Interviews from the Farm 80: Collapse of the Money System


01 January 2010

By: Bernard Poolman


The ‘Money’ Situation in the World is Simplistic:
It will continue in ‘the way’ it does now for some time, within this -
there will be many ‘attempts’ to ‘Save’ the ‘Money System’

Obviously because that’s all that Everyone at this stage ‘understand’ and within that ‘attempt’,
the situation will slowly but surely get worse and worse and worse– until it actually ‘Collapse’ Completely.

So it’ll go ‘up and down’ then it it’ll go little-bit ‘better’ for a while, and they will say ‘Faith has been Restored in the Markets’ – that’s not True, that’s part of the Deception because that is what the Being within-them ‘Faith’ is something you want to ‘Believe’ within yourself, it is not In-Fact so, but that’s all you’re ‘Willing to See’ and then you say: ‘I only want to be ‘Positive’’ and you refuse to see the ‘Negative’ that is Existent –that means you’re now in a ‘Polarity-Opposition’ to Reality which means, Reality will take you to the point-of ‘Collapse’
and then at an ‘Individual-Level’ people start to ‘Collapse’ in their lives, and they obviously will then still ‘Blame’ Reality, not realizing they’ve ‘Caused’-it Themselves

and so at- that happens at an ‘Individual-Level’, eventually it’ll happen at the ‘Individual-Level’ of ‘Countries’, where ‘Countries’ will ‘Collapse’
I mean in terms-of the ‘Monetary Systems’ because the ‘Problem’, the ‘Debt’ that has been created will be so ‘overwhelming’ that there is ‘no way out’
and once that is ‘Seen’, the ‘Inner-Realization’ takes-place of ‘what is going on’ in the ‘Outer-World’ and then it ‘Collapse’ –

But, when ‘Faith’ exist, ‘Faith’ ‘Overrides’ Realization and one go into a ‘Delusion’ and you hang-on to your ‘Positive-Faith’ and you ‘Believe’ you can still ‘Change Reality’: You can’t because the Reality is a ‘Physical-Condition’ while your ‘Faith’ is a ‘Non-Physical-Condition’, your ‘Non-Physical-Condition’ has No ‘Power’ or ‘Say’ in Reality = the ‘Physical’ Decides Everything, you are ‘Subject’ to-it, that is proven over and over and over and over and over again, yet nobody wants to Realize:

‘The Physical’ Decides.