Interviews from the Farm 91: Psychics and Channelers Structural Resonance Alignment Support

By: Bernard Poolman



So, okay:

‘Structural Resonance Alignment Support’ for ‘Psychics’ - ‘Psychics’ are in a ‘Unique’ situation that they are ‘Existing’ ‘within’ a ‘Designed’ ‘Intuitive’ ‘Resonant-Impression’ ‘Structure’ - Obviously there are ‘various’ different ‘kinds’-of ‘Psychics’ – and then they are in various different ‘Levels’ of ‘How-far’ they have ‘taken’ the ‘Design’.


‘Those’ that will ‘find’ this the ‘easiest’ to ‘deal-with’ is the ones that is ‘Intuitive’ or ‘Medical-Intuitive Psychics’ that means ‘Psychics’ that ‘Respond’-to ‘Resonant-Impressions’ they are ‘picking-up’ as they -so to speak- ‘from’ the Person they’re ‘Supporting’.


Now here it is very-important with the ‘Inversion’-of the ‘Mind Consciousness System’ – If You ‘Remain Dishonest’ within the ‘Understanding’ and ‘Starting-Point’ that ‘apparently’ the ‘Human’ is some ‘Spirit’, ‘Learning Lessons’ with a ‘Special Relationship’ with ‘Divinity’ and that, the ‘Human’ apparently in its ‘Divinity’ as ‘God’ is ‘Flawed’: then obviously your ‘Starting-Point’ will cause some ‘Problems’ in what the Information you’ll be ‘Transferring’.

It is ‘Important’ that the ‘Starting-Point’ should be one-of: ‘Self-Correction’ and ‘Self-Perfection’, the ‘Realization’ that: You cannot-be ‘Divine’ if you are Not-so ‘In-Fact’ in ‘Every-Breath’ and if you are Not ‘In-Fact’ ‘Equal’ in ‘Understanding’ ‘Here’ within the ‘Reality’ that you are currently ‘Existing’, and that In-‘Essence’ while ‘existing’ in this Reality, ‘anything’ that-is of a ‘Spiritual Nature’ is ‘Irrelevant’, it is ‘purely’ an ‘Energetic-Impression’ you’re ‘following’.


And for those ‘Poor Souls’ – And I sort of say ‘purely’ ‘You ‘Souls’’ here as a, as a rather ‘Unfortunate’-Name, those ‘Poor Souls’ that has ‘developed’ their ‘Energetic-Capacity’ to the ‘point’ where they Create ‘Entities’ that ‘talk’ to-them, and ‘Support’ their ‘Delusion’ and ‘Promise’-them all kinds-of ‘Wonderful-things’ they’re going to-‘do’ and they’re going to have a ‘Wonderful Message to Humanity’, or they’re gonna write ‘Wonderful-Books’ about ‘Wonderful-things’ that ‘Humanity’ is going-to ‘do’ – or the ‘Line of Ascension’ and… or ‘Line of Aliens’ or the ‘Line of Ascended Masters’ or ‘Archangels’ –you’re in ‘severe’ Trouble because you have ‘taken’ the ‘Dishonesty’ to an ‘Extreme-Level’ –

if you go ‘back’-to the ‘process’ of your ‘Meditations’ and you ‘Investigate’ Every-Point that ‘happened’ in that ‘process’, you will ‘Note’ where ‘you made’ ‘Assumptions’, you will ‘Note’ where ‘you jumped’ to Conclusions’, you will ‘Note’ where things ‘happened’ in a ‘way’ that was ‘stroking your Ego’, and that made-you ‘feel’ like you are on ‘the Right-Path’ and you will ‘Note’ that the ‘Words’ are always-there just ‘stroking your Ego’.


I suggest ‘Sincerely’ that You ‘Stop’ ‘All-Communication’ for a period-of at least ‘six-months’, to ‘Test for Yourself’ firstly, if this is ‘Real’- Secondly: if you ‘start’-again, you Must ‘Challenge’-it in ‘all-ways’ to ‘See’ If ‘what is being presented’ is ‘In-Fact’ ‘Practically’/‘Physically’ ‘Supporting’-You in your ‘Process’ of ‘Self-Correction’ in ‘Self-Perfection’ and ‘Taking Responsibility’ for ‘All-Life’ on ‘Earth’. ‘Earth’ is the ‘Venue’ – ‘Life’ is the ‘Happening’ -You are ‘Here’ - you within-that ‘Understand’ the ‘System’, the ‘Connection’ between ‘All-Parts of Life’ as it-is in-‘form’ and according-to Your ‘Ability’ to ‘Process Information’, You are ‘Responsible’ for ‘What you Say’ and ‘What you Do’. And ‘this World’ is the ‘Reflection’ as it-‘Exist’ as ‘All’ ‘Humans’, ‘Animals’ and ‘Plants’ and ‘related-Matter’, is the ‘Reflection’ of ‘Who You Are’ and ‘that’-requires a ‘Correction’ as the ‘Inner’ and the ‘Outer’.


So – back to ‘those’ that has, or that is ‘Willing’ to Actually ‘Support’ ‘Equality’ of ‘All-Life’ as the ‘Self-Perfection’ and ‘Self-Creation’ of ‘Self’ in ‘Existence’.


Obviously with the ‘Inversion’ of the ‘Resonances’ it is ‘Possible’ to ‘Utilize’ your ‘Pre-Design’ in a ‘way’ that is ‘Supportive’, within-this You have-to be ‘Absolutely’ ‘Self-Honest’.

The person you’re giving a ‘reading’-to, you Must-‘Indicate’ that You are ‘able’-to ‘form’-‘Impressions’ about ‘Resonant-Memories’ that is ‘within’-them = You are Not-‘Really’ ‘Communicating’ with ‘anyone’, You are ‘Actually’ only Forming’-‘Impressions’ of ‘Resonant-Memories’ that is ‘pre-existing’ in the ‘client’ or ‘Person’ you are busy ‘Supporting’ and that you are using your Particular-‘Skill’ –and is Not a ‘gift’, it is a ‘Skill’ you have ‘worked’ at-it –that you are ‘Using your Skill’ to ‘Support’-them in ‘Understanding’ their-‘Own’ ‘Resonant’ ‘Mis-Alignments’, where they are ‘Allowing’-themselves’ to ‘Limit’-themselves’ through ‘Memories’ and ‘Memory-Charges’ of ‘Energy’ which has ‘become’ a ‘form’-of ‘Energetic-Possession’. And within-‘that’ the ‘Suggested’ ‘Self-Forgiveness’ and ‘Responsibility-Path’ that is ‘Necessary’ to ‘Correct’ this ‘Compulsive-Addiction’ to ‘Energy’ –in the various-‘forms’ that it may ‘Manifest’.


It is also very-‘Important’ to ‘within’-the ‘Support’ and ‘Advice’ that is being-‘given’, that the ‘Advice’ that one is ‘Walking’-yourself ‘Effectively’ really you can say: ‘I am ‘Walking’-this, ‘this’-is ‘How’ it-is ‘Effective’’. If you are Not-yet ‘Walking-it’ and you’re Still-also ‘Addicted’-to a Particular ‘form’-of ‘Energetic- Compulsive’ ‘Energy’ ‘Mis-directions’ then, you must ‘clearly’ indicate that: you understand the ‘knowledge’ that will be required to ‘sort-out’ a particular addiction to an ‘Memory’, a ‘affliction’ of ‘Energy’, But you have, you have Not-yet Yourself ‘Corrected’-to a Point of ‘Self-Perfection’ ‘Here’ as ‘Breath’, and therefore You cannot ‘Confirm’ with ‘Clarity’ the ‘Exact-Nature’ and ‘Structure’ of the ‘Resonant-Correction’ that will have-to ‘take-place’.


Within-this, remember: You can ‘Use’ ‘stories’ -but Do-Not ‘refer’-to any ‘form’-of ‘Information’ that is Necessarily ‘Available’ on the ‘Earth’ that ‘comes-from’ the ‘Past’ or from some ‘Group of Beings’ or from some ‘form’-of ‘Healing’, because the ‘Healing’ ‘Starting-Point’ is always-been ‘that’-of: ‘Healing the Being’ where there is No ‘Self-Responsibility’, ‘Self- Corrective Action’ or ‘Self-Perfection’ involved. It’s ‘purely’ just Creating a ‘State of Happiness’, like in ‘The Pursuit of Happiness’, a state-of ‘Being Clear’ until the Being ‘Die’ – because ‘apparently’, the ‘Greater Life’ is only in the ‘Here-After’ – ‘that’ is a ‘Lie’. ‘Life’ ‘Is’ ‘Where You Are’, ‘One and Equal’ – If You ‘Separate-yourself’ from-‘that’ by ‘Projecting’ that outcome ‘into’ a ‘Later-Event’ or a ‘Later-Life’ or a ‘Later-Experience’ = then You ‘Separate-yourself’ from ‘This Life’ and your ‘Support’ and ‘Advice’ will be ‘Deceptive’ in-‘Nature’ and will ‘Play a Role’ in ‘How’ ‘this World’ has become completely Separated-from ‘Self-Responsibility’.


This is the ‘Mainly’-caused because much-of the ‘Support’ given by ‘Spiritualists’, ‘Intuitives’, ‘Psychics’, ‘Channelers’ and so on - is ‘all’ done for the ‘Purpose of Money’ –

‘Understand’: at Desteni we are Working and we’re Asking-you to ‘Support’ this Particular-‘Action’, we’re working-at bringing-forth a ‘System’ where ‘Money’ will Not-have a ‘Deciding-Factor’ within ‘What you ‘Give’ As ‘Support’ to Another-‘Being’’ – that is the ‘Equal Money System’. It is ‘critical’ because ‘that’ Will ‘Stop’ the Inherent ‘overriding’ ‘Fear’, and ‘Requirement’ and ‘Need’ to ‘Stretch’ situations or ‘Create’ ‘new-forms’ of ‘Energy-Manifestations’ ‘purely’ to-be ‘Unique’ so that you can makes some ‘Money’ out-of-it so that People can ‘Believe’ in-you. That is Not-‘Necessary’.


So, in the ‘Purification Process’ of Yourself as a ‘Psychic’, it is ‘Important’ to spend the ‘necessary-time’ on ‘Stopping’ what you’re ‘doing’, so that the ‘Self-Reflective’ ‘Starting-Point’ can be ‘Purified’ through ‘Self-Honesty’ and ‘Self-Forgiveness’ – And that you can ‘come’ to a very-‘clear’ Understanding ‘what it-is’ you’re going to do and ‘How’ you’re going-to ‘Support Life’ within this ‘Process’ and ‘In this Life’. That is the ‘Reason’ ‘Why’ it is ‘Necessary’ to ‘Stop’ initially and then ‘Re-Align’ Yourself.


When you are ‘Re-Aligned’, there is going to-be Challenges ‘on the way’ – Be ‘Aware’ of-them, never ‘Commit-Yourself’ in a ‘form’-of ‘Belief’, make very-sure that the ‘Impression’ that is ‘formed’ ‘Resonantly’ you are Actually ‘Experiencing’ at a ‘Physical-Level’ as well, and that You are ‘very-clear’ and can ‘relate’ to-it through your ‘own experiences’ throughout ‘Life’. If you are Not quite ‘clear’ on this yet, ‘Develop’ the ‘Ability’ to ‘Actually’ ‘Experience’ at a ‘Physical-Level ‘What it is’ you’re ‘going-through’, Not-‘based’ on ‘movies’, Not-‘based’ on ‘stories, ‘based’-on the Actual ‘Space-Time Experience’ that happens.


We will also ‘Enhance’ the ‘Skills’ of People doing the ‘Structural Resonance Alignment’ to be Eventually ‘Possible’ and ‘Effective’-at ‘Supporting’-others through a ‘Skilled-Reading’ of the ‘Resonant-Impressions’ - that is a‘Pre-Existing’ in somebody to ‘Support’-them to become ‘Self-Honest’, ‘Self-Realized’, to Do ‘Self-Correction’ ‘Effectively’ and thus ‘Perfect-themselves’ and thus be a ‘Self-Created Being’ and thus be ‘One and Equal’ as ‘Life’ ‘Here’.