Interviews from the Farm 77: Equal Money 101 – Jesus Returns as a Communist


By: Bernard Poolman

Realise that a point of Equality is going to be required. You’re going to have to give away, what you own so that Everyone can have. Because when Everybody has, the World Change. You’ve all been hoping for this great Change, without looking at the common sense implication of what will have to be done for the world to change. By the way if Jesus comes tomorrow and he says to you: ‘okay, you are All the ‘Children of God’, so you are All Equal, so Everything belongs to Everyone’ – Jesus is gonna be a fucking communist.

But isn’t that what Jesus said? – he said ‘give away all your stuff and follow me.’ I don’t see any Christian doing that. He said: ‘you are All the Children of God’ – I don’t see anyone recognising that. I mean everything Jesus ever said was Equality – Equality - Equality. What was the very starting point of Buddha’s life? What did he give up? He gave up Everything to Stand Equal with the people.

Have you never studied your philosophies?
Oh, yes – you haven’t Lived it yet.