Lilly and Jacks combined diary

Lilly and Jacks combined diary – 6 June 2007

Transcribed and typed by Andrea

Date : 06/06/2007

Jack: Today I have looked at the seven causes which I have found earlier for the incomplete nature of oneness that exists within humanity, as it stands now. This being the complete version of what we have found to be ‘the reason why' people don't completely step forth into their application as beings of equality and one for all, responsibility of self and the law of self – the God self. We have seen that throughout the world there are various factors that determine a being's connection to themselves with regard to their higher/infinite self. There are but a few people out there that actually completely listen to their ‘inner voice' so to speak, which is their higher/infini­te self.

• Throughout countries such as Russia , America , England , Germany , all ‘old' countries where the risk of confrontation with war deters them from the connection to self. When these countries are always running some political agenda the beings that live in the country are more susceptible to being ‘brain washed'. We have noticed however that these people even though somewhat brainwashed and confused about where they stand within their countries political agenda's are all ‘seeking to see some God' amidst all the chaos.

There is a definite difference between beings from a more political driven and war prone country to those that come from countries like France, New Zealand (Australia) and the smaller countries that are not so involved within politics. They appear more intuitive, yet are not aware that they are indeed connecting in those moments to their ‘higher self'. Beings from countries that are politically ‘minded' we have found are actually less intuitive when it comes to accepting guidance from their higher selves. Even though countries like America and England are more prone to the whole intuitive scene such as psychics, angels, healing and speaking to guides. The source of course in the political minded being's lack of interaction with their infinites or higher self is due to these various points: – political chaos that exists within these governments, where they are not always sure of what is happening e.g. The Bush-Iraq dilemma, leaving beings grappling for answers as part of their own self reliance yet they are not able to see beyond their own confused political situation. Interesting how when one country's entire political system, including the leaders, laws and situations are not clear or leave the beings confused and mistrusting, you'll actually see the beings not able to trust their own inner voice as well!

Politics therefore in a country that is smaller and less involved with world politics and involvement leaves beings less inclined to be overwhelmed or brain washed, therefore allowing for ‘better' expression and expansion of self through the inner dialogue with their infinites. Countries as I have mentioned such as New-Zealand, Alaska, Ireland, smaller, not entirely scot-free from politics yet not as involved as the larger countries. The infinites therefore from these smaller countries are actually appearing to have better results, when spoken to about their full integration and ability to communicate clearly.

• So politics leave beings confused therefore they resist trusting themselves as they are literally bombarded with lies each and every day.

• Then of course surprise-surprise you have the subliminal and brain washing that occurs in all modalities not just politics. Brain washing that occurs as part of political purposes, world dominion, secrets as well as to buy more stuff (commercial influences)… leaves beings with interestingly, very little ‘inner voice' ability left as they are thus far filled, literally to the hilt with pre-programmed messages. This of course we as the dimensions are currently sorting out globally.

• The third ‘reason' that the entire world does not hear their infinites all that well is of course: none other than the money system, implanted, ingrained, accepted. None the wiser when it comes to hearing about acceptance of self free from enslavement, all these poor sods hear is make more money. Not always stated so clearly, messages implanted for the money system (as we have heard and seen) occurring within their structural make up is sometimes even in the form of: ‘who do I sleep with, because money is also in the form of my sexual appetites?' Many such examples exist of course within these messages relating to the money system. Interesting was the one infinite that spoke to me about their ‘human' who whenever the infinite speaks this person hears actual money? Meaning when the being is spoken to by either her infinite or any other human being she is able to listen to the words as they relate to the sounds that she's connected to the money system. It sounds to the infinite like when you ring a sharp bell, that piiiing sound. Well when a being speaks to her it makes a sharp ping sound, the sound as interpreted by her mind, meaning her system has created a construct that alerts her of the worth determined by money, of what is being said. Similar to what we hear when a being speaks, the sounds and what they mean, this being is able to hear the words according to her systematic response to their worth according to her desire to money. So when she hears the piiiing sound she determines according to that, if the being is worthy of actually ‘being taken seriously'. A distinct yet faint piing when the words are spoken and she literally might ‘switch' off from what the beings is saying.

• Sex. Money as the starting point for who will be the sexual partner and then the being will speak, when aroused, to their inner voice. Remember when you read that article of the fear centers of the being, that is inhibited during arousal as the body rejects all other functions in that moment other than arousal? Well, it works the same as that principle. When the being is being intimate with themselves mostly, without pictures, sounds or ideas to flood the being's focus, everything in the beings moment/life slows down. There is only the ‘feeling' that the being experiences as well as the quietness within their intense focus. This is then a good time when the infinite actually project messages as well as speak about self awareness. Even though the heading of this segment is called when the infinites are not able to communicate clearly I have included this as an example of when the infinite takes full advantage of the being slowing down and focusing as apposed to being's constantly being bombarded with sexual images. This then making communication somewhat difficult as the beings have other images, sounds and ideas floating around, therefore the infinite is ‘lost' amongst sexual images and ideas. The infinites that work with beings such as I have spoken about now that have constant thoughts or feelings about sex, say it is rather difficult speaking to the being about self acceptance when the being immediately reject the notion of actual SELF ACCEPTANCE and then creates all kinds of ideas about finding themselves someone who will accept them in order for them to accept themselves…..the list goes on. Therefore the moments when a being is alone and quiet as part of their own way of ‘pleasing' themselves the infinite will then step in and speak clearly as a form of self awareness during intimacy.

• The law of abundance, believe it or not, is actually fucking with beings so badly right now. The infinites are working with the law of abundance which has now funnily enough even in those not partial to such stories of ‘esoteric' nature, found it to be the new Jesus for all beings. How to take back your power by projecting yourself as an abundant being (with regards to love, acceptance and so forth) as to create your own power. The infinites are working with all their beings here on earth to work with abundance from the perspective of I am one with everything and then working it outwards from there instead of I have everything ‘cos another will shift what he has to me.

• The seventh and sixth reason infinites are finding it hard to completely speak and integrate as the ‘mind' of the being, one could say go together, seven being the ‘outflow' of six. Six deals with how the being is stuck within time loops, preferring old patterns, behaviours to the new that the infinite ‘presents' or stands for.

• Seven is the direct link from the beings time line to the resonance factor we have discussed. Or as I have called it the ability for the mind to access old shit. The being structurally sits with the ‘compounding structure's that harbor all the old information which of course we are able to assist the infinites to clear, call it my own personal Kinesiology methods that I have been perfecting. Will be using it on the beings in the house as part of and experiment to see how effective it is.



Lilli: Today has been the start of the new structural resonance factor, clean up. I am currently correcting these beings all over the world with of course the assistance of many beings. We are going about ‘teaching/showing the infinites that once we've taken all resonance from the being's structure be it may structurally in the form of bone matter or cellular, for the infinites to then correct it once they stand as the being at all times correcting and checking. To never again allow the beings body to compound the effects.

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