Interviews from the farm 76: Spiritual Exchange-Rates and Conversion

By: Bernard Poolman

08 March 2010


So ‘Spiritual’ ‘Exchange-Rates’: In the ‘Money-System’ you have a ‘fascinating’ ‘Accepted’ ‘Way’-of ‘Value’ - It’s called the ‘Exchange-Rate’. This ‘Value’ gives-to Different-‘Countries’ – their ‘People’, their ‘Economies’ – Certain ‘Values.’ These ‘Values’ then Determine the ‘Way’ ‘Goods’ will be ‘Exchanged’ and for What-‘Value’ and it’s quite ‘Interesting’ that Obviously, Africa –which is ‘Extensive’- ‘Resources’ will ‘Run’ on a Very ‘Weak’ ‘Exchange-Rate’, and when you ‘Convert’ the ‘African-Money’ to for instance the ‘United States-Money’ = People in the United States get an Extensive-‘Advantage’ as much as ‘ten-times’ More-‘Value’ for the ‘Resource’, than the ‘Value’ the Person will ‘get’ in their ‘Local-Economy’.


Obviously the ‘Way’ that it ‘works’ is that you-have ‘those’ that is the ‘Elite’ in Every-‘Country’, and they are the Ones that ‘Benefit’ from this ‘Exchange-Rate’ because, they are the Ones [who] ‘placed’ in the ‘Head’-of ‘Corporations’ – and, that are ‘placed’ in the ‘Head’-of ‘Resource-Management’.


Where ‘else’ do you have this ‘Conversion’-thing? You have-it in ‘Religion’ –‘Everyone’ is always trying-to ‘Convert’ others and always ‘Believe’ that their ‘Religion’ holds more-‘Value’- And this ‘Value’ is something that’s ‘Untouchable’ and ‘Unseen’ and that is ‘Linked’-to a ‘Spiritual -Value’ that is ‘Only going-to Come-to ‘Fruition’’ ‘After-Death’.


Fascinating, and People will ‘Convert’ their-‘Beliefs’ –that means ‘Change’ their-‘Beliefs’ –‘dependent’-on which-one of their ‘Conversion-Rates’, these ‘Belief-Systems’ or ‘Religions’, will give them Better-‘Security’- Just like the ‘Money-System’ – People will put their ‘Money’ in the ‘Currency’ that gives-them a Better-‘Security’ a ‘Better-Return’.


So is ‘Religion’ and ‘Spirituality’ ‘Measured’ as well: ‘What’ will ‘Give’-one a ‘Better-Return’? and there, One look-at the ‘Promising’-Part – I mean the ‘Promissory-Notes’, the ‘Promises’-‘Made’- and have a-‘look’ at ‘How’ Many-‘Promises’ there are ‘Both’ in the ‘Money-System’ made-by ‘Governments’ and ‘Reserve Banks’ in terms-of the ‘Governments’ ‘Promise’ the: ‘Future’ ‘Labor-Income’ of the ‘Economy’ and the ‘Production-Income’ of the ‘Economy’ against ‘Borrowings’ to ‘Cover’-their ‘Budgets’ that’s ‘Insufficient’ to ‘Support’ its ‘People’- The End: ‘Vast’ Amounts-of ‘Money’ that should’ve ‘gone’-to the ‘People’, goes-to ‘Interest’ to the ‘Banks’.


In ‘Spirituality’ you-have –and I mean ‘All-Religions’: ‘Christianity’, ‘Islam’, ‘New-Age’- they ‘All’ have a ‘Similar’ ‘Conversion-Rate’ – It all ‘Depends’-on ‘What’ the ‘Believer’ is ‘Satisfied’-with – If they’re Not ‘Satisfied’-with ‘something’ they’ll ‘look’ for a Better-‘Promise’, and then they will ‘Believe’ the ‘Promise’- And, the ‘Belief’ is the ‘Faith’ that they put-in the ‘System’ that It-‘Will’ ‘Provide’-them with the ‘Promise’ that was made –just like a ‘Bank-Note’ which is based-on a ‘Belief’ and a ‘Promise’-to ‘Pay’ the ‘Bearer’ at ‘Presentation’ of a ‘Piece-of-Paper’- In ‘Religion’ you Don’t even-‘have’ the ‘Piece-of-Paper’, you have a ‘Book’ –which is ‘Paper’, yes – I mean which you can-then ‘Quote’ ‘Strange’-Sentences that has been ‘Translated’ in ‘Many’ Different-‘Ways’ if you ‘Dare’-to ‘Look’ – And all of these that hold ‘Apparently’ a ‘Promise’ for Something-‘Better’ to-‘Come’ ‘After’ this-‘Life’.


The Question would be: ‘Why’-is all the ‘Systems’ ‘Promoting’ a ‘Point’ that Do-‘Not’ ‘Give’ the ‘Person’ Participating in the ‘System’- ‘Unless’ they are the ‘Elite’ – an ‘Opportunity’ to ‘Have’ the ‘Experience’ of a ‘Dignified’ ‘Proper-Life’ In ‘This Life’? ‘Why’-is the ‘Education-Systems’ Not- ‘Providing’ for that? ‘Why’-is the ‘Religions’ Not ‘Based’-on ‘Making’ and ‘Presenting’ and ‘Preserving’ and, ‘Working’ for a ‘Better-World’?

‘Why’-is the ‘Governments’ Not-‘Working’ to ‘Improve’ their People? – ‘Why’ are they Only-‘Working’ to Pay-‘Interest’? ‘Who’- is Getting ‘All’ this ‘Money’ that ‘Disappear’ in ‘Interest’? – ‘Who’ gets ‘All the Benefit’ of all the ‘Faith’? ‘Apparently’ it’s ‘God’ - I mean is the ‘Federal Reserve’ and the ‘Banks’ and the ‘Governments’ ‘God’, that they ‘Can-Do’ with the People’s Labor ‘What they Want’?


What Will it-‘Take’ for Humanity to ‘See’: There is No-‘Difference’ between the ‘Money-System’, the ‘Government-System’ and the ‘Religions’ –they ‘All’ have the Same-‘Agenda’, they ‘All’ are ‘Stealing-You Blind’ – If it’s Not your-‘Soul’, they’re ‘Stealing’ Your-‘Energy’, Your-‘Spirituality’- it is Your-‘Money’ they’re ‘Stealing’.


And have a-‘look’: Everyday you ‘Participate’ in the ‘System’- You will Not-take ‘Any’ of Your-‘Money’ and ‘place’-it where there, for Instance,can be ‘Made’ a ‘Real’-‘Difference’- You will ‘Support’ the ‘System’ ‘Day-by-Day’. So ‘Really’ Look-at ‘What it-is’ you’re doing with Your-‘Money’, ‘What it-is’ that you’re doing with Your- ‘Energy’ – ‘What’ are You ‘Supporting’, ‘Why’ are you ‘Converting’ continuously, kind-of-like ‘Upgrading’ to a ‘New-Currency’ a ‘New-Presence’ – ‘I am Now More-‘Present’. But you ‘used’ to say-that with your ‘Previous’ ‘Belief-System’ - and suddenly you’re ‘More-Present’ –but: Have you ‘Ever’-been ‘Present’ on ‘Earth’? What are You ‘Doing’-‘Here’ if You’re Not ‘Present’ on ‘Earth’?