Interviews from the Farm 81: One-‘Choice’ – The Only-‘Choice’

By: Bernard Poolman


Okay, so – if you look-at the Simplicity of the ‘Equation’ – if you look-at a Person’s Words, if you look-at their Actions = You can ‘See clearly’ whether they are ‘Supporting’ as-themselves ‘What’s Best for All’ – or Not.

If you Don’t ‘Support’ ‘What’s Best for All’ – You are ‘Defending’ your-Own ‘Self-Interest’, your-Own apparent ‘Free-Will’ – Within-That you’re then ‘Disregarded’ by ‘Existence’ completely, because You are Not ‘Part of All’, and you are ‘Showing’-that through your ‘Defending’ and your ‘Interest’ in Only-Yourself: Your ‘Interest’ is not in ‘Everyone’ and ‘What’s Best for-Everyone’, and accordingly = your-‘Existence’ is Directed by-Yourself; and when you then ‘Cross-Over’ obviously you are within That-‘Equation’ of ‘Self-Interest’ Directed – and Not-Allowed ‘Access to All’ –

Really ‘Simplistic’: You Either are for ‘What’s Best for All’ – Or you are ‘Separated from the Whole’ in your-Own ‘little-Bubble’ – You Decide = the Only-‘Choice’ that Exists.