Interviews from the Farm 79: Bible 101 – Using the Name of God

By: Bernard Poolman


As ‘Part’ of the ‘Equal-Money’ ‘Drive’ in the ‘World’ - It is ‘Relevant’ that we ‘Expose’ all the ‘Psychotic’ ‘Concepts’ that is ‘Causing’ the’ Death’-of 17 thousand-Children ‘a-Day’ and the ‘Poverty’ of 3 Billion-People in the ‘World’ Surviving on less-than 2-Dollars ‘a-Day’.

For this we have also ‘another’-‘Series’ which will be ‘Part’-of the ‘Game Theory of the Gods’ and although it will Not be ‘part’-of the ‘Structural Resonance Alignment Training’ ‘Directly’ it is ‘Recommended’ ‘Supplement’-‘Studies’.

And this one we’ll be calling ‘Bible 101’ and in ‘Bible 101’ we’re going today ‘look’-at the ‘Statement’: ‘Do Not ‘Use’ ‘The Name of ‘God’ In-‘Vain’’ –

Now, I’ve been-around on this ‘Planet’ for a good 47 years, and, I have always ‘Understood’ that Not-taking ‘The Name of ‘God’ In-‘Vain’’ means to Not-say ‘Jesus-Christ’-‘Fuck’-‘God’ and things like-that I mean, using-it as a ‘Swear’-word.

But, over an ‘Extensive’-period of being from a ‘Reborn’-‘Christian’ to a ‘White-Light’ ‘Bliss-Thumping’ ‘Meditation’-‘Expert’, ‘Converting’ throughout my-‘Time’ ‘many’-to all kinds-of ‘weird’ and ‘wonderful’-‘Ways’ of ‘Existence’ that had ‘Nothing’ to-do for, with ‘What is ‘Really’ going-on Here on ‘Earth’ – I have to now do my ‘Penance’ and in-that, have-to ‘Say’-that , In all that-‘Time’ I have ‘Prayed’ sometimes as-much as a ‘100 Prayers’ ‘a-Day’ – And, you know ‘what’ was the ‘Peculiar’-‘Outcome’: It was All In-‘Vain’!

I was ‘Using’ ‘God’s Name In-‘Vain’’- I ‘Prayed’ and ‘Prayed’ and ‘Prayed’ for the ‘Poverty’ to ‘End’ - I ‘Prayed’ and ‘Prayed’ for the ‘Children’ Not-to ‘Die’ - I ‘Prayed’ and ‘Prayed’ for ‘All’ to-‘Have’ a ‘Dignified Life’ - I ‘Prayed’ for ‘God’ to ‘Please, ‘come-forth’ from the ‘Heavens’, ‘Send’ your Son ‘Jesus’ and ‘Redeem’-us from this ‘Inhumanity’’- And it was ‘All’ In-‘Vain’.

Now, I ‘looked’-at it then: Did I ‘Actually’ ‘Use’ ‘God’s Name In-‘Vain’’? Or was it ‘God’ that was ‘called-on’ In-‘Vain’? And the ‘Vanity’ is that there is ‘something’ ‘Presented as ‘God’’ when there is In-‘Fact’ No-‘Intervention’ ‘whatsoever’ On-‘Earth’ in the ‘Affairs’-of ‘Men’. So therefore, ‘Prayer’ by-‘Itself’ through the Very-‘Action’ of ‘Doing’-it and ‘Testing’-it-out for Yourself – Take ‘Poverty’ as an ‘Example’- You can ‘Prove’-to Yourself that ‘Prayer’ is ‘’Using’ the ‘Name of ‘God’ In-‘Vain’’, because You’re Taking No-‘Action’- And as long-as You’re Taking No-‘Action’ and you ‘call-on’ ‘God’ Take-‘Action’, you are ‘’Using’ ‘God’s Name In-‘Vain’’, You are Not- ‘the ‘Image’ and ‘Likeness’ of ‘God’’ because, ‘God’ ‘gave’-you the ‘Ability’ to ‘Do’ something-about ‘What is going-on in the ‘World’’, ‘gave’-you the ‘Intellect’ to ‘work’-out for Yourself that it is ‘Unacceptable’ to have 17-Thousand-‘Children’ ‘Die-a-Day’-

That the ‘Government-Systems’ that Cannot ‘come-up’ with a ‘Solution’, the ‘Political-Systems’ that Cannot ‘Change’-this ‘Problem’ is ‘Certainly’ Not-‘Valid’. We ‘Propose’: that You ‘Join’-Us in ‘Seeking’ a ‘Way’-to ‘Present’ a ‘New’ ‘Political-Dispensation’ for the ‘World’: ‘One’-‘Political-Party’, with ‘One’-‘Economic-System’, ‘Run’-by ‘People’ like ‘You and Me’, Where we ‘Present’-to ‘Everyone’ ‘Equality’ In-‘Income’, ‘Equality’ In-‘Labour-Opportunity’, ‘Equality’ In-‘Living-Conditions’, ‘Equality’ In-‘Happiness’, ‘Equality’ In-‘Education’. I mean ‘then’ we have ‘Proven to ‘God’’ that we ‘Understood’ when he said that: He ‘Created’ ‘All-Men’-‘Equal’ - But at the ‘moment’, we’re ‘Hiding’-behind ‘Vanity’ by ‘Using ‘God’s Name In-‘Vain’’ when we-‘Pray’- and as-long-as there is a ‘Poor-Child’ ‘Dying’ in this ‘World’= No-‘Prayer’ is ‘Valid’, It’s all ‘Vanity’.

‘More’-on ‘Bible 101’ Soon.