Interviews from the Farm 75: The Temptation of Jesus by Satan


By: Bernard Poolman

01 March 2010


Now we get-to the whole-‘story’ of the ‘Temptation of Jesus’ by ‘Satan’. Now this story is ‘Used’ - and you can ‘use’ ‘this’-story also in ‘looking’-at the ‘Pattern’ of the ‘Prodigal Son’ and then ‘looking’-at the ‘Pattern’-of where ‘Jesus’ were ‘Tempted-by Satan’.

What was the ‘Three Temptations’?

Darryl: First-one was: ‘Turn the rocks into food so you won’t starve’.

Bernard: So that is ‘Turn the ‘Rocks’ into ‘Food’ - which is similar-to the point-of ‘Alchemy’, okay? What was the Second-one?

Darryl: I don’t remember the second one, wait a second – the third one I know what the Third-one was…

Bernard: That one was: ‘One jump-off a building…’

Darryl: ‘Jump-off the mountain and God will catch you’.

Bernard: And ya he’ll ‘catch’-you, which is similar-to ‘Levitation’, isn’t it? Okay? Which is the Interesting ‘New Age’ stuff in-between.

What was the Second-one? Second-one was: ‘Offering the ‘Earth’ as the ‘Kingdom’’.

Darryl: Oh he would give ‘Satan’, this was ‘Satan’s world so he was going to give, make him…’King of the World’. Bernard: ‘Satan’s World’ and it will give-you ‘Power’-Over the ‘Earth.’ Now have a look there – ‘Satan’s World’- So, does Any-‘Christian’ wants to-do Anything-‘Good’ for this World? No! Because according-to the ‘Jesus-Story’, this World is: ‘Satan’s World’- Do you Now ‘Understand’ ‘Why’ the ‘Christians’ want-to ‘Destroy’ the ‘World’? ‘Why’ they want ‘Doomsday’ and ‘Armageddon’?

Darryl: They do, yeah.

Bernard: ‘Why’ they Do-Not ‘Care’ How many ‘Animals’ become-‘Extinct’ and How-much… how many Rainforests they ‘Destroy’ for ‘Money’? Because ‘Money’ is ‘God’ and I mean ‘God’ is Not-‘Satan’, ‘Money’ is-Not ‘Satan’, come on! You’ve gotta ‘Survive’ in this World, and then you’re gonna ‘Return’-to ‘Heaven’.

And look: ‘Jesus’ ‘Rejected’ the World, in ‘Rejecting’ ‘Satan’s Temptations’ according-to the ‘Story’. Okay, so- Do the ‘People’ In-‘Fact’ turn the ‘Rocks’ into-‘Bread’? Oh yes they Do! They take the ‘Rocks’ whatever ‘form’-of it-is - and there’s many-‘forms’ from ‘gold’, to ‘iron’, to whatever - they make ‘Products’, and from the ‘Products’ they ‘Make-Money’, from the ‘Money’ they Buy ‘Bread’.

So, Do the ‘Human Beings’ In-‘Fact’ ‘Turn ‘Rocks’ into-‘Bread’’?

Everyone: Ya.

Bernard: So they’re Not ‘Rejecting’ ‘The Temptation’. If you have ‘Money’ in your pocket = You have ‘Fallen’ with the ‘First Temptation’: You have turned ‘Rocks’ into ‘Bread’.

Do the ‘Human’ In-‘Fact’ have ‘Power’ Over the ‘Earth’?

Everyone: Ya.

Bernard: Oh! so the ‘Human’ has accepted ‘Satan’s…’?

Andrea: …‘Kingdom’.

Bernard: …‘Kingdom’, they’ve ‘Accepted’ the ‘Power’ that ‘Satan’ ‘offered’-them ‘Over the World’. That’s done-through ‘Politics’, that’s done-through ‘Government, through-‘Education’, through ‘Money Systems’, through-‘Consumerism’, through-Every Single-‘thing’ that’s Existent - and is all the ‘Christians’ ‘Participating’ in-it?

Everyone: Ya.

Bernard: Every Single-One. So the ‘Second Temptation’ that Jesus ‘Presented’ and ‘Showed’ ‘How’-it ‘works’, Every ‘Human Being’ has ‘Fallen’ with-that.

The ‘Third’-one is?

Anna: ‘Jump-off the cliff’.

Bernard: Yes, ‘Jump-off the cliff and then you’ll ‘fly’’. Which-is - if one look at the ‘Metaphor’-there, that is ‘Indicative’-of going-ahead ‘blindly’ and Making a ‘Leap of Faith’, isn’t it? That is ‘Representing a ‘Leap of Faith’. So, is ‘Believing’ that Jesus ‘Died for Your Sins’ a ‘Leap of Faith’?

Everyone: Yeah.

Bernard: So, have ‘Everyone’ ‘Fallen’ for-that ‘Leap of Faith’ that there’s ‘Apparently’ something-‘Better’ in the ‘Here-After’?

Everyone: Yes

Bernard: So ‘Jesus’ withstood these ‘Temptations’ and left the ‘story’ and yet, ‘Everyone’ on ‘Earth’ - has ‘Fallen’ for-All ‘Three Temptations’.

And the ‘Third’-one is the ‘Leap of Faith’ - So, that would ‘Imply’ that the whole ‘Jesus’-story ‘Dying’ for your Sins’ is All a ‘Lie’, because it Requires a ‘Leap of Faith’- It’s Not-so In-‘Fact’, ‘Practically’ ‘Lived’ as a ‘Solution’-

You Don’t-‘Know’: ‘Satan’ has Got-You ‘All’!