Interviews from the Farm 73: The Physical Universe


By: Bernard Poolman
01 March 10


So let’s look-at the ‘Physical Universe’: Is the ‘Physical Universe’ ‘Necessary’ at-all? I mean Everybody wants to go to ‘Heaven’ and ‘Heaven’ has-got No ‘Physical Universe’ - Is the ‘Physical Universe’ at-all ‘Necessary’?

I mean, Where are you ‘from’? – You’re from the ‘Earth’, but do you Really ‘Care’-about the ‘Earth’? – You have a ‘Physical-Body’ – Do you Really ‘Care’ about-it? Or… Do you Only ‘Care’-about ‘The Mind’, Your ‘Consciousness’ – Your ‘Conscience’?

There seems to-be a ‘Interesting’ ‘Problem’-here, you… It is ‘Impossible’ for the Human to Exist, if it wasn’t for the ‘Physical Universe’ – it is ‘Impossible’ for You to be ‘Aware’ if you don’t-Have a ‘Human Body’ in your Current-‘State’ of ‘Awareness’ – So therefore, it is a ‘Critical’-‘Part’ of ‘Who’ you ‘Currently’ is ‘Hearing’ these ‘Words’.

So if that is a ‘Critical-Part’ – a ‘Part’ you cannot ‘Be’-‘without’ = that must be then having More-‘Power’ ‘over’-you than ‘You’-have ‘Power’-Yourself, isn’t it? Because ‘Remove’ this ‘Part’ and You are No-‘Longer’ ‘Here’.

The ‘Question’ then is: If ‘Common-Sense’ and Simple-‘Deduction’ can ‘show’-you that: The ‘Physical Universe’ is In-‘Fact’ More-‘Powerful’ than ‘You’, that must ‘Imply’ that the ‘Physical Universe’ is ‘God’: the ‘Real Creator’. And have a-Look – ‘Everything’ you can ‘Create’ comes-from: the ‘Physical Universe’ – ‘Nothing’ You ‘Create’ is ‘Originally’ from-You have-a look, Not a ‘Single-thing’, Not-even your ‘Knowledge’ – it’s all ‘based’-on things you’ve ‘done’-with the ‘Physical Universe’.

So if you start looking really ‘Closely’, you’ll ‘Notice’ a Fascinating-‘thing’: You can Actually ‘work-out’ What is ‘God’ in all of-this – ‘God’ is ‘Unconditionally’ ‘Loving’ – Who’s that? The ‘Physical Universe’.You Cannot-‘Exist’ without ‘God’ – Who’s that? The ‘Physical Universe’.

 So, if you ‘Die’ where are you going? You can’t be going-to ‘God’, because you’re ‘Leaving’ the: ‘Physical Universe’. ‘Big-Problem’ - What ‘Returns-to ‘God’’? Your-‘Body’ –Not ‘You’. Who’s then the ‘Fallen’ from ‘Heaven’? Must-be ‘You’. Otherwise You wouldn’t have ‘Been-Here’.

Why can’t you ‘Talk’-to the ‘Physical Universe’? At-‘Will’, at-‘All-Times’? That’s ‘Here’ – It… It’s ‘What’ you’re ‘Made-of’’ that’s Your ‘Creator’, the ‘Real’ ‘Real-Creator’ - ‘Proven’ – you can ‘Prove’-it in Every-Way. Not a ‘Single-thing’ you’ve Ever-‘Created’ as a ‘Human-Being’, you have ‘Created’ - with anything- ‘Anything’-‘Original’ – You had to ‘Always’-‘Use’ ‘something’ from the ‘Physical Universe’- there is Not a ‘Single-thing’ in ‘Creation’ - that which is called ‘Consciousness’ of the ‘Human’ – because the ‘Human’Created ‘Consciousness’ – there’s Not a ‘Single-thing’ that is ‘Original’ - ‘Nothing’ in this World – the ‘Consciousness’ as it-‘Exist’ – you go into ‘Dimensions’ of ‘Consciousness’- That’s all ‘Make-Believe’ you’re ‘making-up’ – it’s Not ‘Original’-though, because even in-‘that’, you’re ‘Using’ ‘Pictures’ and ‘Impressions’ - that you can find-somewhere in-the ‘Physical Universe’ ‘attempting’-to ‘Be-‘God’’ and ‘Divine’ – But I mean: ‘Nothing’, ‘Nothing’ You-have Ever ‘Thought’ or ‘Done’ is ‘Original’ - You’re Not-‘Original’ either.

Why ‘Fight’ for your ‘Uniqueness’ when You cannot-even ‘Sustain’-it? It’s just a ‘Temporary’-‘Delusion’.

Now ‘Hear’ the ‘Test’ that was ‘placed’ before-‘Man’: Will-You Be-‘Able’ to ‘Give’ to ‘Each-Other’ ‘Equally’? Will-You ‘Love Your Neighbor As Yourself’? Will-You ‘Do to Each-Other ‘What’s Best For All’’? Will-‘You’ Be-‘Equal’?

You can ‘Speak’-to the ‘Physical Universe’ and it’ll tell-you ‘that’-Is What It-is ‘Saying’.