Interviews from the Farm 72: Desteni & WAR

By: Bernard Poolman
24 December 2009


This is on the Desteni and War, ‘War’, W-A-R - the ‘Rawness’ of Existence.

An interesting perspective is that we honor those that ‘Die’ for country, we honor that as a ‘Death in the Service of Those that is being Protected’ which is rather bizarre.

First place that ‘Protection’ is necessary - ‘What’ is being ‘Protected’? ‘Who’ is being ‘Protected’? A ‘way of Life’ is being ‘Protected’.

A different perspective on this all is, that those that ‘Die’ in the ‘Service of Life’ to Expose the Inequality and Brutality of the ‘Human Nature’, they currently is dying ‘Silently’, no one is ‘Honoring’-them, no one is even ‘noticing’ – it is the ‘Poor’, the ‘Starving’, the ‘Abused’, the Animals, the Plants - everything that is Purely ‘cannon fodder’ in a seemingly ‘Endless Battle’.

This is taking place ‘right in front of everyone’, yet there are those that Dare to ‘Service’ and ‘Honor’ and ‘Protect’ their ‘Elite’-Status that they have by virtue of ‘Birth’ and ‘System’ and ‘Money’, that hide behind that and ‘blindly’ participate in the Slaughter of millions ‘In the name-of’ ‘Self-Interest’, ‘Luxury’, ‘Fun’ and ‘Happiness’.

There are No Words that can describe the atrocities that’s being ‘Allowed’ under the ‘Name’ of this, obvious Human Cruelty - Look for yourself, put-on the other shoe: be the Animal, be the Starving and look-at ‘what it is’ that is being ‘Allowed’.