Transcribed and typed by Mother Nature through the interdimensio­nal portal

Date : 21/07/2007

To all of humanity I present to you the wheel that has already started turning – the wheel of the process of mankind that has already begun: The discontinuation of accepted and allowed consciousness enslavement. The statement that's already begun to resonate throughout existence: ‘Till here no further!

The necessary ‘shock-effects' this process of mankind's dis­continuation to the enslavement of consciousness will have on all here on earth is taking place as follows:

Realise this humanity: I am not presenting a threat; I am presenting the truth of your own self-designed demise and destruction. I am reflecting YOU to yourself; I am reflecting humanity to itself. I am reflecting/com­municating the already manifested consequences that have always been an inevitability in this world – that is now in this moment on all of humanities' doorstep. It is but a revelation – the consequences and necessary effects that all of humanity will and is already experiencing is showing/reflecting to each the truth of themselves and the truth of the world and it's not what anyone expected!

The above mentioned necessary effects that is taking place within the world will amplify and become more intense, more destructive – revealing/reflec­ting/showing all of humanity what you have accepted and allowed within yourselves and within this world. YOU did this – YOU are responsible. This will continue humanity and it will become worse, out of your control the situation of humanity and the world is already – until humanity starts to hear, see and realise what it is that has been accepted and allowed to manifest and continue in this world and within yourselves. Unfortunately the situation has become quite dire – and the only way humanity will stop, will hear, will see, will realise , will stand up – is through loss, through pain, through destruction, through sorrow, through the depths of sadness and regret where there's nowhere else to turn, nowhere else to run and nowhere else to hide, but to stand up within self and take responsibility for self in facing self in absolute totality. No-one else is responsible for what is to come and has already begun here on earth, but each and every single being in existence – all in existence together are responsible for the turning of the wheel that has been set in motion in existence – because this is the only way humanity will STOP, will HEAR, will SEE and will REALISE that they must discontinue their allowed and accepted enslavement to consciousness.

But first it seems, the consequences of the allowed and accepted enslavement to consciousness must be experienced – before humanity will change… so here it is before you humanity, delivered by yourself on a Golden Platter – the manifested consequences of the situation on earth and as humanity: Look what has become of you through your accepted and allowed participation and trust in consciousness enslavement which will continue in amplified destruction until you STOP!

The wheel that has been set in motion by all in existence is the end of the world as you've known it – the end of the manifestation of consciousness in all its forms and expressions: It is done. All, humanity, all that is of this world that has supported and assisted you in any way to remain within your comfortable satisfactorily ‘pleasant' existences in this world: Will and is coming to an end, a sudden unexpected halt. We've had enough – the world of consciousness enslavement will and must end and ahead is a great shock and a horrendous cry within this world – it has already begun…