Interviews from the Farm 83: Education for Life give you the Cutting-Edge


By: Bernard Poolman

Bernard: Therefore, we Need ‘those’ that ‘Care-Enough’ and I mean, I’m Deliberately Not-‘Using’ the word ‘Love’ because, it is the ‘Opposite’-of ‘Fear’, it is ‘used’ as an ‘Excuse’ to Not-‘Face’ ‘Fear’, I’m talking-about People that Really-‘Care’ about an ‘Outcome’ in the World that’s ‘Best For All’ and ‘Best for Themselves’- To ‘Join’ Desteni and get themselves Fuckin’-‘Educated’ – either through the Forums, the Website – which is Free- or those that can afford, through the ‘Structural Resonance Alignment -Training’ - which will become a ‘Real’-‘Extensive’ ‘Training-Program’ as it’s already so-‘Extensive’ that the People ‘Participating’ are ‘battling’ to keep up, because they’ve never been ‘Exposed’ to such an ‘Intensive’-‘Studying’ - in ‘Real-Time’ ‘Actual’ ‘Study’ of Yourself and Your ‘Environment’.

In-‘Time’, as our ‘Resources’-grow, we will give –for ‘those’ that can’t ‘afford’, the ‘Opportunity’ like a ‘Bursary- there is a ‘Fund’ being ‘Created’ for-that – to be able to ‘Facilitate’ ‘those’ that cannot ‘afford’ the ‘Structural Resonance Alignment’- But for now, we are in a ‘System’, ‘Common-Sensically’ we must ‘Produce’ an ‘Income’ within the ‘System’ to keep-us ‘Moving’ to-Help.

And it is ‘Important’ that Whatever ‘You’-say in this World must-be ‘Done ‘In Your Name’-otherwise it is In-‘Vain’. If You are saying something on some-Fuckin ‘Fake-Name’ somewhere, You are wasting your ‘Breath’ because: ‘look’ for yourself, Five-years from ‘now’ You want-to say: ‘I had that Amazing-‘Insight’, I was ‘that’ and ‘that’ ‘Fake-Name’-who the Fuck is going to ‘Believe’-you? They’re gonna say “no, man you’re just trying to ‘ride on the back’ of somebody-else.

”Speak in your ‘Own-Name’ So that you can be ‘Accountable’, so that ‘that’ which you say that is ‘Valid’ and that which is to the ‘Benefit’ of Everyone and will ‘Produce’ ‘Heaven on Earth’, can ‘Stand’. The ‘Honor’ for that is Not-‘Ego’, the ‘Honor’ for-that is a ‘Recognition’ for ‘Standing’ because You-‘Cared’. ‘Ego’ is to ‘Hide’ behind a ‘Fake-Name’ and make ‘False-Claims’ that You-have Not-‘Lived’, if You Do-Not ‘have’ the ‘Power’ to ‘Stand’ in your ‘Own-Name’, You Have No-‘Right’ and No-‘Ability’ to ‘Stand’ on ‘Anything because: it’s all ‘False’. You don’t ‘Believe’ and ‘Trust’ in Yourself-‘enough’ to ‘Stand’ in your ‘Own-Name’.

And ‘Why’ is the whole-‘System’ around ‘Fake-Names’? Because it’s about ‘Fake-Money’, it’s about ‘Fake-Politics’, it’s about ‘Fake-NGO’s, it’s about ‘Fake-Economics’, ‘Fake-Corporations’, ‘Fake-Productions’- ‘Machines’ ‘making everything’- I mean the ‘Machine’ is already-‘making everything’, look at the ‘fuck-up’ - Now, the ‘Venus Project’ want to use ‘Technology’ to ‘Solve’ the ‘Problem’- they have Not-‘Equated’ the ‘Problem’ to its ‘Actual’ Fuckin’ ‘Creation’-story. Why do you think the ‘Venus Project’ is getting ‘air-time’? Because inevitably Society, I mean the way it goes ‘now’ to a ‘Total-Control-Society’, is gonna be a ‘Slave-Race’ to ‘Technology’ –

Where’s your ‘Freedom’? How do you ‘Move’ the ‘Resource’? Who makes the Fuckin’-‘Decision’? Why are you Not-‘Educated’? Why is the… Why are they Not-Promoting ‘Education’? The ‘Skill’ with-which to ‘work-out’ ‘for-Yourself’ a ‘Solution’ for this World.

Why are they ‘only’ looking-at the ‘Products’- because the ‘Products’ are already-‘Here’ Created-by ‘Technology’, there are warehouses upon warehouses full-of ‘stuff’ that ‘Nobody’ can ‘Buy’. If that ‘Remains’ within the ‘bounds’ of the ‘Technological-Production’ ‘stream’, it just goes into a ‘New-System’ of ‘Control’. Because, it’s ‘No-skin off anyone’s flesh’ that currently ‘owns-it-all’ because, they’ve already ‘Produced’-it-all - And to now put a ‘System’-up where they ‘give’ the stuff ‘away’, only ‘entrench’ an ‘Absolute-Monarchy’ of ‘Control’ based in ‘Technology’ – but they’re ‘Still’ gonna-be ‘The Top’ - and ‘Everybody’ is going-to ‘Accept’-it, because they get the ‘shit’ for-‘Free’ apparently - but you ‘pay’ with your ‘Life’ for-it - that’s ‘Venus Project’-Because ‘Venus Project’ ‘Cannot’ Promote-this ‘without’ ‘Financial-Support’, ‘Extensive’ ‘Financial-Support’ –
We ‘know’, we are busy-‘with’ what we are doing: it takes ‘Extensive’-Money to do-this. They have a ‘Lot’ more-‘Money’ than we-have, a ‘Lot’-more. Where are they getting-it ‘from’? That’s the Real-‘Interest’, they’re just being ‘played’.

We will ‘Discuss’ this ‘more’ and ‘more’ and we’ll ‘open-up’ all the ‘Points’- We’re ‘Interested’ in ‘Each’ Human-Being ‘Educated’-to their ‘Highest’ Possible-‘Level’, ‘Effective’-in ‘Vocabulary’, ‘Effective’-in ‘Reading’, ‘Effective’-in ‘Mathematics’, ‘Effective’-in ‘Living’, that Truly-‘Care’ and ‘Interact’ within ‘Understanding’ with ‘Everything’ that is in this ‘World’, ‘Effectively’ on ‘All-Levels’, Living an ‘Effective-Life’ in this World, being in a ‘Relationship’ of ‘Effectiveness’ and ‘Honor’ and ‘Equality’= That is ‘Equality’ - In this ‘World’- the ‘Here-After’ is a ‘Different’-Story’… You cannot-‘Imagine’ the ‘Here-After’ because there is No-‘Time’, there is No-‘Space’, there is No ‘Alpha’ and ‘Omega’ in the ‘After-Life’ like you have ‘Here’- ‘there’ you don’t-‘Have’ the ‘System’ like you-have the ‘System’-Here. And the ‘System’ that is ‘Here’, is ‘Created’ by its ‘Participants’!

What you ‘Allow’- It’s Not-‘Created’ by the ‘Elite’, You’re ‘Allowing’-them to have the ‘Power’- They don’t-Have the ‘Power’ In-‘Fact’, They ‘have’-it because they’re ‘Given-the Power’ by ‘Every’-Person in the ‘World’, And they’re all doing-that ‘In the Name-of ‘Fear’’, and then you say: “It’s all ‘Love’”- that’s ‘How’ you’re being ‘Consumed’, you’re Consumed’ by your ‘Fear’ and therefore you call-it ‘Love’, because Every-‘time’ ‘You-Win’ in the ‘System’, you have this ‘Wonderful-Experience’ you call-it ‘Love’, ‘Bliss’, ‘Magnificence’ – ‘Wow look at me’ You are such a ‘Magnificent-Being’ look-at How ‘Successful’ you are!’ You have ‘Won’ the ‘System’! It’s like winning a Fuckin’ ‘Jack-pot’ –the ‘Design’ is a ‘Casino’- You are ‘Winning’ the ‘Jack-pot’.

And How-many ‘People’ in the ‘World’ are ‘winning’ the ‘Jack-pot’? Just ‘look’-at how ‘few’ there are that’s ‘Rich’ in the ‘World’, They are the ‘Jack-pot’ ‘Winners’ of the ‘World-System’. A ‘Casino’, that’s what ‘Exist’ in this ‘World’, that is our ‘Economic’ and ‘Monetary-System’- that is Our-‘System’ of ‘Education’, that it’s all just ‘Lights-flashing’ and you are ‘waiting’ for ‘triple-seven’ - That’s why the ‘Number of God’ is the ‘Number 7’, because in the ‘System’, ‘God’ is the ‘Jack-pot’. And ‘Number 6’ is just Not ‘good-enough’, therefore it is ‘Evil’ because you didn’t ‘Win’ the ‘Jack-pot’, you got ‘less’-than the ‘Jack-pot’, so therefore it’s ‘Evil’. And you-have to ‘Buy’-shit through a ‘Number-System’ so all the ‘stuff’ you have-to ‘buy’-with ‘Money’ you get from your ‘Jack-pots’ and now you don’t-have ‘enough’ so you can’t go and ‘scan’ your little ‘666 Number’ in the Shop to-‘get’ your ‘Product’-So there it’s sitting on the shelves, and You can’t ‘get’-it. And your ‘Child’ is ‘Dying’ of ‘Starvation’, asking ‘Why, Mommy, Why Daddy, Why, Why?!’ And you got-‘Angry’ and then you ‘Act-out’ and you ‘shoot’ a ‘few’-People and they say: ‘You’re ‘Psychologically-Damaged’ –
The ‘Fuckers’ that’s ‘Building’ this ‘System’ that’s ‘Hiding’-behind their ‘Fear’ in the ‘Name’-of ‘Love’-they are ‘Psychologically-Damaged-Goods’ - Because they ‘Cannot’ ‘Give-up’ their ‘Fear’ to ‘Consider’ that ‘All Men were Created ‘Equal’’- ‘All’ Is from the ‘Same-Source’ –

Check-out our Channel for ‘Psycho 101’ Lessons, and ‘Bible 101’ Lessons and ‘Equal Money 101’ Lessons, where we will ‘Explain’ these-things in ‘Detail’ - Repeating-it ‘many-times’-over until you ‘get’-it.