Interviews from the Farm 8: God and Ascension


Interviews with Bernard Poolman

31 Jan 09


So let’s discuss Ascension and the God Delusion. Or, let’s put it another way: How did God create God-Self? This is the way to become ‘God’.

Ok…In existence, a long long long time ago, beings were getting quite bored. And some of them noticed an interesting thing: no matter what they do, there was no consequence.There was no… –although a belief existed of a God or a Creator, nobody ever interfered.

Beings existed as races and as groups and as groups of interest and they travelled the universe…and they were born and they died. Just like, very much similar to now.

So, a fascinating idea came about, like a light bulb that went on in a way. That –notice an interesting thing- that in a way it would be possible to exist forever. But what you have to do to exist forever – that means also to control everything, forever- would be that you have to divert everything to yourself, all power. Because if you have all power you can also direct your own existence.

To do that, a fascinating thing was done – a fascinating consideration: what was being noticed, was a fascinating occurrence, occurrence, in the universe; where all the planets and the universes were in a way dimensional, meaning, call it multidimensional, it was in a way existent similarly to what you would now experience as how you see pictures in the mind. It was like, a mind universe. But something was happening: it was becoming matter.

What is matter? Matter is a relationship between yourself, space –that which is existing- and how it moves –time. That was becoming relative, real –responding to the influence, the input you put into it. That means that this that was becoming real was programmable. You can give it an input and it will give you an output. And if you control the input you control the output.

Obviously, what was a fascinating difficulty was: everybody is going to find this out and understand that the input equals the output. How do you make sure that nobody finds out that the input equals the output? You place them into a reality that is not part of these 3 points: self, space and time. You create a new reality for them – a 4th dimension. You create for them a heaven, you create for them a place to go to, where they actually in ‘going that’ –which is like ascending, they send their ass somewhere-in doing that, they are actually re-creating them into an idea – existing as if they are all-powerful, as if they are ‘God’ while they’re not. While you that is controlling all of that –you are God. Because you are actually controlling everyone.

How do you do that is: you create a system that mimics matter: the mind. It is a reflection. And that reflection has an interesting point: It is the reverse; if you look at it, it’s like looking in a mirror, everything is… where the one side is the opposite of… –you know you have left and right- left becomes right and right becomes left, so you…it’s a complete reversal of everything that exist as a projection within which you create yourself.

How was that then done was fascinating, because when a child is born, in this reality, the child do not have a Self, personified in the mind. That doesn’t yet exist. The child is actually here, in space and time. Real. Powerful. Pure. What happens then; a personality, an idea is created within which the child encompass themselves until all that exist as the human here; is just a mind reflection of themselves. Then the mind becomes the reality they are trying to master.

How to master that, is fascinating, because within this whole process it will go through an apparent ‘stage of evolution’: You will, as you move through your reality, become dissatisfied with what you are experiencing. Then you will start searching for an alternative. And in that search – it’s like already placed in you as a program – you will go to the next stage: You will then move from believing mom and dad to believing in God and a religion. Then, when you are dissatisfied with that you’ll start believing in yourself as the reflection as God; which is like ascension.

It’s just a short view of your ‘progression’ which everybody eventually take. And each of those things will be equated to time: either a ‘coming again’ or a ‘New Age’ or some form of time-related construct.

Now what did the programmers of the input realize? They realized that they could divert all the creative power of every single being into a system, and fuel that system. All they have to make sure of is that they never step into that system – because they’ll lose themselves. So therefore, they created what you would call today ‘Heaven’. From there, they controlled the input of every being, being born. How did they do that? By seeding it, they also seeded the whole reality as nature.

What is a SEED? A seed is that which contain the information of that which it would become, isn’t it? So if you take the seed of a flower you can look at the seed and by the knowledge of the seed you can say: this seed is this flower. Because in the seed is contained the information, the program, that will bring forth this flower. That program is DNA as a general description. Obviously there’s a lot more about how it works, in terms of its construct –chromosomes and, you name it -the whole story.

But for the point of this discussion it is sufficient to note the following: That all things that is consisting of a seed, and that includes the human – have a look; there’s a seed and an egg. A little, little bugger that swims and then penetrates an egg and then starts to divide according to a program – bringing together two seeds, a male and a female, from which emerged: A Human.

Within that seed is contained the information of what this being will become. Obviously in its initial stages, as the seeds meet and the being develops – it first gives attention to structure, which is the physical. Within the structure then contained, that which operates as the structure – which is the basic functionality like heart, liver, breath, mind, taste, eating, farting – the whole story. Within that then is the functionality – the program, the construct, the design – which make it possible for the being to interact with other beings.

So say the child is born – like we have examples of that – with a family of wolves, and it’s a human child. The human child will act like the wolves. Therefore, what was created was a construct within which the child would be given Input to fit into the total group of humans, the society – which is the family. Through which, in that family, became the construct which has got one primary…point of concern: That is control within the society, to fit in with the system that is here and that runs within a particular time-frame, within a particular space, within a particular application with a beginning and an end.

A fascinating thing was placed into it: By this construct, this mind, this definition of mine – what is MINE: “Who AM I?” this “I AM”-construct, the mind, which was inserted into each being as part of the seed – so that mom can say to the child: “I am mom”. “Your name is Danny”. “Say, ‘I – am – Danny’.” So the “I AM” was born. This I AM is a projection, a person-…personification, a mirror, a reflection, which was defined by the being which gives them the assumption, the idea, that they are apparently ‘God’. While, all the while they’re only following the seed that was planted. Which made it, in a way, that people, beings, in this reality could not…reality could not break out from what they were placed into.

So, consider this particular seed – consider the fact that the input equals the output. Then consider the common sense within the current accepted reality. You’ll notice a fascinating thing: the mind is actually the 4th-Dimension. You have yourSelf, you have Space and you have Time. If we all work within the construct of Self, Space and Time, and we consider everyone equally, within ourselves as everyone else also ourselves, because we are all coming from the earth, we’re the dust of the earth, so we are one within that – and we consider ourselves as being one from the earth within space and time: We will not harm each other. But, when we create a reflection, a deception of ourselves, a point where we are no longer able to see ourselves and everybody else within space and time, we create that as a reflection, as a mirror, as the mind. That is our 4th dimension.

Everyone at the moment believe, that is in the ‘New Age’, that we are ‘ascending to the 4th and the 5th dimension’. That’s not true. We are already in the 4th dimension. You actually going through these stages throughout your life. In various ages the next stage of your existence activate – age seven, age fourteen, age twenty-one, age twenty-eight. They normally run in seven year cycles, within which you go through a process of personification – the acceptance of your personification as an ‘ascended being’, as a ‘mind-creation’, as a reflection of yourself that is ‘untouchable’ within which you apparently have ‘choice’.

And within the 4th dimension you have no time – because have a look at your mind: You can think about so many things, time doesn’t influence you in your mind, in your reflection, you’re like superman, the super-hero in your mind that can be here and there and imagine all kinds of things. Obviously, what was the fascinating thing, was: That the…those that programmed, that programmed the seed, that put the information into the seed, also put the information into the mind and exactly what it is they want to manifest. And you can test this out. Bizarre things…how, depending on the seed placed in you, you will have a particular affinity for particular things in this world that you apparently like. You can’t even explain why. You like certain music, you like certain ways people speak, you like certain cultures, you like certain expressions, you like certain body shapes, you like certain colours – all of that…ever wondered why? Why are you not free to like everything equally? It’s because you’re programmed. You are the result of a seed. That’s your DECEIT. You are DE-SEATED from yourself.

Now which is fascinating is then: You have your 4th dimension – which is the mind – with a fascinating point; which is your ascension on earth – from yourself – to the mind. You become a master of the mind -so in a way you become an ascended master.

Then an interesting thing / concept was placed in: The concept of the ‘Soul’, the ‘5th-dimension’. In the 5th-dimension, which is now where you have especially all your Pleiadians and Sirians and all these aliens – they, coming from the 5th-dimension – the dimension of the ‘Soul’. In that dimension, it is that which you aspire to, so that when you die: You will not ask questions. You will accept whatever is presented to you – that is always the bottom line.

Because there was an interesting difficulty in the whole design of the God-Delusion: How to keep everyone Deluded. That at the moment of death, for a singular moment, you suddenly understand everything. But the moment your attention is grabbed – again, you’re screwed. And you will accept everything that is presented to you because it’s all that there is. There is nothing else. And you cannot conceive that, there can’t be anything, so whatever is here, must be…in heaven must be real. So you accept it and that moment of acceptance, heaven as it existed was ‘real’.

At that moment, that which you were on earth as the being was…which was recorded. Because it’s like, you know, I mean – if you go back and you look at the tree that emerged from the seed: You can actually cut it up and you’ll notice that in its existence is its existence recorded, you can trace back its history. The same point was within the human. The physicality was such an representation, but – it died and returned to earth.

So, to be able to keep the information, a device was needed – and that device was magnetic in nature – (which is where our magnetic-technologies come from) – that which records information. This was recording your life, which was your ‘soul-construct’, your experiences – and that was then taken from you at death and placed in the Akashic-records. So, that after death, you would actually, suddenly, be ‘free from all the memories’ you had on earth that was such a difficult thing –which (this ‘experience’) is like ‘heaven’!

What are you really…what is your release really? You’re only released from your memories – it’s not a real release. It’s…you are being released from your self-judgments, from the points you were not ‘strong enough’ – but all of that was just a mind construct = Not Real. The only part you will remember – or that was recorded, your life: Was the actual events and the mind interpretation of it. Your actual life within the construct of this reality, of what is important, was not (recorded). Animals, for instance, had no…had none such devices. They were dealing as ‘group-soul’ – so therefore, their consideration was placed in the consideration as a group. The same with plants. So when they died, they would simply return to the group-soul, which had a Input-program that ‘they are acting in the interest of everyone in unconditional love’. So immediately they accepted that, because ‘this is why I exist, I exist for the better… of betterment of whole, while they are busy with their process of ascension, their process of getting closer to God.’

And how was that…that was so fascinating, because your ‘5th-dimension’ was the ‘Soul’. So, imagine what was the ‘6th-dimension’? The 6th-dimension…was where you would become no longer re-incarnating, but you are now in the ‘service of God’. Therefore you will now remain in the ‘heaven’ and you will help with the programming. So you are instructed what to do and you do it without asking questions because you are apparently not good enough to actually at that stage yet, to actually understand everything – you are not ‘evolved’ enough, you are not ‘ascended’ enough. But you are no longer required to reincarnate. That means your progam, your input is now so effective, that you will never question what has been happening in heaven and earth.

The ‘7th-dimension’: Was when you can be trusted to ‘know how things work’. And that in that knowing you have programmed yourself to a level of acceptance – that what you are doing is in the interest of everyone – and that you are not will stand up and fight for it. Which was the dimension of the ascended masters. At that point you will now deliberately act in the interest of God – the System, that input-output-system. Not questioning anything, because you have completely accepted the process, the point and the purpose that…of how everything existed.

As an ascended master – which is the same as being ‘Christed’- you are now ‘Christ-conscious’, at the 7th dimension. You are now someone that will not ever question God – but will ‘stand by God’. You will not question how creation took place, where the information, why the system, why the input. You are now ‘part of God’. You are now ‘one with God’, in the 7th dimension. You are now a ‘child of heaven’. You are ‘exalted’, ‘special’, ‘profound’.

Nobody dare question you because ‘God will step up and protect you’. And therefore – if you would then be requested to manifest on earth, that means to come back in a design as an ‘avatar’ or an ‘ascended master’ or a ‘great being that will impact the information-input in this reality’, you are specially programmed, because you were given special accesses in this reality, because you will not question – that which is ‘here’. Some beings managed to break through to a certain degree and did question certain points.

What was the point? Is to make everyone on earth accept the status-quo unquestionably and to make sure everyone accept an interesting thing: They accept death unquestionably and they accept heaven unquestionably and the process of getting to an higher existence as the mind – as ascension. Because ascension exists as the mind only. And in that process – separating yourself completely from what is real. Leaving a fascinating thing: A total reality, as heaven, interacting with earth, nothing of it is real, all of it is quanta: ‘quantum reality’, within which certain beings, as God and his entourage, his servants, control it all just through a simple thing: Through a SEED. Through what you SEE. Through an input of information – a simple construct. So that you never question what’s happened to you.

Now Hear me: If you die – and you have not transcended this delusion that exists as you, within the seed of yourself; therefore, you have not found a way to stop your self-deceit and the deceit of what is real, what is Life – (what is real is you here as the Physical within space and time. That’s real. And considering everyone that is here in space and time, and finding a way of co-existence EQUALLY) – and you allow yourself to die, you are so screwed. Because – on the other side now, all these systems, these ‘beautiful’ things, are GONE! The only point that now are to be faced: Is the mind as ascension. The ‘Ascended-Self’ – where you are creating yourself as this ‘glorified persona’ that is apparently ‘good’ within the ultimate reality of polarity that you have manifested as the ‘super-hero as yourself’ – where you are serving ‘God’. And that ‘God’, is fascinating, that you are serving in your mind as your persona – that ‘God’ is always different from everybody else’s God. Because you’ve created that God in your mind.

It is not real. If you are self-honest you can see that. That’s why you cannot find another being with whom you can agree or who will agree with you. I mean, that point alone should make you question this. And I mean, even an Atheist is the same in this – because they have an idea of themselves as a ‘God’ – as this…‘the point that makes the choice’. There is no difference what you call this process. The Atheists were trapped the same as the religious beings – there is no difference – the Satanists, no matter who you are, all that is really happened is that every point is…was given a different name.

At the end of the day, you are creating your delusion; which is your mind – and you within your mind and the powers and the choices that exist within your mind: By yourself. Virtually nothing of what exist in your mind – is real, within your experience of the physical. That should already make you question: ‘What is really going on here?’

Now, what is fascinating – is that certain groups of people in this world realized that, in essence the human is deluded. You can go and study the psychology; you’ll notice they became aware of it some time ago: That the human is deluded. And therefore the human cannot be trusted. I mean, trust do not exist with everybody existing within a mind-construct as persona with a delusional point as ‘God’ or ‘Intelligence’ or ‘Logic’ or something that they believe is ‘great’. Within that whole construct, they realized that everything works by input-output; and deliberately started creating a reality where the input is controlled so that they can have…

What did they realize: I mean, what is real is the Physical. So if you control the Physical, for yourself – you have a very cool life. I mean, you can have everything you ever dream of. All you have to do is get everybody else, give theirs to you. And you created the super-rich, the Elite – through participating in Ascension. Through participating in Religion. Through participating in an ‘idea of Value’ – like money. Through participating in an idea of sexual-satisfaction – through the delusion that apparently it’s wonderful. Through participating in Drugs which take you into your Mind so you do not take…deal with the physical-reality that’s here.

While – you are pissed off with all the Elites and all the rich that has got everything. What do they really have? What are you pissed off with them about? They have everything of the physical. They control the physical resources, they control the best spaces of Money, they control time and space – within the physical. And you are the slave. Who’s allowing it? You’re allowing it. I mean, you are not willing to consider that the delusion exists as you within the reflection you have created of yourself as personality, as persona, as belief. And you are not willing to give that up and get back to the physical reality and sort out what is Here.

So, obviously these wonderfully clever beings that realized they could control the Physical for their own benefit, so that they can live in abundance, having the best while everybody else suffer – had a interesting problem. Because they did not have the intelligence – to actually keep such a design effective. When I’m talking about ‘intelligence’, I’m talking about ‘the Capacity to see the Whole within all the programs that exist.’ That was always handled by ‘God’. So they have a very special relationship with ‘God’.

Now this ‘God’ obviously was the ‘God’ that created everything – the ‘I AM’. ‘He’ created it by the Input he placed In. Therefore – ‘he’ had to control ‘his’ existence so that nobody question it. That point was removed. So now this Reality is busy collapsing into chaos. Money, space, time, as it exist as the mind is in every moment collapsing more and more, it’s like a madness that will hit the world in every way; from money, to sexuality, to co-existence, to family, to culture –everyone within themselves will lose control over their minds, because it is no longer possible to keep it within programmed ‘pockets’ that was controlled through a magnetic grid that existed and kept everything stable. That magnetic grid is no more. All that remains is delusion.

The ‘ascended ones’ on this earth is gonna see their asses, unless they send this bullshit away forever and stop the mind –which is really having to stop you, as the mind.

The tools are Simplicity:

Practical Self-Honesty within what is going on in this physical reality.

Practical Common Sense with what is best for all that is in this physical reality.

Self-Forgiveness by actually practically giving away, stopping, ending that which is your 4th dimension, that which is your thoughts, that which is your mind – that’s where you perceive you have ‘free will’. You do not have free will. If you had free will in the physical – you would not have died, you would not have been subject to space and time. You are subject to space and time. ‘Freewill’ is a delusion that exist as the mind.

Have a look, in your mind –you cannot even agree with another about what ‘Freewill’ is. You believe you have the ‘unique gift from God’ to be able to make up your ‘own mind’. Obviously you can make-up your own mind: it’s not real. It’s just a make-up. You are making it up as you go along.

Ascension is not real – but it is real from the perspective that you fuck yourself forever. Then you have to be born back in this reality and have the parents you created. Isn’t that fun!

There is nothing that can be done about what is to come. What is to come will challenge the Physical-Reality, your Space and Time – until Space, Time and Self is Purified Equally as Life. Everything, single thing that controlled it – that held it within a construct of delusion- was removed. It’s really no big thing. It was inevitable. They knew it was possible to happen and attempted to control it forever… They Failed.

Now, the support we are offering is simply in Self-REAL-lization. So that you can Realize for yourself; what is Real and that the Mind and Ascension and all of that – is not Real. What is Real is You in Space and Time and everything else that is Here with You in Space and Time. You have to be One and Equal Here, as that which is Real, that which is from the Earth, the Touchable -that’s Real. And STOP all Dishonesty.