JonBenét Ramsey

As transcribed and typed by JonBenét Ramsey through the interdimensio­nal portal

Date : 09/10/2007

Hi! This was my name: JonBenét but not anymore because I am now a two and a half year old little girl.

My mom in this life died when I was born so I now only live alone with my father. He's great! I have a ‘normal' life, which is great also. I love me and I enjoy me very much in this life.

My life as JonBenét was not so great – it was okay – but not great.

I do not remember how I died. What I know now is that the life I have now is great and the life I had as JonBenét was not so great.

BUT! What I understand is the following: I wasn't supposed to be here then – as JonBenét – because if I were alive still – it would be more difficult for me to get through this process that is currently ‘underway'.

Now – I am two and a half – a small young little girl, so making it through this process will be one, two three!

So – I am grateful that I'm here at this age now – it makes a lot of things much more simpler and I enjoy expressing me, I love me and I enjoy me. I laugh all the time and I smile all the time – just me – just because of me. So that I can just walk this process here on earth to assist and support those around me to love and enjoy themselves as I love and enjoy me! And that's it – just me being me!

Okay – that's all I have to say – the past – not important – what is important is that I am here now – loving and enjoying me!

Thank you!