Light-Workers 101 - DNA Activation

By: Bernard Poolman



Bernard: So, now we're looking-at 'Light-Workers 101', specifically ‘DNA activation’. So I'm gonna give-you a ‘Analogy’ to just ‘Consider’-'Imagine': a ‘little-Program’, a ‘little-machine’ called a ‘Nanite’ - That is ‘Programmed’ to ‘Function’ with a Particular-‘Purpose’, within a Particular-‘System’, and that it-‘does’ ‘exactly’ what it was ‘Programmed’ to-do and it ‘Move’- accordingly- And that these ‘Nanites’ are ‘Interactive’ with all ‘other’-‘Nanites’ and so it ‘Create’ a Total ‘Colony’ of ‘Nanites’, that are all ‘Little-Machines’ that is ‘Programmed’.

And if you have to-go and ‘look’-at this ‘Machine’ on the ‘drawing board’- that means where the ‘circuits’ of-it is all ‘placed’ and where it was ‘Designed’ and How-it ‘runs’-on its ‘Energy’ and ‘Moves’ with its ‘Information’, you'll Notice it ‘forms’ a ‘Symbol’- And that this ‘Symbol’ then is ‘basically’ the ‘layout’ of its ‘Program’. And that the ‘Language’ within-which it ‘Moves’ is using ‘Electricity’ or ‘Energy’ to ‘Animate’-it and to make-it ‘Function’ – without-it, it won’t ‘Functions’.

Now ‘Imagine’ that your ‘DNA’ is these little-‘Nanites’. They are ‘Designed’ - and that's why you can ‘measure’-it and you can ‘start’ by ‘measuring’ a ‘person’ Every-year and their ‘DNA’ will be ‘Essentially’ the ‘Same’-that's why you can ‘measure’ the ‘DNA’ of ‘Offspring’ and say: ‘Okay, you've been a ‘Father’, your ‘DNA’ is in your Child!’ - Because, they never-‘Change’, they are a ‘Design’ of a ‘System’ that is the ‘Total-Control’ over You.

And then there's ‘obviously’ this ‘Belief’ within ‘DNA Activation’ that your ‘Nanites’, your ‘DNA’ has been ‘switched-off’ and you must ‘Activate’-them because then you will ‘become’ a 'Galactic Being’! – and you’ll ‘then’ ‘Find the Light’ - I mean ‘that’ is all just ‘fascinating’ because yes, you can ‘Activate’- and that means get your ‘Nanites’ to 'Work’ more ‘Expansively'- but ‘look’-at ‘Everything’ that you're ‘Activating’, is ‘keeping’ the ‘System’-‘Alive’ - it’s ‘making sure’ that the ‘Human’ Do-Not ‘Question’ the ‘Prison’ they're ‘in’- that you are 'On your Road' to some 'Greater-Reality'- And in ‘all’ of-that you are ‘Moving-away’ from the only-‘thing’ that is ‘Real’, which is the ‘Physical’. And you're 'Using’ a ‘Machine' to ‘do’-that - and you have ‘Regarded’ this ‘Machine'- these ‘Little-Programs’, these ‘Little-Nanites’ as 'Larger’-than ‘Life' and ‘Larger’-than ‘You’ - as ‘Life’. And you're so ‘lost’ within-it that you cannot ‘See’ ‘What-is Reality’- and it makes you ‘blind’ to what's ‘really’ ‘going-on’.

Now, ‘Imagine’ that all of-this has been ‘Programmed’ over ‘thousands’-of years to make-sure You Never ‘Question’-this, that you ‘Accept’-it as the ‘Total-Reality’-

And have a ‘look': the ‘DNA’ - these ‘Little-Nanites’ are so ‘Advanced’ that ‘even’ our Most ‘Advanced Scientists’ can’t ‘Interact’ with-them as ‘Equals’- they are ‘simply’ trying-to ‘find-out’ How-it ‘works’. That gives-you an Idea’-of How ‘Advanced’ the ‘Programmers’-were that ‘Programmed’ these-things.

Wouldn't ‘that’ also then be that the ‘Programmers’ would have ‘Programmed’ the very-‘Scientists’ that's trying to ‘Find the Answer’ and therefore the ‘Scientist’ can Never ‘find’-it because: he's ‘running’-on the ‘Program’ of the ‘Programmer’- So he was all ‘fucked’-I mean, obvious ‘Common Sense’- ‘Unless’ you can 'Disengage' this ‘Control’= You have a ‘Problem’- Your ‘First Priority’ must-be to ‘Disengage’-it - and, what is ‘fascinating’ is that will take-you to ‘What’ has been ‘placed’ in the ‘System’: Your ‘Greatest-Fear’, ‘that’ which is ‘said’: ‘You must Not ‘go’-there’- All the ‘Restricted-Areas’ - like the ‘Darkness’ and ‘Hell’ and the ‘Devil’ and... 'All’ of the ‘places’ that was ‘placed', as ‘Not ‘going’-there’- that must then be the ‘Answer’.

Why did they make-it a ‘Restricted-Area’? Because in Any-‘Program’ there’s ‘always’ a ‘Back-door’. The ‘Back-door’ is obviously ‘Everything’ that you ‘Believe’ ‘You should be’ - just the ‘Opposite’ of-that. So, if you ‘Believe’ in the ‘Light’ = ‘Know’-that, that's ‘the Trap’-you ‘Believe’-in a ‘Savior’ = that's ‘the Trap'- Believe in some fucking ‘Prophet’ = that's ‘the Trap’. ‘Anything’ that ‘Removes’-you from ‘Taking-Responsibility’ of This ‘Physical- World’ and the ‘way’ ‘Humans’ 'Live-together within-it', and the ‘Systems’ that makes-this ‘Existence’ ‘Effective’ between-‘Humans’ - 'anything’ that takes-you ‘away’ from-that = is a ‘Trap’- I mean ‘that’ must-be the ‘Common-Sense’ you-have to ‘Consider’, then you must ‘Work’-towards's ‘Breaking’ all the ‘Control' that is ‘attempting’-to ‘take-you’ on a ‘Trip’-somewhere – because that's your ‘DNA’ and the ‘way’ it's been ‘Programmed’- And imagine from ‘that’, your ‘Interactive’-‘Reality’ is Created-'Resonantly' - And that ‘Creates’ ‘New Symbols’, they are ‘Interdimensional’ because they are ‘Symbols’ that is ‘Created’-through the ‘Energy’ of the ‘Mind’- You can't ‘See’- them, they're Not-‘Physically’ ‘Manifest'- That's what we are ‘Correcting’ with the ‘Structural Resonance Alignment', so ‘at-least’ we can get you to a ‘point’ where you have ‘Enough’ ‘Self-Power’ to 'Stop’ this ‘Bullshit' –And ‘those’ that's been on the Farm for some-time can Share to 'what-extent' they have ‘found’-themselves to be ‘Programmed’ and How ‘Difficult’ it-is to ‘Break the Program’. We have ‘Demonstrated’-this in ‘Multiple’-different ‘ways’, that You are by- Yourself 'Unable' to ‘Break this Programming’.

And 'Anything' that is ‘presenting’ to-you a 'Higher-Service', a 'Higher-Light', a 'Higher-Self', a 'Higher-Energy' a 'Higher-Vibration'- any-‘form’ of ‘Polarity', some ‘Greatness', some ‘Nothingness' - anything that in anyway ‘Disempower’-you from Living-‘Directly’ in this-‘Reality’, in the ‘Physical': is ‘Deception'. So, if you are ‘Willing’ to spend a fortune-on ‘Activating your DNA’ to become some ‘Higher-Being’, please go and ‘look’-at the Being in the mirror, you'll ‘Notice’ a fascinating-‘thing’: ‘Time’ will ‘Ravage’-you and you'll ‘become’ a ‘Physical’ Fucking-‘Demon’, and you'll ‘Watch-yourself’ in the fucking-mirror-

Wake up! Take your ‘Resources’ and ‘spend’-it ‘where’ you can ‘Make a Difference’ in this ‘World’- You are ‘Programmed’ to ‘Use’ all your ‘Resources’ to ‘Sustain the System’- and as ‘long’-as you ‘do’-that - and have-a ‘look’, you are ‘doing’ that without ‘Question'- As ‘long’-as you're ‘doing’-that and you're ‘Unable’ to ‘come-together’ within a ‘Group’ to ‘Sort’ this-out, you're in deep, deep, deep ‘Trouble’-

We will ‘take’-this and ‘Explain’-this obviously in Various ‘ways’ - I mean, understand that the ‘Desteni Message’ will probably have another twenty ‘thousand’-videos ‘before’ we are ‘finished’ - ‘Explaining’ the ‘Context’-of ‘Reality’- and that ‘besides’ all the many ‘thousands’ of Documents- There's still a ‘long’-way to go.