Interviews from the Farm 85: This is your Last Life

By Bernard Poolman
4 April 2010

So, here we go again with a ‘Controversial’ ‘Desteni Message’ :The ‘Desteni of the Universe’ –

Now, please ‘Consider’ the ‘Common-Sense’ we ‘share’ within the ‘context’ of ‘What is ‘Best’ for ‘All Life’’ – ‘especially’ within ‘Realizing’ and ‘Considering’ ‘those’ that are ‘Less Fortunate than Yourself’ – And, that if ‘You’ were in ‘their Position’, you would’ve ‘liked’ an Opportunity to also attain ‘Everything that ‘Life’ has to Offer’ –

So ‘Hear’ me: This is Everyone’s ‘Last Life’ – ‘

Life’ up-to ‘this point’ where ‘Heaven’ or the ‘Dimensions’ were ‘Stopped’, was ‘Defined’ by the ‘Soul’, it was ‘Defined’ by ‘the Light’, it was ‘Defined’ by ‘Energy’ it was ‘Defined’ by ‘Polarity’, it was ‘Defined’ by ‘Belief’, it was ‘Defined’ by the ‘Idea’ of ‘Oneness’ as ‘Divinity’, it was ‘Defined’ by ‘Cycles of Reincarnation ‘All’ of-that has ‘Stopped’ –‘those’ that is on ‘Earth’ now, is in their ‘Last Lives’ – If you Do-‘Not’ ‘Rebirth-Yourself’ in this ‘Physical Life’, ‘At-Death’: Everything you have ‘done’ thus far in ‘All-Lives’ as a ‘Soul’ Will be ‘No More’ –

‘Simplistically’ because: It wasn’t ‘Real’, it was ‘simply’ an ‘Energetic Experience’, it was ‘simply’ ‘Consciousness’, ‘Consciousness’ isn’t ‘Sustainable’ As ‘Reality’, it is Nothing-‘different’ to a ‘Hollywood Movie’ – ‘look’-at this ‘World’, it is ‘Explaining’ to-you what ‘Specialness’ or ‘Fame’ or ‘Superiority’ ‘entails’ –‘As Above, So Below’ –

‘Common-Sense’, ‘Self-Honesty’ is of ‘Vital-Importance’ if One ‘Have-it’ within-you to Have ‘Compassion’ for All-Life and Not-‘Only’ focus on One’s ‘Self-Interest’ –

Understand, that: ‘This’ was ‘Inevitable’ - a ‘Point’ where ‘What is Not ‘Best’ for ‘All Life’’ had to ‘Stop’ and from-‘that’ had to ‘Emerge’ a ‘Process’ of ‘Self-Correction’ and ‘Self-Perfection’, a ‘Process of ‘Equality’’ from-which ‘Eventually’– yes, it’ll take-‘Time’, ‘Eventually’ will be ‘Birthed’ a ‘Universe’ within-which ‘’All Beings’ are ‘Equal’ in ‘All Ways’ thus ‘Actually’-‘Perfected’.

‘Be Careful’ Not to ‘hang-on’ to ‘Beliefs’ of ‘Perfection’ - You Must ‘Prove’ ‘Your Perfection’ in ‘Physical Matter’, in ‘Space-Time’ in ‘All-Dimensions’ - ‘Common-Sense’ isn’t it? You can’t ‘have’ some ‘Higher-Vibration’ and ‘call’-that ‘Perfection’. ‘Perfection’ implies in ‘All-Ways’, ‘Perfection’ implies ‘Equality’.

‘This is Your ‘Last Life’’ – You will either ‘Stop Yourself’ or ‘Death’ will ‘Stop-you’ - But there is ‘No way out’ - there is a ‘lot’-of Work to be ‘done’ in this ‘Process’, a lot-of ‘Dishonesty’ has been ‘Allowed’ in ‘Existence’. ‘In-Fact’ it has ‘Always’-existed, this ‘Dishonesty’, this ‘Desire’ to-be ‘More’, this ‘Desire’ to-be ‘More Special’, this ‘Desire’ to-be ‘Noticed’ – In ‘Equality’, ‘No One’ is ‘Noticed’, because ‘Everyone’ is ‘Equal’, but it doesn’t mean Everyone is ‘the Same’, it ‘means’: ‘Everyone is Equal’ –‘Important’ to ‘Understand’ what ‘that’ ‘Really’ means -To ‘Allow’ Everyone to-be ‘able’ to get a ‘chance’ in ‘This Life’ to ‘Embrace’ their ‘Self Realization’ and ‘Self Perfection’ an ‘Equal Money System’ is ‘Relevant’, until –which is ‘Inevitable –None ‘Money’ and even ‘Resource’ will ‘Not’ be ‘Necessary’ –

 But that’s still a ‘long way off’ – In the ‘mean-time’ ‘Consider’ the ‘Desteni Message’, it may ‘just’ make ‘your way’ a little ‘easier’.