Interviews from the Farm 68: Past Time-Line Resonant Correction

Bernard Poolman, Matti & Esteni
13 February 2010

Remember - in the Discussion with ‘the Creation of Existence’, ‘Time’… the ‘End’ was ‘Placed’ at the Beginning, what does that mean? Everything was ‘Programmed’ into-‘Time’. That means, from a Perspective of ‘Multidimensionality’, you’re ‘Experiencing’ ‘In a Way’, you were Always Experiencing ‘Everything’, All-‘Time-Lines’, ‘All’ at-the ‘Same-Time’, but you were ‘Only’ ‘Aware’-of the ‘Point’ where you are Here. So what did we do? We ‘Brought’ ‘All of-that’-‘Here’, so that ‘Everything’ is ‘Here’ - All you have-to do is You have-to ‘Realize’-it, and ‘Bring’-it ‘Here’ and you ‘Access’-it ‘Direct’.

So if we go ‘back’-to your Experiences when you were very-young in terms of ‘Relationships’, those ‘Experiences’ were Not-‘Defined’ by‘ Vocabulary’ or ‘Words’, they were ‘Defined’-by your Actions’ - I mean, did you ‘Communicate’?, did you ‘Run-Away’?

Matti: Yeah, I didn’t have the ‘Words’ ‘then’

Bernard: Yes, but later-on, you would have ‘Defined’ your ‘Relationships’ with ‘Words’ but they would’ve been ‘Influenced’ by the ‘Actions’…

Matti: by the others ex…

Bernard: when you were younger. Therefore you have to ‘Bring’ your ‘First’-‘Aware’-‘Experiences’ in ‘Relationship’ to ‘People’ ‘Here’, and ‘Look’ at-it again, ‘Re-define’, ‘Give-it a-Name’ for What you ‘Really’ ‘Experienced’…

Matti: Because otherwise I’m just ‘Observing’ the ‘Past-Experience’ defining-it through my, how I’ve ‘Currently’ ‘Defined’ those words.

Bernard: Correct, you’re Not ‘Dealing’ with-it. You have become… You have to Become a ‘Real-Time’ ‘Participant’ in-that ‘Experience’ again, ‘Re-define’-it Now –that’s ‘Quantum-Time’ -‘Bring-it-Here’, You ‘Walk’-it-again, you are ‘that-Being’ again, that ‘You’ that was ‘Defined’ at that ‘Time’. I mean if you look-at your ‘later’ ‘Experiences’ in terms-of ‘Relationships’ and ‘People’ and so-on, That’s already-‘Influenced’ by your ‘First Actions’ when you were a child, so you cannot ‘Trust’ your ‘Observation’ of-that, You have-to ‘Re-Participate’ in ‘Everything’ - so that you can ‘Re-define’ everything to the ‘Point’ of getting to ‘What is the ‘Point’ Within – say ‘Agreement’, Within-‘People’, Within-‘Discussion’, Within-Communication’, ‘Within-Gentleness - What is the ‘Point’ ‘there’ which you have ‘Left-in-Time’ within ‘Memory’ as Your ‘Experiences’ which has become ‘Symbolically’-‘You’, which is ‘Resonantly’-‘You’, which is ‘Dominating’ your ‘Current’ ‘Attempt’-to ‘Deal’ with-it –and now you can’t ‘Deal’ with-it because the ‘Resonance’ Takes-‘Over’ because it Still ‘Acts’ on-your ‘Instruction’, Your ‘First’-‘Action’, Your ‘First’-‘Imprint’, Your ‘First’-‘Impression’.

Matti: So it doesn’t matter what ‘Statement’ I make, ‘Directive Statement’ I make, because I’m making that through an Observation…

Bernard: It will not – if the ‘Statement’ does not change the ‘Condition’… if the ‘Statement’ does not ‘Change’ the ‘Condition’= You have to ‘go back’ and ‘Re-Experience’ - otherwise you’re going-to ‘Time-Loop’ until you get- to the ‘Point’ where you are ‘Dealing’ with the ‘Experience’ so that you have a ‘Real-Time’, ‘Directive-Principle’ ‘Re-Alignment’.

Matti: It’s the same Principle as calling Green ‘Green’ instead-of what it actually is.

Bernard: Correct, I mean you’re ‘Dealing’-with your ‘Base’ ‘First-Impression’ of ‘Reality’, which is ‘Why’ – What is the ‘Two-things’ within the ‘Process’ of ‘Structural Resonance Alignment’ that we have to First ‘Re-Align’? It is ‘Family’, and it is ‘Relationships’ –that means, Not-as you understand ‘Relationships’ in ‘Love’ and so-on - ‘All your Interaction’ with ‘All-People’ during your ‘Life’ – ‘How did you Act?’, ‘What did you ‘Think’?’, ‘What did you ‘Say’?’, ‘What did you ‘Do’?’, ‘Who’ were ‘You’? And ‘all-of-that’, you have to ‘Re-Align’ ‘all-of-that’ into ‘Equality and Oneness’ – Make sense?

Matti: So the ‘Re-Alignment’ …

Bernard: Is ‘Realigning’-it to ‘Equality and Oneness’ - You are ‘Correcting’ ‘Your Past’ - In ‘Correcting Your Past’, you are ‘Changing Your Future’.

Matti: Through not doing-it through ‘Making an Observation’ through my Current Definitions but to Actually ‘go-back’ to the Actual…

Bernard: You’re Not-‘going-back’, You are ‘Bringing’-it ‘Here’.

Matti: Or ‘See’ the…

Bernard: It’s ‘Here’ You ‘Re-Experience’-it, You ‘Re-Align’-it – it’s the ‘Same’ thing you can do with a ‘Dream’: You move-into the ‘Dream’, the ‘Dream’ is ‘Here’, You-‘Move’ ‘Yourself’ in relationship-to ‘All Events’, till you have ‘Equality’ and ‘Oneness’ Established, You ‘Integrate’-that ‘As You’ and say ‘This is Who I am’ Now, in-that ‘Event’, that ‘Event’ will No-Longer have-‘Power’ ‘Over-Me’, I am Now ‘This’ –Does that Makes Sense?

Matti: Uh, yeah it Makes Sense from the Perspective that, in looking-‘back’ at-it it’s still…

Bernard: ‘Observation’.

Matti: …‘Acknowledging’-it as an ‘Influential’ ‘Experience’…

Bernard: Correct, instead of a ‘Directive’…

Matti: Instead of actually ‘Correcting’ or ‘Re-Aligning’ Myself ‘As’-that…

Bernard: Correct.

Matti: ‘Experience’ as ‘Who I was’ ‘In that Moment’.

Bernard: As the ‘Participant’, As the ‘Participant’. You’re Still ‘Participating’ in-it, Have-a ‘Look’: You’re ‘Really’, You are Just ‘Repeating’ the ‘Same-Pattern’, so you’re Still ‘Participating’ In-that ‘Pattern’, You Establish the Pattern again - You ‘Bring’ that Pattern ‘Here’, You ‘Re-Align’ the ‘Pattern’, You ‘Correct’-Yourself and now ‘You Walk’. Make Sense? And so you ‘Identify’…

Matti: In ‘Theory’ it Makes Sense.

Bernard: Yes, Obviously – I mean, this is gonna-take ‘Practice’ from the Perspective: ‘till you ‘Get-it’’.

Matti: Yeah.

Esteni: In terms-of the ‘Mind-Constructs’ the only ‘Point’ that we are-at Now, is the ‘Point’-of ‘Bringing’ those ‘Experiences’ ‘Here’ and ‘Walking-through-them’ ‘As’ the ‘Participant’ – that’s the ‘Point’ that we’re-at – we haven’t gotten to the ‘Re-Alignment’ yet, that comes as soon as we go to the ‘Self-Corrective Statements’.

Bernard: Yes, now Hear - What am I ‘Dealing’-with? or What am I ‘Placing’-‘Here’ so that One ‘Understand’ the ‘Basic’ -‘Point’ of the… the ‘Equation’ which is the ‘Pattern’ you are ‘Repeating’, which is the ‘Game-Theory’, because that’s the ‘Game’ You ‘Played’-‘then’, that’s the ‘Game’ You’re Still ‘Playing’-‘Now’, then we Take the ‘Quantum-Theory’ which says that ‘All Things are Existent Right-Here-Now’ and We Make-it ‘Real’ ‘Participate’ in-it ‘Right-Now’, and ‘Bring-it-Back’ - You ‘Re-Align’-it - which is ‘Quantum-Theory’, which is ‘Actual’ ‘Quantum-Application’ –and All of-that is ‘Self-Realization’ – Does that Make Sense?

Because You are Now ‘Correcting’ ‘Your Life’ from the Beginning, and in ‘Correcting’-it you’re also ‘Correcting the Outflow’ so that you can Look at the ‘Future’ and see: ‘Is there Any of-these ‘Patterns’ ‘Recurring’?’ By ‘Bringing- the -Future’- ‘Here’, looking-at ‘Everything’ you can be this Life and ‘Check’, ‘What am I going to-be in ‘this Condition’/‘this Situation’?’

Matti: That’s the whole ’Scenario’ point.

Bernard: And you can ‘test’ ‘Everything’-out ‘Before’-you ‘get-to-it’, ‘As’ a ‘Participant’. Not as a ‘Observer’.

Matti: Yeah

Bernard: And I mean, ‘that’ gives-you Fuckin ‘Confidence’ and ‘Trust’ – Make Sense?

Matti: That Makes Sense, yeah.

Bernard: It’s Really ‘Cool’-shit.

Matti: Well basically my ‘Action’ ‘then’ determined the ‘Rules’ I’m currently living by, in ‘The Game’.

Bernard: Correct, the Pattern – the ‘Rules’, the ‘Pattern’, the ‘Rules’, the ‘Pattern’. Then, and I mean, that Happened when you were a Child before you had ‘Vocabulary’ –so therefore it is ‘Existent’ within-you as an ‘Energetic’- ‘Action’, it’s an ‘Energy’- ‘Symbol’ that is ‘Integrated’ ‘As’-You and you’re just ‘Repeating’ the ‘same-thing’.

Matti: And ‘the way’ I’m ‘living the words’ that I’m now using to define that ‘Past Experience’… Bernard: still Influenced by ‘that’.

 Matti :…is Influenced-‘by’ that Experience.

Bernard: Yes, I mean that you have already-‘Proven’ in your latest ‘Experiences’, because you’ve Not been able to ‘Direct’ those Experiences, I mean ‘Why’ was that ‘Necessary’? People Do Not want-to ‘Realize’ or ‘Conceive’-that the ‘Resonance’ or the ‘Pattern’ is that ‘Powerful’.

Matti: Yeah.

Bernard: That means you have ‘Abdicated’ your ‘Total’ ‘Directive-Principle’ to-‘Patterning’, to ‘Equations’, to an ‘Energy-Force’ that takes-you-‘Over’ - it ‘Directs’-you. And Now you have ‘Defined’ some ‘Energies’ ‘You Like’ –because ‘they’re nice’, and some you ‘Don’t-Like’ – you try and ‘Avoid’ the ones you ‘Don’t-Like’, you try and ‘Hang’-on to the ones ‘You Like’, which then ‘Isolate’-you more and more from ‘All of Creation’ and Cause-you Not to ‘See’ what’s going-on. Make Sense?

Matti: Yeah.

Bernard: That is ‘How’ Separation gets bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger – which is where we are Taking ‘Everything’, to the ‘Point’ where the Person will ‘Stop’ and say: ‘Fuck, what’s going on?’ ‘Why can’t I ‘Stop’ My Experience from always ‘fucking-out?’ When you get-to that ‘Point’ and You are ‘Willing’ to Consider ‘Self-Honesty’, ‘Self-Forgiveness’ and the Fact that you can ‘Actually’ ‘Do something about-it’ = then you’ll Start-to ‘Walk the Path’. You First-Start-with Your ‘Current’ ‘Scenario’ so you can just ‘See’ that ‘Self-Forgiveness’ ‘Works’, you’ve gotta become quite-‘Effective’ in that, before you get-to the ‘Quantum Theory’, and the ‘Quantum’ ‘Re-Direct… ‘Re-Alignment’. Because if you are Not-‘Well-Prepared’ = You Can’t ‘Do’-that ‘Effectively’, it’ll still be ‘Influenced’ - but you’ve done a-lot of ‘Homework’ now; now it’ll become easier and easier – until, by the-time we get-to ‘Quantum Theory’ for Everyone, You’ll do your ‘Re-Alignment’ ‘Effectively’ –otherwise you go and do your ‘Re-Alignment’ from a Perspective still of ‘Ego’, I mean You really Fuck Yourself.

Matti: Yeah it’s from a… Starting-Point of ‘fix’ trying-to ‘fix something’ instead of actually…

Bernard: And that is not, You’re Not-‘Fixing’-it, You are…’Standing’ ‘As-it’ and: it No-Longer ‘Exists’. It’s Not a ‘Fix’, it’s a Fuckin ‘Stop’ ‘Completely’ Your ‘Past’.

Matti: Yeah that’s why it never works if… as ‘fixing’.

Bernard: So we, you ‘Stop Reality’ in ‘All ways’ - Bam! And You Walk, ‘Re-Aligned’- ‘Structural-Resonance’ ‘Re-Alignment’. Now all you need is: to ‘Identify’ all the Points that’s ‘Fucking’-with-you, ‘that’ you do in ‘Real-Time’ as You ‘Walk’ –something happens, ‘Agreements’, whatever – Find the ‘Point’, ‘Re-Align’, ‘Re-Align’, ‘Re-Align’ - That ‘Re-Alignment’ takes-you on average 7 years or more.

Matti: Cause that’s the first 7 years of... Life. Bernard: That’s your First fuckin’ 7 years. Matti: So all the ‘Primary’ ‘Patterns’ Basically…

Bernard: I mean the ‘Patterns’ that ‘Show’ in your Life ‘Currently’ are mostly ‘Justifiable’-‘Patterns’ –that means you have, ‘Mutated them’ ‘Over-Time’ to ‘Suit’-you within a Particular ‘Personality-Alignment’ ‘Construct’ which you are ‘Comfortable’-with, in ‘Presenting’-Yourself ‘In this World’ as ‘This is Who I am’, but that ‘Who you are’ ‘Presenting’-Yourself to-‘be’ is ‘Limited’ in Every-Way Conceivable, because it has an ‘Energetic’-‘Resonance’ that is ‘Good’ and ‘Bad’ - you know, it is just ‘Wave-lengths’, ‘Vibrations’, where you are trying-to ‘Deal’-with ‘Reality’ in a Very-Limited ‘Construct’ –

Matti: I see that Point of the ‘Persona’ built around-it, I mean I’m ‘Seeing’ that and yet Experiencing… ‘ but that’s the only’….

Bernard: Okay. Now, that’s where you’re ‘Dealing’ with the ‘Mind-Construct’ Now. Now, that ‘Construct’ is ‘Designed’ ‘Over-Time’, so now you have to ‘Align’ All your ‘Time-Lines’ till you have ‘All your Time-Lines’ ‘Here’ – You can’t do that ‘Quantumly’ = You have to then ‘one-by-one’, because you’re Simply Not-‘Sufficiently’ ‘Effective’ with the ‘Movement’ of All the ‘Vocabulary’ and ‘All’ the ‘Relationships’ within-it to ‘Do’-it in a ‘Way’ that is ‘Trust-Worthy’. You have to ‘make-sure’ when you have ‘Aligned’-it, it is ‘Effectively-Done’ - you Miss ‘One-Point’ = You’re going-to ‘Time-Loop’ and it’s gonna ‘Influence’ Everything-else you do from then – therefore You Do-it ‘Properly’ the ‘First-time’, you…you do the ‘Allotted-Time’ because: That’s the ‘Time’ it ‘took’-you to get ‘Fucked’.

Matti: and leaving the ‘Time-Line’ ‘as-it- is’ is basically like where, it’s basically Accepting-Myself to Exist in a ‘Point of Time’. Bernard: Correct.

Matti: ‘With the ‘Past’ as an ‘Unchangeable Influence’. Bernard: Yes, which is Not ‘Who You are’.

Matti: instead of bringing the ‘Time-Line’ ‘Here’ and Realizing: It’s Not-about ‘Time’.

Bernard: You ‘Bring-it-Here’, and you, Until Everything is ‘Here’, Now you ‘Live’- ‘Here’ – Now you have No ‘Past’, you have No ‘Future’ – You Are ‘Here’. Matti: It’s Not about a ‘Time-Line’ then, it’s about ‘Who I am’. Bernard: Yes, it’s just ‘Living’-‘Here’ ‘As-Breath’.

Matti: yeah. Bernard: Got-it? Simplistic?

Matti: Yeah.

Bernard: But it is ‘Hard’-‘work’ meaning: You have to Do-it for Yourself - says: ‘I’m Now ‘Setting-Myself-Free’ from this Shit’. Makes Sense? Good. Do you like it?

Esteni: Yes