Jack - The Courage to live Self-Honestly

Transcribed and typed by Jack through the interdimensio­nal portal

Date : 15/04/2008

I made a statement: ‘Actual ‚power‘ is the courage to live here in self honesty practically in this world in every moment of breath’, which I will be placing into an example of practical application:

It takes guts to live self honesty – to be self honest with self. Because we have for all of our lives adapted and conditioned ourselves to the norm of ‘how I should be’, adapted and conditioned ourselves according to those that have gone before us – we haven’t actually ‘lived who we are’ – we lived according to that which was already laid out before us. ‘Fitting into’ a world, a society, a culture which accordingly shape ‘ourselves’ – instead of living as the world as ourselves, one and equal here in self expression.

So, it’s always been a ‘fitting into’ and not a HERE in SELF EXPRESSION.

And self honesty goes ‘against’ all conditionings, adaptations, acceptances, norms, fittings within and as you and your world – because self honesty is directed towards SELF – not to others within your world, within this world, not to society, not to culture = only SELF.

Therefore, it takes courage to live self honesty – and then to actually live self honesty = this is power – because you are within your own hands, you are the directive principle within you and your world from within and as the starting point of self honesty. Herein, a friction develop within you and your world – because you’re no more ‘fitting in’ or adapting, or constructing, or conditioning you to the reality created by those that have gone before you, by the ‘norm’ – and it is within this friction as ‘conflict’ that self movement and movement of others and your world occurs.

Friction is the mind connected lines of relationship constructs within you towards your world in separation of you – that is, and will, ‘detach’ within the living of self honesty here. Because you are releasing you from the relationship you have with your world, and others within your world, within you – that pre-determined ‘who I am’ in any given situation, circumstance, event or experience.

So, that who I am is not pre-determined by relationships constructed of mind towards your world and others within your world in separation of you – but who I am is the expression of self here in self honesty.

What I have discovered within me, is that the fear of being and living self honestly – is the fear of me being responsible for me – it’s easier to ‘fit in’ and condition and adapt self to the outside world, to outside beings – creating relationships of any and all kinds – because it presents the illusion of ‘safety’ and ‘protection’ – ‘belonging’ to / in this world with others – to be ‘the same’ to a certain extent.

There exist a perception that self cannot be self responsible – but require and need ‘relationships’ for ‘support’ towards others, towards this world – but here we have self forgiveness, breathing, self corrective application as support for and as SELF to live self honesty HERE as self one and equal with and as life HERE in every moment of breath.

So, a practical example of power being the courage to live self honesty here – is to start within yourself, as yourself. To observe you in participation within you and your world – power is the courage to live self honesty with and as self – for being self honest with you and being certain that you’ll be self honest with you no matter what = then you’ll be certain that you’ll be self honest with those within your world as you – no matter what.

Always self first – be careful of the tendency to want to project self honesty towards others, without first being absolutely certain that you have established self honesty within and as you ABSOLUTE – no wavering, no uncertainty, no doubt.

An example of self honesty towards self: If fear is experienced within self towards someone – accepting and allowing fear would be self dishonesty, blaming the other for initiating the reaction as fear would be self dishonesty, having thoughts as excuses within the mind for why the fear exists is self dishonesty, continuing to exist within the fear towards a particular being within you is self dishonesty – WHY? Because you’re accepting and allowing it to continue – you have the ability to stop the fear in the moment and say: NO! NO MORE! I will not exist in this fear – I refuse to, this is not who I am!

So, why, in this simple example is it courage to live self honesty – because you are living courage to stand up within you in self honesty as a living statement of ‘who you are’ here – power is in simplicity, in the most seemingly ‘small points’ / ‘irrelevant moments’ – where you stand in self honesty within and as you – and not accept/allow the continuation of self dishonesty as participation in the mind.

Be careful of wanting to ‘go too big’ with regards to self application – begin here with self in practical application in the moment within this world as you participate.

So, there are many opportunities within your world, within which you participate where reactions are still ‘brought forth’ within you – see such moments of reactions within you towards something or someone as an opportunity to be self honest with you – to actually live courage in such moments and will you to be self honest – and not take the seemingly easy way out as continuing in participation of the mind and justify and excuse and give up – but live the power that is you, be courageous and dare you to be self honest with you in the most simplest of moments within this world, your world.