Interviews from the Farm 74: The Prodigal Son

By: Bernard Poolman


Okay, so the ‘Prodigal Son’ ‘story’ -which is many-times ‘used’ as an ‘Example’ -of ‘Supreme’- ‘Forgiveness’.

What is ‘Fascinating’-about the ‘story’ obviously is to ‘See’ what is ‘Latent’, ‘Tacitly’-implied within the ‘story’, and ‘How’ ‘that’ has ‘become’ - or ‘became’ - the ‘Cycle’ that Each-‘Human’ ‘lives’ on-‘Earth’ - And that has ‘become’ the Total-‘Design’ of the ‘Allowed’ and ‘Accepted’ ‘Human-Nature’ on-‘Earth’ - which is similar-to that-of, ‘Eating with the Pigs’- Interestingly-enough that the ‘Pig’ do feature a ‘few’-times in the Bible, in various-ways.

Now, this is all ‘Religious’-‘Programming’, and these-things has deeply-‘embedded’ in Every ‘Human-Being’ to such a ‘Degree’ that you cannot-‘See’ in the ‘story’ of the ‘Prodigal Son’, that it is one-of the ‘Greatest Deceptions’ Ever ‘Moved’ on the ‘Human-Mind’ and the ‘Human-Condition’. ‘Cause here is a ‘Child’ that goes to ‘his Father’, wanting his ‘Inheritance’ to go and ‘do-it’, 'His’-way.

What does that ‘say’? Being... ‘the Father’-being the ‘Creator’- and ‘the Son’-being the ‘Creation’ and the ‘Inheritance’-being the ‘Image and Likeness’- What does that ‘mean’? It ‘means’: that ‘the Son’ in ‘claiming’ his-‘Inheritance’, is In-‘Fact’ similar-to ‘the Fall’-of ‘Man’-

Darryl: Cain and Abel. On the...

Bernard: ‘Cain and Abel’ story, but also the ‘Fall’-of ‘One-third’ of ‘Heaven’- Same-‘Story’ repeated, just in a different-‘way’- with ‘One-third’ of-‘Heaven’ that ‘Fell’ with - - who was-that ‘Angel’? The 'Angel of Light’ –

Darryl: ‘Lucifer’.

Bernard: ‘Lucifer’- Okay. So-‘Here’ it-is, the whole-‘point’ of, again: the ‘Process’-of ‘Claiming what is ‘yours’’ ‘apparently’ - as ‘the Son’- and then doing with-it ‘what you ‘Wish’’- And then, what ‘happens’ in-that ‘Process’? The ‘Son’ ‘Squander’ his-‘Inheritance’ - sounds very-‘similar’ to what the ‘Human-Being’ is doing with the ‘Inheritance’ called 'Earth.'

In this case, one can also-say that ‘the Father’ is 'Earth', and the ‘Human’ is 'the Son', and that ‘the Son’ is ‘Claiming’ its-‘Inheritance’ by ‘Virtue’-of ‘Being-Here’, and ‘Designed’-then ‘Systems’ ‘accordingly’, to-have ‘Control’-over ‘What it ‘Wants’’-

And then, what is ‘fascinating’ is: when it's all ‘Squandered’, the ‘Son’ ends-up in: the ‘food-buckets’ with the ‘Pigs’ = ‘Eating with the Pigs’, which means it's ‘ending’-up with the ‘waste’, the ‘mess’- Because what does ‘Pigs’ normally get-‘fed’? The ‘Leftovers’- that-which is No-‘Longer’... they are like the ‘cleaners’ of the ‘mess’. So now you'll ‘end-up’ at-the ‘end of the day’ with the ‘waste’ the, the ‘remains’ of your ‘Squandering’- which is-like you ‘See’-now in the ‘World’, you have the ‘whole-World’ ‘Facing’ the ‘Remains’ of the ‘Squandering’ in your ‘Money-Systems’, in the ‘Waste’-Systems - the ‘Plastic in-the sea’, the ‘Extinction-of Animals’, the ‘Diseases’, all of-it is the Result-of: ‘Squandering’.

So, the ‘Inheritance’ – which is the ‘Image and Likeness of the ‘Creator’, has been ‘Squandered’ because, the ‘Actions’ of-the ‘Human’ was Not-‘Equal’ and ‘One’-with As ‘Support’ As What was ‘Given’ by ‘the Father’- which is the ‘Earth’ in this particular-‘story’.

So then ‘eventually’, ‘the Son’ ‘Returns’ to the ‘Father’, and that is kind-of ‘Presented’ as an ‘Act’-of ‘Forgiveness’, or an ‘Act’-of ‘Asking for Mercy’, but ‘Implying’ ‘Forgiveness’ – which is then also the ‘point’-of ‘Claiming’-that ‘Forgiveness’-somehow ‘wash-Away’ all the ‘Squandering’ and the ‘mess’.

Now have a-‘look’ at the fascinating-‘story’ as where ‘the Child’ then ‘Returns to the Father’ – ‘the Son’ ‘Returns’-to ‘the Father’- but ‘Leaves-Behind’ the ‘Mess’, do No-‘Restitution’ and nor fix-‘nothing’ that was ‘done’, it’s just ‘left’ like-that. And the ‘Forgiveness’ somehow, ‘Supremely’ ‘Ordains’ the ‘Offering’ of ‘Another-Being’, and the ‘Bloodletting’ of-that ‘Being’ to ‘Claim’ that the ‘Forgiveness’ was ‘Complete’ and that ‘the Father’ had ‘All the Rights’ to ‘do’-that.

Now, the whole ‘Religious’ ‘System’ follows the Same-‘Cycle’. You are ‘Here’-on ‘Earth’, and you are ‘apparently’ ‘Born in-Sin’ therefore, you are ‘Allowed’-to ‘Squander’ -You're ‘Allowed’ to ‘Create’ a ‘Mess’, and you are ‘Allowed’-to ‘Mess-up’ the whole-‘Reality’ because: Your ‘Father’ ‘Gave’-you it as your-‘Inheritance’ – And, ‘Gave’-you the ‘Permission’ and the ‘Tool’ with-which to ‘Squander’, which is called ‘Free Will’ - and that You are ‘Allowed’ to-‘Use’ this ‘Tool’ ‘To-‘Do’ As You-‘Like’’- Which is Exactly the ‘Prodigal Son' ‘story’- And then, when you’re ‘finished’- ‘Squandering’ and there's nothing-else you can ‘Mess’-up, then you can ‘Return’ to Your ‘Father’- because Your ‘Father’ has ‘Promised’-you ‘Forgiveness’ in-this ‘story’. Doesn't matter ‘What’ You-‘Do’ = You will-be ‘Forgiven’!

Now what's the ‘Implication’ of-this? Is ‘this’ what you’re ‘Teaching’ your-‘Children’? – This is what's been ‘Taught’ to the ‘Children’, this is what the ‘Adults’ are ‘Living-out’, This is what ‘Everybody’ in-the ‘World’ is ‘Living-out’: this ‘Story’. Then, ‘the Father’ is just-going to ‘Forgive’-you, and you're gonna ‘Leave the ‘Mess’- ‘Behind’.

Do you see any ‘Point’-of ‘Responsibility’ in that-‘story’ at-All?

Everybody: No.

Bernard: Do you see ‘Anything’ ‘Worthy of Life’ in-that ‘story’?

Everybody: No.

Bernard: Do you see a ‘Father’ ‘Worthy’ of ‘Being a ‘Father’’?

Everybody: No.

Bernard: Do you see ‘Anything’ in-that ‘story’ that ‘pertains’-to ‘Forgiveness’? ‘That’ ‘Forgiveness-story’ is ‘Deception’. ‘That’ ‘Forgiveness-story’ is the ‘Reason’ the ‘World’ ‘looks’ like-it-does. And Every-‘Christian’ that ‘Profess’ this ‘story’, and this ‘point’-of ‘Forgiveness’ – If you go and ‘investigate’ their-‘life’: you will ‘See’ ‘How’ they ‘Squander’, and ‘How’ they ‘Protect’ their ‘Self-Interest’ and ‘Allow’ the ‘Murder’-of ‘Starvation’, for instance, to-‘Exist’- They're just ‘Murderers’, ‘Liars’ and ‘Cheaters’.

‘Anyone’ that ‘Promulgate’ the ‘Money-System’ as-it ‘Exist’-Now - which is ‘basically’ a ‘Casino-System’, a ‘Lottery’ - and it is very-‘Clearly’ said: ‘Do-Not ‘Cast’ Lots’- meaning: what does-it ‘mean’? ‘Do Not-‘live’ on ‘Hope’ - But then and again, the ‘Bible’ says: ‘You must-have ‘Hope’ - ‘Hope’ is ‘Casting the Lot’ - It's a ‘Casino’ - You only-have ‘Hope’ in a ‘Casino’. You are Not-‘Directing’ the Situation In-‘Fact’.

So, the ‘Prodigal Son’ is In-‘Fact’, one of the ‘Base’ ‘Resonance-Patterns’ within-which ‘Everyone’-‘live’, ‘within’ the ‘Deceptive’ ‘part’ of the ‘System-Forgiveness’. You're going to-have to ‘Investigate’-this very-‘Clearly’ - to ‘See’ ‘where’ in your-life are You ‘Allowing’-yourself to ‘live’ as-the ‘Prodigal Son’ and Not-Take ‘Responsibility’ for ‘What is Here’. Because: When-You ‘Return to the Father’, there is Not gonna-be ‘Forgiveness’- This was ‘just a story’- It is Not-‘How’-it ‘Works’.

There will ‘Not’-be ‘Forgiveness’-You Will-‘Pay’ for ‘What You've ‘Done’. I mean, you ‘do’-that with your own-‘Child’- When your-‘Child’ ‘mess-up’, you ‘give’-them a ‘hiding’ and they ‘Teach’-them ‘Never’ to ‘do-it’ again. Do you ‘Expect’ ‘God’ to do anything-‘else’?