that you can have an ‘Experience’ within-which you are ‘Believing’-yourself to ‘have’ some form-of ‘Free Will’.

Now, this ‘Free Will’ - as Many is already Starting to ‘Realize’- is obviously Not ‘Free’ at all.

What will the ‘Game Theory of the Gods’ ‘Assist’-you with? It’ll ‘Assist’-you with ‘Understanding’ ‘Creation’ In-‘Fact’ - because after- all we said at Desteni, it’s about: the ‘Equality of All’ – which means: You have to ‘Equally’-‘Understand’ ‘How’ Everything ‘Actually’ ‘Operates’ – And you’ve gotta be able to ‘work-it-out’ for Yourself, therefore You ‘Require’ a ‘Sufficient’ ‘Understanding’-of ‘The Game Theory of the Gods’, so that Nobody can ‘Mind-Control’-You, Nobody can ‘Influence’-you, Nobody can make-you ‘Experience’-something, unless you can ‘Actually’ ‘Do’ the ‘Mathematics’-Yourself and ‘See’ for Yourself that What the Person is talking about, You can also Understand ‘Equally’ by doing the ‘Mathematics’-Yourself.

This is obviously gonna take-‘Time’ because, there’s gonna be ‘Hundreds ‘-of Interviews Explaining Every-‘Point’ ‘Meticulously’ in terms-of the ‘Base Theory’ of ‘How’ the ‘Equation’‘Operates’ that ‘brings’-that ‘Particular’-Point ‘Equally’ into ‘Visible’, ‘Experienceable’, ‘Creation’ ‘Here’ Within this ‘System’ of ‘Consciousness’ on Earth.

So I Suggest: Prepare Yourself, Subscribe - Understand that, the ‘Applied’ ‘Game Theory of the Gods’ we’ll be doing with ‘Facilitation’ in the SRA Courses –in the ‘Structural Resonance Alignment Training’- in about a year/year and a half’s time.

That part of the Curriculum will start –you can call-it Virtually ‘The Curriculum of the Gods’ because, what is ‘Required’ to be ‘Understood’ when you are ‘Dealing’-with ‘Creation’, is Obviously ‘All Parts’-of ‘Everything that Exist’ Needs to be ‘Understood’ – Not ‘As’ the ‘Observer’ but ‘As’ the ‘Participant’ –and the ‘Way’ it ‘Operates’ as ‘Within’ and ‘As’ the ‘Participant’, is it ‘Works’-in ‘Real-Time’ ‘Math’, it is an ‘Instant’‘Calculation’ that is Made by Your ‘Resonance’, which is ‘Really’ ‘Representing’ ‘You’-You are Just a ‘Slave’-of these ‘Symbolisms’ that is the ‘Symbols’-of ‘Mathematics’ within an ‘Equation’ of ‘Variables’.

In this, you will then come-to the ‘Conclusion’-yourself , ‘Eventually’ that ‘What is Best for All’ is ‘Equality’ –is an ‘Equation’ which ‘Gives’-Everyone ‘Freedom’ within the ‘Context’ of the Current ‘Limitation’ - that ‘Gives’-Everyone ‘Responsibility’, and that ‘Gives’-Everyone ‘Equality’ in ‘Understanding’, and ‘Sufficient’ ‘Skills’ to ‘Deal’ with-it – Obviously this will take a Moment –which is ‘a couple of years’ –for it to-be ‘Filtered’-through ‘All of the World’.

We Estimate at-least ‘3 Generations’ if we Work at-it at a ‘Global Level’ – So, It’ll ‘take a while’- But, the ‘Longer ‘we Wait = the ‘Longer’ it’ll ‘Take’.

So - if you’re Ready-for ‘Really’ ‘Making a Difference’ in Your ‘Own Life’ and on Earth, and in ‘What’ll ‘Happen’ to-You in the ‘Afterlife’’, Get- to-Know: ‘Game Theory of the Gods’.

See you Around.