Interviews from the Farm 70: The Hidden Face of Sexuality


By: Bernard Poolman

02 January 2010

So this idea of Face-World was born from a single moment where I was walking towards Cameron sitting on a chair, whose hair was being trimmed and he was obviously having fun and
the face that was presented was peculiar. So I asked a few questions about this Face. What is this Face all about? What is this hair really presenting?

What is fascinating about hair, is that it presents sexuality. You can virtually call hair, ‘the lines of the rod’ with which you will ‘hook’ the being and their ‘hook’ is the Face. You find the right Face, then you ‘throw out the lines’, you ‘hook’ the beings and then you can put your ‘rod’ into ‘the cave of wonders’.

So -that is what hair represent, that‘s why ‘down under’ in the areas of your ‘real genes’ – the ‘genes’ that ‘tell it all’ – which is the genitals – there you have hair as well.

A suggestion is in Face-world to also shave the hair off your ‘hidden face’, the one you ‘hide’ between your legs -the place where the male ‘hold the eggs’ and the female ‘release the eggs’ and
the legs are the ‘pillars’ that keep that Face ready to ‘kiss’ the great ‘nuclear reaction’ called orgasm -which is the whole purpose of the organism,

within which is ‘riding a being’ that is hiding behind a Face. You’re not willing to look at this face that is presented and is using hair, hair, hair – it is all about Love!

Don’t you see? You were Programmed from the sixties already to end up today in saying:
‘Namaste! I recognise the ‘God’ in you as the ‘God’ in me’ - But there is no ‘God’ in me or you! Because if that was so, we would’ve been ‘God’ already
You are a liar, Namaste! You’re lying because you are not Living as God. You have a ‘False-Face’, while inside you, the ‘real you’ has got a ‘different story’ in your thoughts.

And your thoughts are the’ real god ‘– that’s the ‘real you’ – a liar and a cheater and a deceiver.
If you are Honest you would ‘synchronise’ your thoughts with your Face, so that you never may present a ‘False-Face’ to anyone.

If you can do that = that is an ‘Act of God’.
An ‘Act of Self-Honesty’ is an ‘Act of God’.
Then, you are on your way to reclaim your Godhood.