Interviews from the Farm 86: The Quantum Mind and The Number of God


By Bernard Poolman
20 April 2010

Okay we’re discussing ‘Quantum Mind’ and the ‘System’ that was ‘Designed’ to Manage the ‘Interaction’ between the ‘Mind’ and the ‘Physical’, that manage the ‘Relationships’ between the ‘Physical’ and the ‘Mind’, you’ll ‘Notice’ an interesting-thing is that what you…

When you are ‘Born’ in-‘essence’ you are Unable to ‘Speak’ any language, you’re Unable to ‘Think’, and you are Unable to ‘Move the Physical Body’ –if you look at an ‘Animal’ within 24 hours the Animal will walk by itself, eat by itself, everything the Human is ‘Unable’ to do that, but the Animal is ‘Able’ to ‘do’-that.

That doesn’t mean that the ‘Human’ were ‘Always’ ‘Unable’, or were ‘Always’ that ‘weak’, it only means there is something else at ‘work’-here in ‘How’ the Human ‘Develop’ –and, in that, what ‘plays a role’ within-that is your ‘Structural Resonance Alignment’, your ‘Structural Resonance’ itself, what they have now found ‘Exist’, but they call-it ‘Epigenetics’, the ‘way’ things are ‘Transferred’ from Parent to Child, which is Not ‘only’ the DNA, it’s also ‘something-else’ –they’re at this stage only aware of its ‘existence’, they don’t know ‘how’-it exactly ‘work’ yet.

So, in the ‘Process’ years ago, we found a interesting thing.

‘Interdimensionally’ around the World, Every ‘Human Being’ was ‘plugged’-into ‘Gigantic Casinos’ –your whole-life was ‘Managed’ by a ‘Program’ just like in the Casino, and you were ‘basically’ just one of the ‘Pictures’ that is on a ‘Reel’ that ‘spins’ in the Casino, ‘seeking’ for your ‘Happiness’ – your ‘Pursuit of Happiness’ which is your ‘God’ which is the ‘Number 7’ –and it is ‘why’ the ‘Number 7’ plays a major-role in a ‘Casino’ and is normally linked-to ‘Jackpot’, and ‘Jackpot’ is normally linked-to your ‘Happiness’.

Now, obviously ‘As Above, So Below’ –‘As In, As Out’ –‘Similar’-type ‘Casino’-like ‘Structures’ were ‘Existent’ within the Physical Body, ‘regulating’ and ‘working’-with the Relationship between the ‘Physical’ and the ‘Mind’, which then would ‘Create’ a ‘Resonant’-‘Symbol’ which is similar to these ‘Symbols’ that is in the ‘Casinos’ –and, in ‘Creating’-these ‘Symbols’ you will be ‘Creating’ Your ‘Effectiveness’ in the ‘Matrix’ and in the World, and as you get more and more ‘Effective’, you will ‘Align’ the ‘Symbols’ similarly to a ‘Casino’-Machine –a one armed bandit – and until you have ‘Educated’-yourself according-to your ‘Effectiveness in the System’ to the ‘point’ where you can with a single ‘spin’ of your ‘Mind’, respond ‘Immediately’ with a ‘Jackpot’ –and therefore then you become apparently ‘Highly-Intelligent’ and very ‘Effective’ in your way in the World, and according-to ‘that’ ‘Effectiveness’, you now have ‘More Authority’ in the World –and is seen as a either a ‘Philosopher’ or ‘Philanthropist’ or a ‘Major-Player’ in one of the ‘Industries’ in the World ‘purely’ because: Your ‘Casino’ has been ‘Designed’ that way ‘inside’-you.

So, ‘Constantly’ as you are ‘Interacting’ with your ‘Environment’, the ‘Environment’ ‘Impulse’ the ‘Symbiology’ –the ‘Resonances’ within-you –that then ‘spins’ and ‘present’ to you in your ‘Mind’ a ‘Thought’ – You are Not ‘Thinking the Thought’, the ‘Thought’ is coming-from your ‘Pre-Programming’ which is a ‘Resonant-Design’ like a ‘Casino-System’ that ‘spins’ and look for the most ‘appropriate answer’, similar to Google when you put-in a ‘word’ and you ‘search’ and it brings-up all the ‘possible answers’ –exactly the same-way is How your ‘Resonance’ ‘Operate’.

So in-that ‘Resonance’ obviously you cannot even ‘remember’ ‘How’ You ‘Created-it’ –which is a major-‘problem’. So if you’ve ‘Allowed’ some of the ‘Resonances’ to become ‘Dysfunctional’ –that means: with ‘Secret Reasons’ for its existent ‘Existence’ for… and you are ‘hiding’ some ‘parts’ of your ‘Resonant-Design’ that only ‘comes-out’ in very specific ‘Environments’ – for instance you have a ‘Sexual Addiction’ that’ll only come-out at night after you had a few drinks, and you go to the local Prostitute ‘place’ –I mean, that is a ‘Resonant-Design’ which will ‘trigger’ according-to You going out with your ‘friends’, having a few ‘drinks’, keeping it all ‘secret’ from your wife, then go and have ‘Sex’ with a Prostitute, and then go home as if ‘nothing happened’ –because you have ‘Programmed’-yourself to ‘in-fact’ be able to ‘do’-that, but your ‘Design’ would be dependent-on ‘Environmental-Issues’ so, you will therefore ‘seek-out’ your ‘Entertainment’ as well to ‘place-yourself’ in an ‘Environment’ that will ‘apparently’ take-away ‘Your Choice’ –because you just can’t ‘Help’-yourself and you will go and ‘Embrace’ your ‘Sexual Experiences’ with the Prostitute based-on your ‘Design’ –that will normally be, have been ‘Programmed’ during your teenage years using Porn and Masturbation, where you’ve used the ‘Imagination’ –you’ll find in your ‘Masturbation’ you have ‘Repeated’ the same ‘Images’ over and over and over again, until the ‘Image’ becomes a ‘Resonant-Symbol’ that ‘Interacts’ ‘within’-you that becomes ‘part’-of your ‘Response to Environment’.


Therefore as long as you are Not in an ‘Environment’ that will ‘Activate’ the particular ‘one-armed bandit’ that’s going to ‘Produce’ for you the situation to have ‘Sex with a Prostitute’ = You’re quite ‘fine’ –the moment you ‘Enter the Environment’ – specific colors of ‘light’, specific types-of ‘darkness’, types-of ‘music’, types-of ‘people’, types-of ‘discussion’/’vocabulary’, your ‘Resonant’-‘Casino’ inside-you ‘spins’ to Produce to you ‘The Jackpot’ –which will be in this case ‘Sex with your Prostitute’ so that your Particular ‘Addiction’ can be ‘Completed’.

The ‘Problem’ is that the ‘Addiction’ is ‘Beyond Cure’, because you have ‘Designed’-Yourself ‘as’ this in a Permanent-‘Condition’ –the only ‘point’ that’ll probably ‘Cure’-you is a point of great ‘trauma’ like a ‘Disease’ or, you’re ‘married’, you ‘get-caught’ and you ‘lose your children’ and your marriage –something very ‘traumatic’ is the only ‘Cure’ then, is very seldom that one will be able to be ‘Cured’ from-it, anyone telling-you that they’ve ‘Cured’, they’ve ‘Stopped’… and they ‘still’ go-out ‘alone’ to with their ‘friends’ = they are definitely ‘Lying’, there is No way they can ‘Stop’ their behavior –once they’ve had a few drinks = They will ‘do-it’ again –anyway.

So, all of this what we’re talking about is the ‘Quantum Mind’ because this is happening ‘Immediately’, it is a ‘Quantum Occurrence’, there is No-‘Time’ as you understand-it ‘involved’ in-it.

The Moment you walk into a ‘room’ you have an ‘Immediate Impression’ of ‘All’-potentials that you, that is within the ‘context’ of your ‘Programmed Design’ ‘within’ the room, and you Immediately ‘Form an Opinion’ –the ‘Opinion’ that You are ‘Forming’ is your ‘Resonance’ that is ‘Impressing’ on-you your ‘Past Experiences’ and it gives-you a ‘Energetic’ ‘Signature-Presence’ to give you an ‘Impression’, and from the ‘Impression’ you will now be ‘Presented’-with ‘Thoughts’ by the ‘Resonance’ in terms-of ‘What you ‘Think’ about-it‘– you’ll either say: ‘Oh I like it’ or ‘I don’t like it’. All of-it Actually ‘Totally’ ‘Pre-Designed’.


And this is ‘Pre-Designed’ during the ages of your ‘Early’-Education. The ‘First’ ‘Seven-Years’ of your Education is your ‘Basic’ ‘Resonant-Design’ of your Interactions with ‘Environment’ and ‘People’ –and ‘Everyone’ and ‘Everything’ that ‘happens’ in your First ‘Seven-Years’, ‘form’ your ‘Interactive Ability’ with your ‘Environment’ and will have a major-‘effect’ on ‘How’ you will ‘Live your Life’.

Your ‘Next’ ‘Seven-years’ are very much ‘part’-of the ‘stage’ in-which you are ‘Learning ‘How’-to ‘Construct’-things’ –it’s a very much your ‘Relationship-Construction’ and your ‘Interaction’ with ‘stuff’/’things’ in the World, then goes into ‘You’ moving-it around, so it’s You Learning ‘How’-to ‘Direct’ and ‘make things’ in this ‘Reality’ depending-on what is in your ‘Environment’ there, you’ll be more ‘Physically’ Able to ‘do’-things, or more ‘Mentally’ able to ‘do’-things or you’ll be more ‘prone’ to be ‘Entertained by TV’ –all kinds-of things, it all depends on the ‘Input’ of your ‘Design’.

And then your ‘Third’ ‘Seven-Years’ going up to 21, is where your ‘Social-Skills’ will ‘develop’ and in-which you will ‘develop’ your ‘Basic Principle’ of ‘Win’ and ‘Lose’ within the ‘Casino-Game’ which is based-on your ‘Emotional-Skill’ where you’ll ‘Learn’ to ‘Win’, so that you can have the ‘Feeling’of: ‘Happiness’ –and therefore you will in your ‘Social-Skills’ develop the ‘ways’ to ‘Manipulate-others’ to Get-‘Energy’ from-them and you are ‘Always’ in a Relationship with another to Gain ‘Energy’ ,you are always ‘Choosing Words’ according-to what your ‘Resonance’ are ‘Presenting’ to you, so that you can ‘Hit the Jackpot’ with the ‘Answer’ you are giving because ‘You’re so fucking ‘clever’’ –and because of-‘that’, you’ll always end-up with ‘Gaining some ‘Energy’’ –and it is a ‘tacitly’ ‘Agreed’-point between ‘All Participants’, is that the ‘Winner’ Gets-‘Energy’ from the ‘Loser’ –it’s always like that –and the ‘Loser’ will keep-on ‘playing’ with somebody-else and try and get the ‘Energy’-back and so the ‘Energy’ ‘Circulates’ very similarly ‘after’ 21, that ‘Energy’ takes-on ‘another’ ‘Manifested Form’ as ‘Money’, then you start to ‘Prepare Yourself’ to ‘Play the ‘Same-Game’’ which is a ‘Social-Game’ in your ‘Business Realities’ –I mean the whole-‘point’ is that: All you ‘Understand’ according-to your ‘Design’ from ‘Birth’, on to 21 is that ‘the World ‘works’ this ‘way’’ –and if you don’t ‘Play the game’ = You’re going to ‘Lose’, and you do Not want-to ‘Lose’ because, if you ‘Lose’ = it doesn’t ‘Feel Good’ because that’s How you’ve ‘Programmed’-Yourself.

Okay, so –what is ‘more’ Fascinating about-it is that, at ‘all-times’, you will ‘Notice’ when you are ‘Thinking’ that means ‘Thoughts’ are being ‘Presented’ to you ‘by the Resonances’ –You ‘Calculate’ the ‘Risk’ of which one you’re going-to ‘Accept’ and which one ‘Not’. So you’re ‘Calculating’ the Possibility of ‘Winning’ or ‘Losing’ by the ‘Presented-Thought’ in ‘Relationship’-to your ‘Environment’ –if you find it’s Not ‘Effective’ Enough’ = You ‘Change’ the ‘Information’, ‘Change’-You accordingly, ‘Re-Insert’ the ‘Correction’ to your ‘Resonances’ and aut... ‘Your Resonance’ is the ‘Automated’-‘You’ and now you become ‘More-Effective’ in the ‘Same-Environment’.

The ‘Principle’ though ‘being’ that You at ‘all-times’ are ‘Calculating the Risk’ of your ‘Assessment’ that was ‘Presented’ by your ‘Resonance’.


What is ‘more’-interesting is that within-‘that’ we have ‘Designed’ ‘Machines’ –‘Machines’ that do exactly the same, it ‘Calculate the Risk’ according-to ‘Feedback Information’ in terms-of ‘What Cycle’ for instance, to ‘Use’ when it’s ‘running’. You’ll for instance have washing machines that ‘run’/’operate’ accordingly – you can according-to ‘weight’ and ‘heat’ and all kinds-of things ‘Set’-it to Make a Decision: ‘Which is the ‘Best-Program’ to ‘Run’’ –No-‘Different’ to the ‘Mind’, No-‘Different’ to the ‘Human’, the ‘Machine’ is simply ‘an Extension of the Human’, it is ‘in-Fact’ the ‘Human’ in ‘Operation’ in an ‘External-form’ –the same with your ‘Television Systems’ –is the same-‘way’ your Imagination ‘Operates’ within-you in terms-of ‘Producing’ to-you something to ‘Entertain’-you where you have ‘Freedom of Expression’ and You can decide ‘Who’-plays ‘What’-role within your ‘Imagination’ and ‘Who ‘You’ Are’ –and normally what happens in your Imagination? You ‘Always Wins’, I mean you ‘Always’-‘Win’ –and therefore, you’ve ‘Created’ the ‘same’-thing in ‘Hollywood’ and related-industries which is your Imagination ‘at-play’, but a ‘Physical-Manifestation’ of-it.

Obviously, because it ‘seems’ to-be ‘Free’ and that you can do ‘whatever you want’ in your Imagination, it’s seen as a ‘very important part’ and it ‘forms’ one of the ‘Foundation-Stones’ of the ‘Law of Attraction’: ‘Whatever you can ‘Think’ and ‘Imagine’, You can ‘Become’’ –I mean ‘Think’ and ‘Grow Rich’, what happens there? You are in that ‘Imagination’ ‘Re-Programming’ Your ‘Structural Resonance Design’ to ‘Win’ more often –and therefore you ‘seek-out’ the ‘weaknesses’ in all of those around-you and you ‘Program’-you to ‘Control’-them and ‘Manipulate’-them at ‘all-times’ and therefore will ‘seek’-out your ‘Friends’, your ‘Wife’, every ‘Business Partner’ according-to ‘Your Potential’ to ‘Win’ – and ‘those’ that are then in ‘Agreement’ with-you, because everybody ‘Agrees’ to take ‘part’ within this ‘Energetic-Exchange’ will have ‘their-ways’ of again like in a ‘Pyramid’, have ‘another’-group from-which they can ‘Siphon’-off ‘Energy’ so that they can have this ‘Mental-Imaginative ‘Experience’’ of ‘Apparent-Power’ and ‘Freedom’.

Now, fascinating is one can for instance look-at ‘Poker’, in ‘Poker’ have a ‘look’: You ‘Calculate’ the ‘odds’ according-to the cards ‘you-have’ and the cards that’s ‘on the table’. That’s exactly when you are busy discussing a ‘Business Agreement’ –you have ‘Your Cards’ – that means ‘what you know about what you want to ‘achieve’ in the Agreement’ –the other people is got ‘Their-Cards’ and then there’s the ‘Cards on the Table’, and within-that you will ‘Calculate your ‘Risk’ and everyone will ‘Calculate ‘Each-Others’ Risks’ and see ‘Who’s gonna fall ‘where’’, ‘Who is gonna be the Best-‘Bluffer’, ‘Who’ is gonna ‘Bluff the Best’ –the one that ‘Bluffs the Best’ =will get the ‘Agreement’ to be More ‘Beneficial’ for them and Everybody-else will ‘Agree’ because that’s the ‘Rules of Engagement’ –that’s ‘The Way the World ‘Works’’! –I mean, that ‘Bluffing’ ‘happens’ and Everybody knows there was ‘Deceptions’ but: ‘Everybody does it’ so Nobody ‘moans’ about-it, nobody ‘complains’ because ‘This is the Way the World ‘Works’’, it’s all a Fucking Lie!

What is Not a ‘Lie’ is that you’re Actually ‘Doing’-this. What is Not a ‘Lie’ that you are ‘Really-Here’ – What is a ‘Lie’ is the ‘Social-System’, the ‘Economic-System’, the ‘Interaction-System’, the ‘way’ one ‘Communicate’, the way one ‘Think’ –all of-that is ‘based’ on ‘Deception’ , on a ‘Lie’ which means: it makes you ‘Lie’ ‘all the time’ –if you look-at the Research, your on ‘Average’ Person ‘Lie’ three-times every ten-minutes, the Research is ‘Clear’ –you can go and ‘check’ –so don’t come and tell-me you don’t ‘do-it’, it’s ‘Everyone’ that’s ‘doing-it’, Everybody Lies!

Now what is ‘fascinating’ is we have ‘Re-arranged’ the ‘Inter-connectiveness’ of the ‘Mind’, yes now ‘two ways’ that this all ‘work’ – ‘Neuro-Linguistic Programming’ ‘Only’-works as a ‘Methodology’ within the ‘Lying-Construct’ –because, it ‘Cross-Reference’ Left and Right Brain with the ‘Physical’ – that is a ‘Mind Imprint’ on the ‘Physical’= it’s Not How it ‘Really Works’ – So you must look-at what Desteni say about ‘Eye Movement’.

The ‘Eye Movement’ once you are ‘Corrected’ ‘In the Physical’, is the ‘Reverse’ of what has been ‘Accepted’ – I mean we did this ‘years’-ago, we didn’t ‘say’ anything because: let’s see who can ‘get’ this point, ‘who’ Actually in any way has Any ‘Resolve’ to Become ‘Self-Honest’- or is everybody just ‘trying’-to ‘Play’ their ‘Mind-Games’ to ‘Win’. You all have a ‘Secret-Agenda’, the ‘Secret Mind’ is the ‘Secret Reason’ ‘Why’ you ‘do’-things, Why you will ‘Present’ things to the ‘World’, but you won’t Really ‘Stand up’.


That’s why ‘Writing’ is so ‘Important’ because in ‘Writing’, you ‘Reveal’ and State for sure that you are ‘Standing for Self-Honesty’ –if you are Not-‘Writing’, what do we All ‘Know’? And we’re now telling you: You are Fucking-‘Lying’ –your ‘Inability to Write’ is because you have a ‘Secret Agenda’, you are trying to Play a ‘Casino-Game’ – We Know you are ‘doing-it’, you’re going to ‘Lose’ because we’re Not ‘Playing the Game’.

So please understand: the ‘Tools’ are ‘Very-Specific’ to make-sure one can ‘trap’ the ‘Deceivers’ and the ‘Liars’ and ‘those’ that had ‘enough’ of this Game can ‘Stop’ and ‘Show’ to Everyone, they have ‘Stopped’ and ‘Take Control’ of the situation and No-longer ‘Play the Game’ –because otherwise, what are you doing? You are ‘Participating’ ‘only’ from the Perspective ‘to Get the Best Odds for Yourself’! You’re ‘Casting the Lot’, even ‘the Bible’ says: ‘Do Not ‘Cast the Lot’’ – but Every ‘Human-Being’ with Every-single ‘Thought’ you are having, are ‘Casting the Lot’, you are making a ‘Risk’-Assessment of your ‘Interaction’ within your ‘Environment’, within the ‘context’-of ‘What your ‘odds’ are to ‘Win’ in the situation’ or whether ‘you will Lose’ –and according-to that: You will ‘Act’, you Never ‘Act’ for any other reason but whether you will ‘Win’ or ‘Lose’.


The ‘Problem’ comes-in where you have ‘Accepted’ a ‘Belief-System’ as ‘True’ like ‘Christianity’ –then your ‘Casino’ is set-up like ‘Christianity’, and therefore you will Only ‘Interact’ with people that is ‘Playing the ‘Same-Game’ as you’ and therefore you will try-to ‘Always-Win’ within Your-‘Casino’, because you’re trying to ‘Own’ the bloody-thing by prescribing the ‘Rules’ of ‘How’-it ‘works’ within ‘Your-Reality’ –

The Only-way to ‘Solve this Problem’ is if there is Only ‘One Reality’ for Everyone and No-bloody ‘Casino’ where people try and ‘Win’ for themselves.

Please: If you are Not ‘Standing’ for ‘Equality’ for ‘All’ ‘Absolutely’, = You are Still ‘busy’ with the ‘Casino-Game’, you are ‘Still’ playing ‘Energy-Games’, you still haven’t got the Message in-spite of ‘How’ many people that is written about-it.

I mean, you go back to the ‘Celestian Prophecy’ talked about this ‘Energy-Games’ –what ‘happened’ from it? The whole bloody ‘New-Age Movement’ built a fucking ‘Business’ around-it, they created a ‘New-Casino’ – I mean: ‘Channels’, ‘Energy’, ‘Light’, it is a ‘show’ that Hollywood couldn’t have ‘thought-up’. And what… they become more ‘Participants’ ‘within’ the Actual ‘Imaginary-Design’ within themselves –it take a lot of ‘Meditation’ to get so ‘Mind-Fucked’ I mean, Really ‘Dedication’ –why do I say that? That is a ‘Real Dedicated’ ‘Process’ of ‘Programming’-Oneself to the stage where you become that ‘Entity’ that speak the ‘bullshit’ that it does.

If you start doing Actual ‘Research’ on ‘What- is the ‘Physical Implication’ of ‘Life’ and ‘Death’ and ‘How’ Everything-‘Functions’ = You would Not ‘waste your time’ on the Bullshit that is ‘just another Game’ for ‘Control’, ‘Power’ and ‘Money’ –

This is ‘Why’ we have Introduced ‘Equal Money’ because ‘Equal Money’ ‘Stop’ the ‘Reason’ for Anyone to ‘Play the Casino’ – so if you have a Problem with ‘Equal Money’ you know ‘why’, is because You ‘Believe’ You have ‘Control’ in ‘Your-Casino’, you know How-to play ‘Your-Game’, and you’re gonna have ‘all’ the ‘Number 7’s’ for You, You’ve got the ‘Jackpot’ – ‘Fuck-off! It was ‘My-Jackpot’’ – You are ‘Possessed’ by what you ‘Believe’ is ‘right’, without ‘Understanding’ How-it Actually ‘work’ –that is a ‘Serious’-Condition – No ‘Pill’ will ever ‘Help’-you –
You’re going to have to ‘Destroy the Pillars of your Temple’, because you’ve Lost your ‘Connection’ to ‘Life’ and have become ‘Purely’ an ‘Energetic’ ‘Existence’ –that is Not-‘Life’.

Now, understand that the Total-Existence as it now ‘Exist’ within ‘Machine’ a motor car, ‘Aeroplane’ and all kinds-of things, are ‘Representations’ of ‘Belief-Systems’ within the ‘Casino-Game’. The ‘Car’ Represents ‘The Soul’ – the ‘Aeroplanes’ and ‘Trains’ represents ‘Group-Souls’ – your associations where People ‘come-together’ and Discuss things of similar-‘interest’ are ‘Group-Souls’ –it’s all a ‘Physical Manifested’ thing, it’s all just ‘Vehicles’ –just like the ‘Soul’ and the ‘After-Life’, it’s just a ‘Vehicle’, it’s an ‘Energetic-Vehicle’, it doesn’t ‘last forever’, please! You are ‘As Above, So Below’ –whatever you ‘Believe’ = You have ‘Created’ in this World through your Participation, you have Created-it within the whole ‘Game’ of the ‘Casino’ so that You can ‘Win’ – you have ‘Always’ given-yourself the ‘Best-Odds’, you Never tell the Truth, you can Never Trust a ‘Human Being’ that Participate in the ‘World Casino-System’.

We have ‘Removed’ this ‘Casino-System’, all that now ‘remains’ is the ‘Way’ you ‘Participate’ in-it, the Actual ‘System’ that ‘Enforced’ this ‘Impulsing’ has been ‘Removed’ –what ‘Remains’ is ‘How’ you’re ‘Living-it’.

So ‘Hear’ what we are doing at Desteni: We are ‘Removing’ the ‘Pre-Programming’ but YOU have to do your ‘Own-Process’ of ‘Self-Honesty’, YOU have to Stop Your-‘Participation’ within the ‘Games’ you play and How you ‘Abuse’ this ‘World’ and ‘Each-Other’. There will be ‘No-Excuse’ because: There is ‘No-Systems’ –we are busy taking them ‘all’-out, ‘Physically’ – it’s not as ‘quick’ as in ‘Heaven’, ‘Heaven’ had ‘Quantum-Time’ –‘Here’ on Earth it works by ‘Time’, we have to take the thing-out ‘Physically’, at a ‘Universal Mind’ or ‘Unified Field Level’ at the ‘Universal Mind Level’/ ‘Unconscious Mind’, that which is the ‘Management System’ of the ‘World’ as it ‘Reflects’ the ‘World’ and ‘Yourself’ in Each-Other- that’s why ‘All’ within a ‘Limited’-‘System’ of ‘Senses’ are able to ‘See’ the ‘Same-thing’: You are ‘plugged’-into the Same-fucking ‘Program’! You have only a few-‘senses’, very-‘Limited’ ‘Frequency-Ranges’ and you ‘see’ and can understand Each-Other, because you are in the ‘Same-System’ I mean, Common-Sense!

I mean ‘How’ simple can it be? And have a ‘look’: Nobody even consider the ‘points’ that’s right in-front of you.
So, ‘Quantum-Mind’ –it is ‘Important’ to ‘Consider’ that: You have been ‘Deliberately Deceived’ into Deceiving Yourself and Each-Other – it is ‘Time’ to ‘Stop’ –

If You do Not ‘Stop’ = ‘the Game’ will continue, and in the ‘End’, like in any ‘Casino’: You ‘Always’-‘Lose’, ‘the Game’ Always-‘Win’ –if you’re playing long-enough in a ‘Casino’= You ‘Always’ end-up ‘Losing’.