Letter to the future Leaders of This World - YES YOU!

20 March 2010

By: Anna Brix Thomsen

This letter is an invitation to you. To you that is waiting for a change, that is waiting for someone else to save you or make the change for you, for you that is waiting for someone else to take the first step, for you that sees what is going on, but don’t know how to make a difference, for you that want to make a difference, but are too scared to Change yourself, for you that has a shitty life because you don’t have any money or because you basically don’t know who you are or what is going on.

I can’t give you an answer. All I can give you, is to Share what I have found out for myself, what I have experienced and Realized – as you can do the same with me. There is only One way this is going to work and that is that we admit , acknowledge and Realize that we are the Elite of this world and that we start looking at our knowledge, our resources and our Abilities in a new light – Then we can Actually start making that Difference we’ve all dreamt of. This can only work if Everyone Stand together in One Common Goal: To Create a World where Everyone Cares for Each other Equally – Where What is Best for All is the Principle that governs All our decisions and Systems, Where Equal Money gives Equal Rights to an Equal Life.

A lot of us have the perception that we are no good, we are the scum of our societies, the losers, the dead ends, too sensitive, too lazy, too rebellious, too little or too much. Or we have had ideas about ourselves, where we fantasize about saving the world and getting all the glory, while our actions and relevance in this world has no significance what so ever.

This is our chance to Prove to ourselves that we are capable of Changing. This is a challenge for everyone who complains about the unfairness of the System, about how shitty this world is. This is a challenge for all those that ‘live the good life’ and still are miserable and unstable. This is a challenge for everyone who has wanted to make a difference, but never had the courage to do so.

I challenge All of us to give our lives to this higher goal – To Nothing less but to ensure that All Life are giving an Equal opportunity to Live in Dignity and Peace. To Change the way we Co-Exist so that Greed or fear of not Surviving is no longer controlling our lives. So that we no longer Exist in isolated mental worlds, where we are always winning or losing or fighting ourselves and each other – To Create a World where Everyone Participate Equally in Dignity and Self-Expression. So that the Physical, Actual Reality that we All Share, can become a Place that is Worth Existing.

To do this, All you have to Do is to Stick by This Principle. To Live and Breathe it in Every Moment. To eliminate Everything from your Existence that is still of Fear or Self-Interest and that does not serve what is Best for All. To walk in every moment in Dignity and Self-Respect without judgment. To Discipline yourself and gently push yourself to Forgive and Let go of Everything that does not Care for All Life.
Look at yourself and your World with Common Sense and Practicality. Where can you be the most effective? What are your current skills and how can you develop yourself, to become more effective? Where do you still require to push or discipline yourself? Where can you forgive and let go in gentleness and self-honesty of that which is Best for All as Life?

The first point of our agenda of Changing the World, is to Create and Implement a new system of Equality – social, political and economic. To do that, we have to place ourselves strategically in positions, where we are able to have an influence. That means that we need money, we need laywers and doctors and politicians. But if your skills are with child care or filing or being a carpenter, that is required as well. The point is to take on the One point, where you will be the most effective and develop your skills within that to Support Everyone Else.

Realize that we are the Ones that is going to do this – Not someone else. And we are not going to do it, by thinking or dreaming about. It requires Actual, Physical, Practical Application.
I decided in a moment to take on the Point of Politics. Because I can see that I have skills within speaking and voicing myself – within seeing the simplicity and practically what needs to be done. It is not something I have dreamt of doing or something I specifically want to do – But I can see that I can do it and that it needs to be done. So I do it.

I have had a lot of Support by others to Realize that my Self-Accepted Ideas about myself, are nothing but limitations that will only influence me and Direct me, if I Accept them as Who I am.

This is by far the greatest obstacle we are Facing. But it assisted me to Realize that WE are the people, who are going to do this. There is no one else, that has then Support, the knowledge and the Resources that we have. It is our Responsibility to give up our inferiority, our fear, our desires, our doubt, our insecurities – to Stand up.

The easiest and most Direct way to do that, seems to be to take on One Practical point or position and to make a decision to go all the way with that, obviously within the flexibility of changing everything in a moment. The people at Desteni that in the last few months, have already done this, have been extremely successful and has simply flowed and flowered into their new positions. It requires actual hard work in the systems of the world, but once the decision is made within Self, to Stand no matter what – it is done and all it takes is to Actually Live the Point through.

I am Here Calling out Ann, Gabriel, Matthew, Kristina, Aldin, Joe Kou, Adele, Cathy, Richard, Ryan, Niklas, Alex C, Adam C, Adam K, Joao, Joana, Kenny, Christophe, Chris, Eric, Angela, Viktor, Marie, Jesper, Ingrid, Reginald, Hilda, Violet, Nuru, Joseph, Jorge, Deedra, Jozien, Maya, Mayale’, Cenk, Barbara, Alis, Fred...

There are a lot more to add on this list – You know who you are.

We are the Ones that are going to make this happen, whether you like it or not. Whether you believe you are able to or not.

The time for waiting until we are ready... is over.

Let’s get’s this done.

If you have any questions or require specific Support in any way – you are welcome to contact me or anyone else at the farm. Please make use of the SRA course, as it is specifically designed to give us the skills to actually become Self-Willed Leaders and Equals of this World. If you don’t have the money to pay for it, get a job, if that is not enough, get two. If you decide not to take the SRA course now, then study or do whatever you can to optimize yourself in this World. If you are already attending the SRA course, use it. If you experience doubt, Resistance, get bored or afraid, contact us immediately and get Support. Support each other within the course.