Interviews from the Farm 87: Radical Self-Trust

By Bernard Poolman
21 April 2010

Okay, so –

I’m Not-‘Interested’ in Anyone ‘Trusting-Me’, I’m ‘Interested’ in whether You can ‘Trust’-‘Yourself’ – I’m ‘Interested’ in whether you can ‘Trust-Yourself’ to ‘Will’-Yourself, till You ‘Create’-Yourself, You ‘Purify’-Yourself –
I’m ‘Interested’ whether You ‘Trust’-‘You’ to ‘Perfect’-Yourself, to ‘Walk’ ‘Breath by Breath’ in ‘Self-Honesty’, to ‘Will’-Yourself to ‘Forgive’-Yourself.

I’m Not-‘Interested’ in You ‘Trusting-Me’ – I’m ‘Interested’ if You ‘Trust-Yourself’ in ‘Every-Way’, I ‘Trust-Me’.
Now, we wait to ‘See’ ‘Who’ Will ‘Trust’-‘Themselves’ as ‘Life’ to ‘Create’ ‘Equality’ as ‘All’ as ‘One’, ‘Here’, ‘Eternally’.