Interviews from the Farm 78: Equal Money 101 – Predictions of Economic Changes

By: Bernard Poolman


Okay, so ‘Here’ we are on this day and we are Discussing: ‘The Future of Mankind’ – What is to ‘Come’ And ‘Why’ an ‘Equal Money-System’ is ‘Certain’ and Cannot-be ‘Stopped’, And… that its ‘Foundations’ will be ‘In-Place’ within the next 10-years and will be ‘The System’ of ‘Support’ in the World in 20 years-‘Time’.


It is ‘Simplistic’: ‘Those’ that is ‘Listening’-to this ‘Interview’: You are the ‘Elite of the World’, You are the ‘Minority’ and you have Gained-‘Power’ and ‘Control’ over-‘others’ through a ‘System’ of ‘Money’, ‘Utilizing’ the ‘Illusion’ of ‘Free-Choice’ under the ‘Banner’-of ‘Democracy’.


The ‘Principle’ of ‘Democracy’ as it-‘Exist’, is the ‘Principle’-of ‘One Vote for One Man’ The ‘Way’ that has been ‘Utilized’-to ‘Control’ is to ‘Give’ People ‘Hope’- Whoever ‘Gives’ the ‘Best’ ‘Message of Hope’ will be the Next-‘President’, or the Next-‘Leader’- ‘Equal-Money’ is Not a ‘Message of Hope’, it’s a ‘Message’ of ‘Fact’! What do you think the ‘Masses’ is going-to ‘Vote’-for? ‘Worldwide’ –


So, I invite-you to ‘Investigate’ the ‘Principles’ of an ‘Equal-Money’ and ‘Labor-System’ because, by ‘Hook or by Crook’ –that means: you’re either going to be ‘there’ ‘Participating’ in ‘Establishing the System’- which means You ‘Join’ and ‘Enjoy’ the ‘Journey’ of-this – or You’ll be ‘Voted’-out, and Obviously ‘Who’s in ‘Government’ does ‘What’? ‘Makes the ‘Rules’’ – What ‘Rules’ are we talking-about? What-‘Type’ of ‘Education is Given-to Children? What ‘Type’-of ‘Economic-System’ is ‘Used’? What-‘Type’ of ‘Labor-System’ is ‘Used’? What-‘Type’ of ‘Governance’ is ‘Used’? What-is the ‘Morality’ of the ‘Group’? What-is the ‘Ways’ the ‘Group’ Will ‘Apply’ in ‘Keeping’ ‘Good’-‘Stable’ ‘Social-Structures’?


And Obviously with the… a ‘Principle’ that is ‘Based’-on ‘Valuing-Life’ ‘Equally’ through an ‘Actual’ ‘System’ that ‘Produce’ ‘What-it ‘Says’ it-does’, which ‘Supports’ ‘Everyone’ - Is ‘Best for All’ and Obviously ‘those’ that Currently is ‘Disempowered’, will ‘See’-it-so.


Those that’s Got ‘More’-than their ‘Fair-Share’ Obviously Will-‘Not’ (laughs) I mean you Got ‘More’-than your ‘Fair-Share’ that’s ‘Unfair’ that will thus be ‘Corrected’ - And, again: You’ll be the ‘Minority’ and Your ‘Vote’ under ‘Democracy’ goes according-to ‘What the ‘Majority’ Decides’- This is ‘Inevitable’ to ‘Happen’ and, ‘Understand’ that Desteni in terms-of its ‘Existence’ has been a ‘Process of Research’ – We ‘started’-off with ‘The Spiritual’ –because, like ‘all’ I was also ‘Blissfully’ … ‘Meditating’-myself into an ‘Extreme’ Level-of ‘Fuckness’, until I started ‘looking’-at the ‘Reality’ of this ‘Blissful’-‘Existence’ , and ‘Noticing’ a Curious-‘thing’: If ‘I Have’ a ‘Roof over my head’ and ‘I Have’ some ‘Money’ and ‘I Have’ ‘Food’ = then I am ‘Blissfully’ ‘Unaware’ of Anybody else’s ‘Troubles’ and, therefore I’ll ‘Defend’ ‘My Position’, and I will ‘Weave’ all-kinds of ‘stories’-to ‘make-sure’ that ‘My Position’-of ‘Comfortability’ and ‘Superiority’ is Not-‘Touched’.

But what I ‘then’ ‘Noticed’ is If I then Do Not-‘Have’ these-‘things’ = I am ‘Disempowered’ to the ‘Effect’ that I Have ‘Virtually’ No-‘Say’ in ‘What ‘Happens’ to My ‘Reality’’ because I Do Not-‘Have’ the ‘Tools’ to ‘Support’-Myself, and I Cannot ‘Get’-them unless I ‘adhere’ to the ‘System’ that is ‘Controlled’ by those that has ‘More’-than their ‘Fair-Share’.

So if You are one-of-‘those’ that Has Got ‘More’-than your ‘Fair-Share’, an ‘Act of Compassion’ would-be to ‘Realize’ that ‘that’ is Not-‘Acceptable’, and that it Requires ‘Adjustment’. Now in the ‘Process’-of the ‘Desteni Discussions’ we’ve ‘Obviously’ also Investigated ‘Heaven’ and ‘Part’-of the ‘Desteni Message’ Will-be to ‘Prepare’-you in Every-Way ‘Possible’ if You would ‘Dare’-to ‘Hear’, to ‘Prepare’-you to be ‘Effective’ when you ‘Die’, in ‘Crossing-Over’ to a ‘New Environment’ –Obviously you are ‘Currently’ in an ‘Environment’ which is ‘Impulsing’-you to ‘Accept’-it ‘The ‘Way’ it is’-


When an ‘Equal-Money’ ‘Environment’ is ‘Established’, the ‘Impulse’ will ‘Change’ and You Will be ‘Experiencing’-Yourself and ‘Everyone’ else somewhat ‘Different’ – And Obviously with a ‘Education-System’ that is ‘Equal’ in Every-‘Way’, you will ‘find’ that there is ‘Much- to-‘Do’’ and a Much-‘Different’ ‘Social-Structure’. And that what you perceive ‘Choice’ to be will be more ‘based’-on the ‘Experience’ of ‘Self’ within ‘Expression’ than It’ll have to ‘do’-with What you’ve ‘done’ so-far –either ‘Surviving’ or ‘Trying-to Win’, so that you can be one of-‘those’ with ‘More’-than your ‘Fair-Share’. ‘Strangely’-enough that One would ‘Actually’ ‘Deliberately’-‘Act’ to ‘Try’ and Gain ‘more’-than your ‘Fair-Share’ and then ‘Justify’-it as if it is ‘Morally’-‘Justifiable’ – it’s Obviously-‘Not‘ ‘Morally Justifiable’, you just have-to ‘Change’ Your-‘Position’ in the ‘Polarity’ and You’ll ‘See’-it – But ‘that’ Requires ‘Self-Honesty’ -which is a rather ‘Difficult’-Point-


But ‘those’ with ‘More’-than their ‘Fair-Share’ has ‘Caused the Problem’: that they would Have-to ‘Face’ also the ‘Correction’ of the ‘System’. Now, ‘furthermore’, we would ‘Suggest’ that If one ‘Do’ ‘Research’ and ‘Study’ ‘How’ the ‘Human’ ‘Interacts’ with its ‘Environment’ – For ‘that’ We Do, Do ‘Courses’ in ‘Leadership-Development’ ‘Specifically’ called the ‘Structural Resonance Alignment’ for those-that ‘Really’ would-like to ‘Make a Difference’ in ‘The Times to Come’, I ‘Suggest’ that’s the ‘Course’ you ‘Do’, and Get-Yourself ‘Developed’ ‘Effectively’ to ‘Face’ the ‘Common Sense’-‘Points’ that Requires-‘Adjustment’ within the ‘System’, so that ‘Equality’ As a ‘Dignified Life For All’ is ‘Established’, that You ‘Do’ the ‘Structural Resonance Alignment’ Course - It’ll also Obviously ‘Support’ –through doing the Course- the ‘Implementation’ of the ‘Eventual’-‘System’ through ‘Political’-means.


Within the Next ‘few-years’ Desteni ‘Will’-go ‘Mainstream’ ‘Politics’ ‘Worldwide’ with a ‘Single’ ‘Mission-Statement’, a ‘Single’-‘Agenda’ of ‘bringing-about’ a ‘Social-Economic’ ‘Change’ that Will ‘Support’ ‘All’-‘Life’ –that would ‘Include’ ‘Animals’ and ‘Plant-Life’ ‘Equally’-and in ‘that’-way thus ‘Establish’ what Everybody has ‘Dreamed’-about ‘Practically’-called: ‘Heaven on Earth’ – I mean after all, ‘Heaven’ Cannot ‘come-about’ as it is ‘Imagined’ without ‘Practical’-‘Participation’ by ‘All’ of-‘those’ that is ‘Here’ ‘Wanting’ this ‘Heaven’ to-be on ‘Earth’- And for ‘Heaven’ to Be on ‘Earth’, I mean your ‘Basic-Needs’ must-be ‘Taken Care’-of - otherwise ‘Heaven’ Will ‘Not’-be on ‘Earth’.


Obviously, within this One must ‘Understand’ that -if you do your ‘Research’ on the ‘Environmental’ ‘Impulsing’ of ‘Belief-Structures’ and ‘How’ You-‘Exist’ - then you’ll ‘Notice’ that it is Very-‘Easy’ to become ‘Delusional’ when you are ‘basing’ your ‘Faith’ in ‘Hope’. An ‘Equal-Money System’ is Not-something-of ‘Faith’, neither is it something-of ‘Hope’, it is ‘Simply’ a ‘Value’ that is ‘Agreed’-upon by All-‘Participants’, that ‘They’ As-‘Life’ is ‘Worth’ and ‘Everyone’-else As-‘Life’ is ‘Worth’ ‘Equally’.


Obviously within-‘that’, Each-‘Participant’ would ‘Give’-themselves the ‘Best Value’ they ‘Possibly’ ‘Can’, isn’t it? And in doing-so, also Give ‘Everyone’-else the ‘Best Value’-‘Possible’.


Will there be some-‘Difficulties’ and ‘Adjustments’? Obviously! But, can we even begin to ‘Imagine’ ‘What it will ‘be’’? Not ‘yet’ - that’s ‘why’ we are ‘studying’-that ‘already’- We’re ‘already’ ‘Preparing’ to-‘Face’ any ‘Points’ where the ‘Human’ through the ‘Addictive’-‘Norms’ that has formed ‘Part’-of the ‘Personality’ that is ‘Currently’ pretending to-be a ‘Human’ ‘Here’ on ‘Earth’, is ‘going’-to ‘Act-Out’ with the ‘Sudden-Freedom’ –because have-a-‘Look’: whenever there’s ‘Sudden-Freedom’, the ‘Human’ go a little-bit ‘Delinquent’- it’s not ‘Delusional’, it’s ‘Delinquency’, it’s like You have No-‘Parameters’ within-which to ‘Understand’ your ‘New-Experience’ and therefore you ‘Act’-‘Out’.


So we ‘will’-go through a ‘Delinquency-Period’ for a Moment till Everybody find their ‘Balance’ and ‘Realize’: There’s a ‘Consequence’ to ‘What You Do’.


So, ‘Here’ is the ‘Future’ again, an ‘Equal-Money System’, a ‘Practical Solution’ for ‘Earth’ - Which in ‘All’ ‘Practical’-terms is the ‘Actuality’ of ‘Heaven on Earth’ ‘Instituted’-by ‘Man’- ‘Me’ and ‘You’, Each-‘One’, ‘Ourselves’-through ‘Taking Responsibility’, ‘Preparing’ for an ‘Effective’-‘Cross-Over’ into the ‘Next-Environment’-obviously in that ‘Environment’ the ‘Stimulus’ of that ‘Environment’ will-be ‘Different’ –


And You Will Not-have the ‘Body’ you-have –because you will have ‘given-it-up’-so that One can ‘Enter’ the ‘Here-After’ as a ‘Dignified Being’- One that is ‘Accomplished’, ‘Satisfied’, ‘Proud’-of What you Have ‘Achieved’ on ‘Earth’ – Imagine, that makes your ‘Entry’ into a ‘New Environment’ so-much ‘Easier’and so-much ‘more’ with ‘Strength’ and with ‘Trust’ in-Yourself. If One ‘Don’t’-have those-‘Points’ in-‘place’ and you get-to the ‘Other-Side’ and You ‘leave-behind’ a ‘Delinquent’-‘Delusional’ ‘Society’ and ‘World’ where No-‘Life’ is ‘Honored’= You Cannot ‘Stand’ on the ‘Other-Side’ and ‘Pretend’ that You ‘have’ in any-way ‘Acted’ ‘Sufficiently’-‘Effective’ to ‘Make a Difference’- And ‘that’ will have a ‘Bearing’ on your ‘Experience’ on the ‘Other-Side’-


So we Invite-you to ‘Join’, Invite-you to ‘Discuss’ and to ‘Consider’ the ‘Common-Sense’-‘Points’ that will be ‘Presented’ and ‘Discussed’ and ‘Opened-up’ in terms-of the ‘Preparation’ for ‘Presenting’ to the ‘Masses of the World’-that is ‘those’ that’s Not-‘Listening’ ‘Currently’, because they Don’t-Have ‘Access’to the ‘Wonderful Technologies’- But They ‘Will’-‘Have’ Soon- And make-sure you’re Not the ‘One’ that is being Asked the Question: ‘Why Did You-‘Not’ ‘Treat’ ‘All-Life’-‘Equal’? ‘Why Did You-Take ‘More’ than your ‘Fair-Share’ and Did-‘Nothing’ about ‘those’ that Didn’t-‘Have’? ‘Why Did You-‘Protect’ Only ‘Your Own Ass’ and Not-‘Consider’ ‘those’ that Don’t-‘Have’ Any-‘Protection’?


Till We ‘Speak’-Again.