Interviews from the Farm 90: The Concrete Jungle

By Bernard Poolman
16 December 2009

Right - Here we’re looking-at the ‘Concrete Jungle’ -

Now - if you look-at the ‘System of the World’ - the ‘System of the World’ is basically ‘built’-around roads and buildings, ‘concrete’-buildings, glass and steel – but mainly ‘concrete’- some wood as well. These are all ‘Interconnected’ as a ‘System’ around the World for which you have ‘road-maps’ and you have ‘street-maps’ and you have ‘Google-maps’. This ‘Concrete Jungle’ is fascinating, because each ‘building’ represents a Particular ‘Significant’-Point, a ‘Symbol’ – so Corporations would have ‘buildings’ which ‘Signifies’ their Particular ‘Symbolic’ –‘Standing’ – Families will have ‘Homes’ that ‘Signifies’ a ‘Symbolism’: ‘I like ‘that’ house and I don’t like ‘that’ one’- That ‘Resonant’ ‘Symbolism’ of ‘what you like’ and ‘do not like’, is all ‘built’ within Actual ‘Concrete Structures’.

Now in the ‘building’ and the ‘making’ of-this, it took a ‘lot’-of ‘Energy’ and ‘Effort’ – it did Not just ‘come-about’ – So everyone look at the ‘History of the Building of the World’ - you’ll find an Interesting-thing if you would ‘Dare to Stop’ and ‘go back’ and ‘look’ at the ‘History of the Building of You’ within and as your ‘Personality’ - you’re gonna notice a ‘fascinating’-thing: with great-‘Effort’ and ‘Energy’ and ‘Resolve’ - you have Constructed ‘within-you’ a whole World of ‘Concrete Buildings’ and ‘Symbols’, a ‘Total Concrete-Jungle’ - And within this ‘Jungle’ Exist exactly the same things that exist in the Cities of this World: ‘dark-allies’, ‘big freeways’, ‘robots’, ‘walkways’, ‘shopping-malls’, ‘prostitution-holes’, ‘churches’ – you name the thing – you have a ‘little-place’ for everything that will be ‘relevant’ to a particular ‘Timeline’ within your Existence as you are ‘moving’-through your Existence - and it will ‘Activate’ according-to your ‘Timeline’ in relation-to ‘How you have Programmed’ with ‘Great’-Intensity your ‘Reality’ into ‘what you ‘believe’ is a ‘Successful-Life’’ – in and out ‘Equal’ according-to your ‘placement’ in the World, the ‘more you rise’, obviously the ‘more you are exposed’ to all the things in the World because the more you ‘travel’, the more you’re ‘Exposed’ to many ‘Impulse’ – ‘Symbolisms’.

And obviously what is the Primary-‘Currency’ that ‘runs’? Inside-you it’s ‘Energy’, outside-you it is ‘Energy’ – The ‘Energy’- ‘Outside’ is ‘Money’ – The ‘Energy’ ‘Inside’-you is ‘Thought’. The more you ‘Think-yourself’ to ‘grow-rich’= the ‘richer’ you get, because ‘In and Out’, ‘Law of Attraction’ – but the ‘Effect’ it has on this ‘Concrete Jungle’ - that’s both ‘Inside’ and ‘Outside’: who cares? Because You ‘Believe’ that ‘what is going on ‘inside’-you’, ‘nobody ‘knows’-about’ and as long as you are a ‘Good-person’ and ‘do ‘Good’-deeds’ = you will actually ‘go-to Heaven’ and you’ll be able to ‘Face’ ‘Judgment Day’. I have some ‘sad’ and ‘bad’ news for you: ‘Judgment Day’, you will ‘Face’ your ‘Concrete Jungle’- ‘In and Out’ ‘all of-it’- because that’s ‘You’, you have ‘Created’ within-‘Yourself’ a ‘‘Pictured’- ‘Three Dimensional’- ‘Image’- Reality’ in the ‘Likeness’ of Yourself, according-to ‘What you Like’. And you’ve ‘defended’ your ‘Likeness’ and ‘What you Like’ with the ‘Principle’-of that you’ve been-given ‘Free-Choice’ in ‘Your-Domain’- and that ‘Your-Domain’ is an ‘Individual Universe’ within-which ‘you can do ‘anything’ you like’ - and you actually ‘do that’.

The ‘Physical Reality’ as it ‘Exist’-As ‘Earth’, ‘Animals’, ‘Nature’ and the ‘Human Physical Body’, is ‘In Manifestation’ to show-you that you are ‘Actually’ ‘Not -Separate’ from anything-else, you’re ‘Actually’ ‘Part’-of Everything else, from the same ‘Substance’, the ‘Dust’ of the Earth, the ‘Water’ of the Earth, the ‘Air’ that you Breathe, the same-Substance = That is your ‘Equality’, but that is not-taken ‘into-Equality’ as ‘A Way of Life´- because ‘How you Live’ is-in an ‘Alternate-Reality’ that’s ‘Not in this World’, but you have ‘Impulsed’-it by ‘Creating’ your ‘Mind’ into ‘Manifestation’ as ‘the Concrete Jungle’ of this World – And have a-look what this ‘Concrete Jungle’ does, it ‘Consumes’- ‘incessantly’ and it Creates ‘Waste Product’ in the billions of tons that ‘Infest’ the Water supply, the Seas, the Animal Kingdom, the Food, everything – But because your ‘Concrete Jungle’ that you are ‘building’ does-not ‘show’ the ‘shit-pipes’ and everything that’s underground, it only shows the ‘Nice’- ‘Parts’ of-it - and the ‘Secret’- ‘Parts’ of-it, where you have ‘Secret-Sex’ ‘Sessions’ and where you have ‘Secret-Imaginations’ and where you have your ‘Hollywood’-Part, where you are the ‘Super-Hero’ of your Marvel-Comic, comic site, where you’re the - ‘Super-Hero’ that ‘Saves the Day’- all of-that is the ‘Part’ that’ll ‘play-out’ in your ‘Concrete Jungle’.

The ‘Maintenance’ of-it, that which is ‘Necessary’ for-it to ‘Exist’ is ‘Underground’ - nobody looks at-that because ‘That’s ‘Evil’ and ‘Dirty’’, ‘That’s the ‘Darkness’ , you do not ‘go-there’, that’s ‘Negative’’- Fuck! It’s Reality - Is Reality ‘Negative’? Obviously, I mean you wanna-have a ‘Positive’? You wanna ‘eat´ something ‘nice’? You’re gonna have a ‘shit’, I promise you - no matter ‘how you try not to have-it’, you’re gonna ‘have’ that’ fucking-‘shit’ – I mean, you can ‘try’ and ‘keep-it in’, but I promise you there is a ‘point’ where the ‘sphinx’ will fail’ and when the ‘sphinx’ tear-open there will be a great, great ‘Deluge’- Ok? And ‘that’ must -go ‘somewhere’ and at this ‘stage’, you ‘don’t give-a fuck’ ‘where it-goes’, because you just ‘Flush-it away’, but it ‘goes somewhere’, and it takes a ‘long-time´ to ‘return-back to the dust’ – at this ‘stage’ is taking ‘longer’ to ‘return to the dust’ - than what it takes for-you to ‘Consume’-faster, which means there is a ‘Imbalance’ that’s busy ‘catching-up’ with Everyone, very fast –
by 2012 - ‘The Magic Date’ - the ‘Mayan Calendar’ will ‘come to fruition’ where the shit will overflow everywhere- And then My Dear ‘Ascended’ Friends and ‘Masters’ will have their ‘hands dirty’ – not only their pants.

So - What-is Interesting is-that, in ‘the Creation’ of your ‘Concrete Jungle’ you have ‘meticulously’- ‘Constructed’ this as your ‘Life - and that the ‘Totality’ of ‘that’ within-which you are ‘feeling -comfortable’ in this World, is ‘Equal’ to the ‘Concrete Jungle’ you have ‘Constructed’ -
So if you would go into the ‘Corporate World’, you go and ‘study’ and with great ‘Effort’ you ‘build’ the ‘Construct’ within yourself to ‘Synchronize’-yourself with the ‘Corporate World’ and you become ‘Effective’ in the ‘Corporate World’ - anything you do, that’s how it works. You don’t just ‘walk-in’ there’s some of the points where one can just ‘walk-in’ because you have seen-it as a Child, you have been ‘Impulsed’ by-it, by ‘watching it happen’ and you, it was ‘Electromagnetically’- ‘Transferred’ through the ‘Sound Resonances’ into-you and it ‘Constructed’ the ‘basic-formations’ of-it, you just ‘solidified’-it. Once this ‘Concrete’ is ‘solidified’ within-you, it is very-‘difficult’ for you to ‘get-out’ of-it because it will be ‘solidified’ in ‘Multi-Dimensions’ that means ‘In ‘All’ the Different-‘Realities’ you ‘Live’-within’ –

What are these ‘Realities’? They are the ‘different-situations’ you will ‘find yourself-in’ in this Life where you have to take-on a Particular-‘Personality’. When you enter those ‘Particular-Dimensions’ - like with ‘Friends’ you’ll be ‘this’-person, at the ‘Church’ you’ll be ‘this’-person, at ‘Work’ you’ll be ‘this’-person, when you go on ‘Holiday’ you will be ‘this’-person – each of those Represent a ‘Dimension’ - As long as those ‘Dimensions’-Exist as ‘Separate’- ‘Dimensions’ and each-one of them has a ‘Virgin’ of your ‘Concrete Jungle’ that was ‘Synchronized’ - so that ‘at the end of the day’ when you are ‘Thinking’ at least you’re ‘half-sane’, not ‘totally-fucking-insane’ that you can at least ‘make some decisions’ within the ‘System’.
As long as those-things ‘Exist’ = there is ‘No-way’ you can ‘Self-Realize’ - you can see that for yourself because you’re ‘Existing’ in an ‘Inconsistent’-way related to a ‘Preprogrammed-Design’ you have ‘Impulsed’-Yourself by ‘Implication’ with your ‘full permission’ that ‘overrides’ everything you do. And therefore if you try and ‘change’, you’ll find you ‘end-up’ all the time in ‘exactly the same position’ because you have-not ‘cleared’ all your ‘Dimensions’, you’ve not ‘Self-Honestly’ make-sure that Every ‘Dimension’ you’ve ever ‘Existed’-in is ‘cleared’ of this ‘Concrete Jungle’, because as long as this ‘Jungle’-Exist, ‘the Question’ remains within ‘the Mind’: ‘But, I can’t ‘Delete’-this’ – because, you haven’t yet ‘Experienced’-this and you’ve already ‘Planned’ for-it.

Now if you’ve already ‘planned’ for-it, I mean you have a ‘Problem’ no-matter ‘what you do’, you have a ‘Overriding’-Permission, you can’t ‘get-it out’. Now for instance, if One – now this is gonna-be a little ‘tough-cookie’ for everyone – if One for instance go into ‘Relationships’ ‘Before you have ‘Cleared’ your ‘Concrete Jungle’’= it will become a lot more ‘difficult’ for the ‘Relationship’ to ‘survive’, because as you ‘Clear’ the ‘Concrete Jungle’ you’re gonna ‘Change’- and when you have ‘Cleared’ your ‘Concrete Jungle’- which is a ‘Multi-Dimensional’ ‘Clean-up’ that’ll happen over-‘years’, because you have to ‘Remove’ the ‘Structural-Design’ -
I mean, have a-look, even-with the ‘Fall’ of ‘9/11 of the ‘World Twin-Towers’: it all seemed to turn into dust but it took-them ‘how long’ to ‘Remove all the rubble’? you’re going to have to ‘Remove all the rubble’ and you’re going to-have to ‘Physically’-‘Process’-it through your Body because you have ‘Manifested’ it as a ‘Physical Resonance’ within your Body, that’s ‘holding-you’ in a Particular-‘Pattern’ and a Particular-‘Path’ so that you can ‘Automatically’ ‘Fall’ into-‘Position’ as you ‘move’-through your ‘Dimensions’.

So - when you’ve ‘moved’-this, you’re gonna ‘Change for Real’ - ‘Who’ you’re going to ‘become’ once you’ve ‘Cleaned-up’ your ‘Reality’-Inside, is Not somebody you ‘know’, it’s somebody you’ve never ‘met’ – ‘That’-Implies ‘Change’.
So - in ‘Agreements’ One-must ‘Stand-Clear’ that either you ‘Stand’ by a Decision that ‘in your ‘Change’’ you will ‘Stand’-by what you have ‘Directed’ or – that that All is ‘Free’ to ‘Move’ into a ‘Position’ that is Most-‘Effective’ in Support. The ‘Point’ of ‘Agreement’ is Not something that must ‘Last-Eternally’ that is ‘Impossible’ - that is ‘Control’.

The Point of ‘Agreements’ this Life is to ‘Support’ Each-Other to ‘Complete’ this Particular-‘Work’ within-which One Establish ‘Equality’ as a ‘Living Reality’ in ‘All Dimensions’, so that we have ‘One Reality’ for All-‘Equally’ where All is ‘Equally-Supported’ and there is No ‘Abuse’ or ‘Suffering’ because the ‘Basic-Needs’ that is Required for Being in this ‘Reality’, ‘In the Physical’, is met. Obviously the ‘Dream’-Part of the ‘Reality’ which is ‘the Mind’ and ‘the System’= we can ‘play’ with it in any-way we want -
but as long as ‘that’ is ‘Dominant’ over that which-is obviously the ‘Controlling-Factor’ of this Reality which is ‘the Physical’= there’s a Problem, because ‘the Illusion’ is ‘Dominating’- ‘Reality’– and that is being ‘Impulsed’- ‘Specifically’ because the ‘Money System’ was used to ‘Impulse’-it, because ‘Greed’, what is ‘Greed’?

‘Greed’ is: for those that have Particular-‘Desires’ and ‘Dimensions’ in ‘the Mind’ which they want-to ‘play-out’ as to ‘Dominate-Reality’ to such an extent that they can ‘pay’-for ‘what they want’ – that means the, all the kinds-of ‘Sex’ they want, all the kinds-of ‘ways they wanna live’, they can ‘pay’ for-it and therefore ‘Control’ everyone-else through ‘Having-‘Power’ over ‘the Physical’ using ‘the Illusion’ – That’s Unacceptable.

Now within the ‘Structural-Resonance Alignment Training Program’ we will be taking these ‘Dimensions’-apart ‘piece by piece’ so that One can work with the ‘Removal’-of the ‘Concrete’- ‘Structured-Symbolism’ that Exist, and Understand ‘How’ you’ve ‘Created’-it and ‘How’ it is busy ‘affecting’ your ‘Existence’ and your ‘Experience of Yourself’- Understand that as long as you are ‘Thinking’ - which is the ‘movement’ of ‘Energy’ to ‘Impulse’-Yourself into ‘the Creation’ of a ‘Plan’ within the ‘Platform of Reality’ so that you can ‘Control’ a Particular-‘Outcome’ by becoming-‘something’ - as long as ‘That’ is ‘Existent’ = You are ‘stuck’ into a ‘Reality’ where ‘You’ are ‘Not Real’ -I mean, where you don’t even-know ‘who you are’ –
it’s like you have to start with ‘baby-steps’, in this ‘Reality’ in ‘the Physical’ and Learn how to ‘crawl’ and ‘walk’ and ‘speak’ and ‘touch’ and everything-again, start everything ‘from fresh’, Not-‘Thinking’ about-it, not ‘Having an ‘Opinion’ about-it’, because ‘Having an ‘Opinion’ about-it’ is making you ‘Superior’ because none-of-it is ‘Real’ because you’re not ‘Considering’ ‘the Physical-Parts’ within-it.

Now, ‘God’s Greatest-‘Gift’ to Man’ - which is Plastic - has come to fuck-up your Reality, be sure of that. You’re not getting the ‘whole-story’, go and do your ‘Research on Plastic’ I mean, Isn’t Plastic like ‘God’s ‘Greatest-Gift’ because you can do ‘anything’ with-it? It’s like ‘durable’, but you know what? ‘Plastic’ is gonna be the ‘Undoing’ of Man - slowly but surely – Watch-out what’s busy-‘Happening’ - ‘what’s ‘really’ going-on’ is Not being ‘Considered’ –Do Research on the ‘Water’, what’s happening to the ‘Water in the World’? It’s a Problem, this Problem is gonna ‘escalate’, no matter ‘How’- ‘Effective’ you-are as an ‘Ass-sended-Master’ nowhere you send your ‘Ass’ is gonna be ‘good-enough’ everywhere you’re gonna-be in your own ‘shit’, Dear ‘Light-worker’, Everywhere.

If you look at this ‘Concrete Jungle’, obviously the ‘paths’, the ‘motorcars’, the ‘cars’ that is driving in the ‘Concrete Jungle’, is your ‘Representations of Soul’ – the ‘Soul’, the ‘Sound’ of the ‘Soul’ is the ‘Ca’ – the ‘Ca’ is particularly the ‘Vehicle’ within which you ‘move’ within your ‘Reality’ – with that you’ve ‘Manifested’ a ‘peculiar’-thing, a ‘motorcar’ which is very much ‘Resonantly’ ‘Linked’-to the cars ‘you-like’, you do not see a ‘car’ as a ‘functional’- ‘tool’, you see it as an ‘Image of Yourself’, the car was the ‘Image’ and ‘Likeness’ of Yourself -
but be careful ‘What’ you give ‘value’-to’ because you ‘Trap’-yourself your ‘Reality’.