Interviews from the Farm 71: Illusionists use Love with Great Effect


28 February 2010

By: Bernard Poolman


Okay so - your ‘Conscious Mind’ is your ‘Management of Participation’ in your ‘Immediate’ ‘Moment-to-Moment’ Reality that is ‘Interacting’ ‘at all-times’ with your ‘Subconscious’ and the ‘Unconscious’. ‘Subconscious’ is your ‘Personality’-Mind –that means ‘All’ the ‘Influences’ that ‘Formed’-you as a ‘Being’ –your ‘Culture’ your ‘Language’, your ‘Family’, your all the ‘People’ you’ve known, your ‘Education’, your –all the things you are ‘Interacting’-with in some-way on a day-to-day basis.

Your ‘Unconscious’-Mind is the ‘World System’ –that means, the ‘Greater Reality’ that is ‘Managing’ the ‘Interaction’-of Everyone’s ‘Existence’. Because of the way the ‘Greater Reality’ ‘Exist’, your ‘Conscious-Mind’ is ‘subject’-to your ‘Subconscious’, and your ‘Subconscious’ is ‘subject’-to your ‘Unconscious’. So whenever you are ‘Interacting’ within the ‘Reality’ at a ‘Level’which will ‘Disturb’ the ‘Unconscious-Mind’, it’ll ‘send’-you a ‘Message’ of ‘Fear’. That was for instance all Programmed’-into Variations-of ‘Religion’ as an Example – the ‘Religion’-Point that was ‘Utilized’ was for instance the ‘Crucifixion’, and ‘God’ as a ‘Similar’ or ‘Equal’-to the ‘Unconscious-Mind’which is the ‘World System’ so-that, you see the ‘World System’ as something ‘too-Big’ to ‘Change’ and whenever you ‘take-it-on’ it’ll give you a ‘Fear-Message’ that: ‘you are ‘too-Small’ to Do-Anything about-it’, and therefore you will Not-‘Do’ Anything about-it.

In your ‘Reality’ in terms-of your ‘Subconscious’, you know that will be ‘Changing’ according-to your ‘Particular’ ‘Points’-of call-it ‘Evolution’. You decide that you had ‘Enough’ of ‘your Life’, you’re going-to for instance ‘Stop your Relationships’ and you’re gonna ‘Change your World’, just ‘Change your Life’ you’re gonna go in a ‘New Relationship’, then your ‘Subconscious’-Relationships will be ‘Re-Aligned’ and, some people will ‘Remain’ in your Life, some will ‘Change’- You will ‘Change your Behaviour’, You’ll suddenly become a more ‘Open’-Person or a more ‘Secluded’-Person or you’ll become more ‘Party’-like or whatever ‘Point’ you-‘Decide’ you now ‘Want’-to ‘Experience’-‘more’, and you will ‘Change’ your ‘Immediate’-‘Environment’ with-which you are going to ‘Interact’ with your ‘Conscious-Mind’ and then, you call that ‘Your Choice’ that you’ve ‘Exercised’ and that you’re ‘using your ‘Free Will’, and you’re now ‘Willing-Yourself’ to ‘Adjust’ your ‘Reality’.

In ‘that’-case you, for instance, will Never ‘Adjust’ Your ‘Unconscious Mind’ because your  Unconscious Mind’ is your ‘Accepted’ ‘World-Reality’, but you’ll ‘Adjust’ your ‘Subconscious-Mind’.
So ‘Structural-Resonance Alignment’ is to-get your ‘Conscious Mind’, your ‘Unconscious’ and your ‘Subconscious-Mind’ ‘Aligned’ to a ‘Point’ where you-can ‘See’ that you-have ‘Sufficient’ ‘Will’, ‘Power’ and ‘Ability’ to ‘Actually’-‘Change’ the ‘Unconscious Mind’ –which is the ‘World System’ - into ‘something’ that ‘Support’ Everyone-‘Equally’, so that it is No-‘Longer’ a ‘System of Fear’ as it is Currently ‘Existing’-As –which means the ‘Identification’ of ‘All’ ‘Unconscious-Systems’ which is ‘Deliberately’ ‘Utilized’-to ‘Limit’-you within a ‘State-of Fear’ to Not ‘Take’-on the ‘Greater Reality’, and therefore ‘Accepting’ all-kinds of ‘forms’-of ‘Abuse’ from ‘Starvation’-to ‘Crime’-to… ‘Abuse’, to-‘War’, to ‘Pornography’, to ‘Child-Rape’, to ‘High-jacking’, to… Every-‘Possible’-‘Crime’ that ‘Exist’ at the ‘World-Level’ –

You must ‘Understand’ that Obviously that… there are ‘Beings’ in-‘Reality’ that is ‘Humans’ that are ‘Placing’-themselves - or were-‘Placed’ ‘Specifically’, dependent-on the‘Particular’-Situation - at ‘Points’ where they’re ‘Managing’ either Your ‘Subconscious-Reality’ or Your ‘Unconscious-Reality’. From their Perspective, they’re ‘Entering’ Virtually-like a ‘System’, ‘The System’- and they ‘Act’ on ‘one way’ as a ‘Person’ –which is with the ‘Conscious-Mind’- at another-level they ‘Act’-as a ‘System’ as somebody managing either a ‘Smaller’-Reality or a ‘Greater’-Reality and they Make the Decisions ‘Accordingly’ –

Obviously from their Perspective, they have Exactly the Same-‘Fears’ you-have in terms-of the ‘Greater Reality’ and therefore they ‘make-sure’ that the ‘Greater Reality’, the ‘Rules’ are ‘Imposed’ to ‘keep’ Everyone ‘Controlled’ within the ‘World-System’ –they don’t even Understand ‘Completely’, ‘Exactly’ what it is they’re doing because, all of-this is ‘Happening’ at a level-of ‘Resonance’ that they can’t see anyway, they’re simply just ‘Interacting’ within their ‘Belief’-System of ‘How’-it ‘Operates’ and ‘How’-it ‘Should’-‘Operate’ and they do-that from the Perspective-of ‘Fear’- and their Perspective of ‘Belief’, and ‘Belief’ is Always based-in ‘Fear’- Does that all make-sense?

Esteni: Yeah

Bernard: So that’s ‘Simplistically’ the, ‘Conscious’, ‘Unconscious’ and ‘Subconscious’ and ‘How’-it ‘Relates’-to ‘Reality’ and ‘How’ One ‘Interacts’ with-it and then within ‘Structural Resonance Alignment’, we’re now Slowly ‘taking’ all of-those ‘Points’ and we’re ‘bringing’-it ‘All-together’, so that One Eventually ‘handles’ both the ‘Subconscious ‘ and the ‘Unconscious’ In a ‘Conscious’-way that means, in ‘Full-Awareness’ that it is No-‘Longer’ ‘Consciousness’.

‘Consciousness’ in itself is the ‘Manifestation’ of the ‘Unconscious-Mind’ as a ‘System’ that ‘Operates’ by-Itself. The ‘Attempt’-to, for instance ‘Change’-that by just ‘Inserting’-‘Love’ ‘into-it’ is in its Very- ‘Essence’ –if one look-at the ‘Simple’-Mathematics of-it – ‘Impossible’, and will ‘Cause’ much-more ‘Harm’ to Many more ‘Beings’, because the ‘System’ in itself is Not-‘Adjusted’, it’s Simply becoming… taken to ‘another- level’ of ‘Blindness’ and, where one ‘Subjugate’ and ‘Limit’-yourself to a ‘Point’ where-You ‘Accept’ the ‘World-System’ as it-Is and you Wait for a ‘Better World’ or a ‘Better System’ ‘After-Death’ – You Do ‘In-Fact’ then ‘Nothing’ about Changing ‘That which you have Accepted as the ‘Reason’ for your Fear’.

And in-‘Spite’-of ‘Presenting’ ‘Love’ to Everything, you are still ‘In-Fear’ and you are just Refusing to See-it, because you’re ‘Unwilling’ to-Take the ‘Responsibility’ or-the ‘Risk’ as you perceive-it to ‘Actually’ ‘Change’ what you are ‘Seeing’ is ‘Happening’, because you ‘See’-Yourself as ‘too-Small’ to-Have ‘Any’- ‘Effect’.

Now Obviously whenever a ‘Being’ is ‘Presenting’-themselves as ‘too-Small’ to-Have ‘Any’-‘Effect’, and they also ‘Present’-themselves without the Common Sense to-‘See’ what is Really ‘going-on’ within the ‘Conscious’, ‘Subconscious’ and the ‘Unconscious’ , or even ‘Attempt’-to see what is ‘going-on’ - from Desteni’s Perspective they are ‘Irrelevant’ and they are ‘Immediately’ ‘moved’ out-of ‘Process’ to a … to be ‘Recycled’. If they in the ‘Future’ at some-stage ‘Do’-‘Realize’, it’s Very-‘Simplistic’: they ‘Automatically’ are ‘back’-in the ‘Process’-with the few-‘Points’ where they have to ‘Prove’ their ‘Self-Honesty’, but I mean then ‘Self-Honesty’ is ‘Proven’ in terms-of their ‘Action’ they ‘take’.

Then the… that’s In-‘Essence’ the ‘Simplicity’ of ‘How’-it ‘Operates’.

Now what is Fascinating Obviously is that within the ‘Unconscious’, the ‘Subconscious’ and the ‘Conscious’, the ‘Being’ Currently-‘Exist’ Only as ‘Observer’ therefore, they only ‘Participate’ in what they ‘Observe’ and therefore ‘Nothing they Do’ is ‘Actually’ Ever-‘Real’, yet they are ‘Trapped’ in-that ‘Illusion’, and it just ‘Perpetuates’-through the ‘Participation’ in the ‘Illusion’ –yet, it is ‘Real’ in-‘Experience’ because, You ‘Make-it Real’ through your ‘Participation’ –yet, the Moment you ‘Stop’ your ‘Participation’ within-that ‘Illusion’ = the ‘Illusion’ ‘drops’.

This has been Explained in Many-Different ‘ways’ yet, ‘Beings’ will-Not ‘Give-up’ their ‘Participation’ in the ‘Illusion’ –I mean, Jesus said-it, Lao-Tzu, Osho, you-name-it - they All said ‘Stop! – ‘Drop the ‘Illusion’, but ‘Explaining’ Exactly ‘How’ that would ‘Operate’ has been a Very ‘Difficult’-thing yet, look-at the ‘Simplicity’ of-it.

You are ‘Participating’ in your ‘Observation’, and therefore you make your ‘Observation’ ‘Real’ which is the ‘Illusion’ –then you ‘Continue’-to ‘Participate’ in the ‘Illusion’ and therefore it seems to-be a ‘Real-Experience’ while it’s In-‘Fact’ Not-‘Real’.

If You would ‘Stop’ and Dare-yourself to look-at ‘What you’ve been ‘doing’’ and also, look-at those ‘around’-you what ‘they’re’-doing, you’ll Notice the ‘Illusion’-with ‘Great-Ease’.

Now, ‘Ego’ is where One take the ‘Observation’, base-your ‘Design’ of-Yourself as ‘Conscious’ - as the ‘Conscious-Mind’as ‘Consciousness’ ‘On’-that ‘Observation’, and you ‘Defend’-it as ‘Real’ because, you ‘Fear’ to-‘Lose’ what you’re ‘Participating’-in because, your ‘Observation’= you’ll ‘Always’ ‘Make the Rules’ to ‘fit’ ‘You’, to ‘make’-‘You’ ‘the Winner’ –so therefore it is a ‘Principle of Competition’.
In your ‘Observation’ you’re Always ‘Observing’ things from the ‘Point’ where ‘You Will Win’ and ‘You are Right’, therefore all of-that is your ‘Ego’, and then you ‘Participate’ in-‘that’ and therefore your ‘Experience’ seems-to-be ‘Real’. And you ‘Believe’ the Moment somebody walks-‘away’ from-you and ‘Refuse’-to ‘Participate’ in your ‘Observation’ that you have ‘Won’ –which is Not-‘True’, you didn’t –they’ve just ‘Seen’ through-you and told-you to ‘Fuck-off’ - but you can’t-even ‘See’-‘that’ because you’re in ‘Illusion’.

So, ‘Humanity’ is… Exists as ‘Illusionists’ seeing ‘Who’ can ‘Deceive’ the Other ‘More-Effectively’- that’s why we have a Totally ‘Corrupt’-Society- and ‘Everybody’ is ‘Participating’ in-it and they ‘Use’ Fascinating-ways – especially if you look-at ‘Consumerism’ you’ll see where it ‘Manifest’ ‘Best’ is in ‘Love’, and you look-at ‘Sex’: the word ‘Love’- look-at ‘Religion: the word ‘Love’ –‘Love’, ‘Love’, ‘Love’, ‘Love is the ‘Ultimate Deception’ because it is an ‘Observation’ which is then ‘Sold’ –that means it’s like a ‘form’-of ‘Possession’ where you get ‘Somebody’ to ‘Sell their Soul to you’ and then you, they become ‘Your ‘Sole’ Reason for Living’: which you call ‘Love’, because you have Complete-‘Possession’ over-them and you can ‘suck’ their ‘Energy’-dry for ‘the Rest of their ‘Life’’ –you call-it ‘Marriage’.

It’s ‘Night-Mare-riage’ the ‘Greatest Nightmare’ that Exist.
And then you-get ‘Children’ to make-sure the ‘Nightmare’-‘Continue’ for ‘the Rest of your Life’.
Such a ‘Wonderful’-thing: ‘Love’

A ‘Beautiful’ ‘Poison’ that slowly ‘drips’ and ‘Infatuates’ and ‘Releases’ a ‘Energetic’-‘Toxin’ that ‘Blinds’-one for ‘Anything’ that is ‘Real’ –and all you ‘look’-for then is ‘What you want-to ‘Observe’’ which will ‘Confirm’ to-you that ‘Love is Real’ –and there you are ‘Trapped’-in Your ‘Illusion’ because you’re only ‘Seeing’ what you ‘Want’-to and you’re ‘Creating’ what you ‘Want’-to ‘See’ –and therefore, you’re in this ‘Infinite’-‘Time-loop’ where You ‘Only’-‘See’ What you ‘Want’-to ‘See’ – and you’re ‘Creating’-it at the Same-‘Time’, isn’t it ‘Wonderful’ to be so ‘Powerful’?