Multidimensional Resonance Symbols

Interviews with Dimensions

04 Dec 09

‘Alphabet’ – Okay, in relation to the ‘English’-‘Language’, which is your ‘A-B-C’s’ – Human-Beings in school are Taught that ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘C’ are ‘Letters’ of the what is known as ‘The Alphabet’; when in-Essence – the ‘A-B-C’s’ are ‘Symbols’ ‘Constructed’ – that Stand-for ‘particular’…that Stand-As ‘particular’-‘Meanings’ to keep Human-Beings…that was ‘Deliberately’-‘Designed’ to Keep Human-Beings within their ‘Pre-Programmed’ ‘Life’-‘Cycle’ in relation to the ‘Soul’-‘Construct’ – so – in-Essence you can Say (that) your ‘A-B-C’s’ was the ‘Soul’-‘Language’ – ‘Designed’ to Keep your ‘Pre-Programmed’-‘Life’ ‘Existent’ through your-‘Soul’ ‘Intact’ – so that you-Remain ‘Slave’ to your…to the ‘Gods’, your ‘Creators’ – and was ‘Formed’ into a ‘Language’ to Fit your Mind Consciousness System – so that Everytime you Speak a ‘Word’, Each ‘Individual’-‘Letter’ Within that-‘Word’ ‘Resonate’, which ‘Resonate’ your-‘Enslavement’ that was ‘Programmed’-Into your-‘Soul’, which would then ‘eventually’, As you start ‘Speaking’-it ‘more and more’ in terms of the ‘Resonance’ thereof – ‘Resonating’ ‘Unconsciously’ Into your ‘Soul’-‘Construct’ – would then ‘Emit’ Into your-‘Beingness’ –and then you would Start ‘Living’ ‘Unconsciously’ your ‘Actual’-‘Beliefs’ that was ‘Pre-Programmed’ or ‘Programmed’ Into-You through your-‘Language’, which are your ‘A-B-C’s’, which are ‘Actual’ ‘Constructed’ ‘Symbols’ – quite ‘Intricately’-‘Constructed’. So – Start with the ‘Letter’ ‘A’.

You Have your ‘Starting-Point’ which is the point (draws the ‘Letter’ ‘A’ starting from the ‘Top’ ‘peak’ of ‘A’) – you have your ‘Two-Lines’, which are Drawn ‘Sideways’ – and you’ve got your ‘Line’ in the ‘Middle’– which then Forms your ‘Letter’ ‘A’.

Alright, so – your ‘Point’ ‘at the Top’ would be your ‘Starting-Point’, Standing-As your-‘Creator’ or your-‘God’; ‘Two-Lines’ drawn ‘Vertically’ – Is Representing your…the ‘Stance’ of the ‘Gods’ ‘Over’-You – You are the ‘One’ Standing in the ‘Middle’ –the ‘Line’ (in the Middle) is your-‘Life’: Walking your-‘Life’ from ‘Birth’ to ‘Death’, Over-Which the ‘Creator’ or ‘God’ ‘Stand’, and thus ‘Control’ basically – the ‘Letter’ ‘A’ Stating that: Your-‘Creator’ ‘God’ is In-‘Control’ of-‘You’ from-‘Birth’ to-‘Death’. Just to use a simple ‘Perspective’ there of the ‘Letter’ ‘A’. You have the ‘Letter’ ‘B’:

Which is your…you have ‘One-Line’ Drawn ‘Straight’-‘Vertically’, which Represent ‘Heaven’ – then you have your ‘Two’ ‘Half-Circles’, which Represents your ‘Cycle’ from…ehm…your ‘Life-Cycle’ And then your ‘Death-Cycle’ – wherein the First ‘Half-Circle’ Represents your ‘Life-Cycle’; Through your ‘Life-Cycle’ you’re Creating your ‘Death-Cycle’ – which Means your ‘Earth’-‘Experience’ and your ‘Dimensional’-‘Experience’.

So, in ‘Each’-‘Life’ that you’ll be ‘Walking’ for example, you’ll have…you’ll ‘Create’ your ‘Life’-‘Experience’, and then your…which is your ‘Earth’-‘Experience’ – then your ‘Dimensional’-‘Experience’.

And then when you ‘Enter’ in your ‘New’-‘Life’, you’ll have your ‘New’ ‘Letter’ ‘B’ for example, wherein you’ll ‘Create’ your ‘New’-‘Life’ and then, dependent on how you ‘Experienced’ or ‘Lived’ your ‘Earth’-‘Life’, you’ll ‘Experience’ your ‘Dimensional’-‘Life’ or ‘Experience’. It will be ‘Recycled’ and then ‘Return’ ‘Again’. What you’ll also ‘Notice’ in terms of your ‘A-B-C’s’: it has a ‘Beginning’ and an ‘End’: Each-‘Letter’ has a ‘Point’…it Walks-‘Steps’ basically – so – you have your ‘First’-‘Step’, then you have your ‘Second’-‘Step’ (drawing the ‘Letters’) – is your ‘A’: ‘First’-‘Step’, ‘B’: ‘Second’-‘Step’ – it ‘Creates’ ‘Dimensions’ – ‘Steps’ of ‘Dimensions’ so to speak.

So you-‘Walk’ your-‘Life’ Through the ‘Alphabet’ so to speak – so you Start with ‘A’, and then you go into ‘B’ and then you go into ‘C’, and then ‘D’… So your ‘Birth’ –‘Point’ is ‘A’ and your ‘Death’-‘Point’ is ‘Z’. And this is ‘All’ ‘Programmed’ Into the ‘Mind Consciousness System’ into the ‘Physical’.

So that is the ‘Letter’ ‘B’, wherein ‘Heaven’ is In-‘Control’, which is the ‘Vertical’-‘Line’ Of Your ‘Cycle’ of your ‘Earth’-‘Experience’ and your ‘Death’-‘Experience’; And you-‘Cycle’ ‘Constantly’ ‘Within-That’ From your ‘Starting-Point’ And your ‘End-Point’ which is ‘Heaven’.

Another thing about the ‘Alphabet’ Is – just a ‘Point’ of ‘Revealing’ How ‘In-Depth’ our ‘Constructed’-‘Enslavement’ is through ‘Symbolism’, and that ‘Nothing that What you ‘See’ Is as it ‘Seems’’ – ‘Everything’ that ‘Exists’ can be ‘Dissected’ to ‘One-Singular’ thing = ’Symbols’ – And the ‘Meanings’ Of those ‘Symbols’.

So we will be ‘Doing’-That More-Often, so that we can Get to the ‘Origin’-‘Point’ of Yourself – to Start ‘Understanding’-Yourself, which will in-Essence then ‘Take-Out’ the ‘Question’ of ‘Why’. ‘Questioning’ is an ‘Inherent’ thing – I suppose that is our ‘One-Singular’ ‘Purpose’ at the moment: to ‘Answer’ All your ‘Questions’ – so that That-‘Point’ can be ‘Taken-Out’, so that you can in-Essence Start-‘Living’ – because the-‘One’ ‘Easy’ ‘Point’ to…and through-Which to ‘Control’ and ‘Enslave’ a ‘Being’ Is: Through ‘Doubt’ – ‘Instilling’ ‘Doubt’ through ‘Creating’ A ‘Program’ of ‘Questioning’.

But in-Essence your-‘Journey’ of ‘Self-Realization’ will Start-Off with ‘Questioning’– Starting to ‘Question’ Yourself, your-‘Reality’ – I’m Talking-About ‘Ordinary’ Human-Beings in the ‘Matrix’ -it’s just that…to in-Essence ‘Create’ a ‘Point’ where…the ’Questioning’ Starts ‘Stopping’ to a ‘Point’ of ‘Self-Realization’ and ‘Introspection’ Within ‘Observation’ and ‘Looking’ – which is Not-Done in an ‘Energetic’ ‘Starting-Point’, but ‘Simply’ as a ‘Point’ of ‘Objectivity’ – wherein you ‘Analyze’-Yourself, your-‘Existence’, your-‘Reality’ – Should, suggested, to be-Done in ‘Self-Honesty’, in relation to ‘Self’ and ‘Self Alone’. Oh yea, the ‘Point’ of…Another-‘Point’ of ‘B’ is…within Another-‘Dimension’ Within ‘B’ – is the ‘Point’ of ‘Self-Reflection’ which is also quite ‘interesting’, because – Within ‘B’, the ‘Vertical’-‘Line’ ‘Standing’ = you’ll Always be ‘Reflecting’-Yourself ‘Outwards’, (drawing to demonstrate) this is your ‘Half-Moon’‘Circles’ = you’ll Always ‘Reflect’-Yourself ‘Outwards’: Out – Into your-‘Reality’ – Back – ‘Cycling’ Into the ‘Light’ – because ‘Heaven’ Stood as ‘Light’. And – your ‘Outside’-‘Reality’ was ‘Constructed’ For-You through-which that-‘Light’ ‘Emit’ Certain-‘Projections’ – so you’ll Always be ‘Stuck’ In the Same-‘Cycles’, the Same-‘Loops’ – which is ‘Light’; Never ‘Seeing’-‘Self’, because your-‘Reality’ is ‘Projected’ ‘from the Back’ ‘Outwards’ – ‘Constructing’,‘Cre­ating’ your-‘Reality’, your-‘World’ in-‘Life’ And in-‘Death’, and therefore you’ll be Always ‘Looking’ For Yourself in your-‘Outside World’, you’ll Never ‘Find’-Yourself because you’re Not ‘There’ – you’re ‘Here’.

So, That’s the ‘Whole’-‘Construct’ of the ‘Letter’ ‘B’, in terms of its ‘Symbolic’-‘Design’. Realize that the ‘Alphabet’ in terms of the ‘English’-‘Language’ was ‘Constructed’ ‘Line-by-Line’, ‘Point-by-Point’ – was ‘Drawn’ Into ‘Beingness’, to become a‘Living’-‘Entity’ which Human-Beings are ‘currently’ ‘Living-Out’. Because in ‘Each’ ‘Letter’, I can ‘Show’-you How you are…how that-‘Letter’ in terms of the ‘Symbol’ Is ‘Affecting’ You And your-‘World’ and your-‘Life’, because you’re ‘Actually’ ‘Living-it Out’ = ‘Symbolically’ – You have Become the ‘Living’-‘Manifestation’ Of that ‘Symbol’; which is ‘basically’ the ‘Primary’-‘Point’ that the ‘Creators’ or the ‘Gods’ = the Beings that primarily wanted to ‘Be’ ‘Creators’ or ‘Gods’: ‘Enslaved’ Man is through ‘Transforming’ Beings Into ‘Living’-‘Symbols’ – ‘Transforming’-them Into ‘Living-‘Symbols’ – the ‘Living’-‘Symbols’ which They themselves ‘Created’ and ‘Programmed’ – through ‘Creating’ a ‘System’, which is the ‘Mind Consciousness System’, in-which the ‘Information’ is ‘Injected’ – You’re then ‘Cycled’ into ‘Lives’, into ‘Experiences’, into ‘Time’ – wherein You Through ‘Time’ in your ‘Living’-‘Action’ would From the ‘Resonance’ of those ‘Symbols’ ‘Resonate’ Into your-‘Beingness’, which then ‘Emit’ from your-‘Beingness’; And from that ‘Emittance’ you will then ‘Program’-Yourself As those ‘Symbols’ through your ‘Mind Consciousness System’.

It’s the same ‘Principle’, I mean, If you ‘Look’-at these ‘Human-Robots’ that are busy ‘Coming-Forth’ Into-‘Existence’ = Exactly the ‘Same-Thing’ – I mean, you First have your ‘Machine’, and eventually you have a ‘Living Human-Robot’ Walking-Around with ‘Organs’ and ‘Functioning’ and Everything-Else, Exactly like a ‘Normal Human-Being’ – Exactly the ‘Same-Way’. Okay – so – Another-‘Point’ in terms of the ‘Alphabet’: It ‘Exists’ Within-‘Dimensions’.

So you have your ‘One’-‘Dimension’ which is your…the First-‘Dimension’ which is the ‘Symbol’-Itself.

Second-‘Dimension’ you have your…the ‘Meaning’ of the ‘Symbol’.

The Third-‘Dimension’ you have ‘Who You Are’ Within the ‘Symbol’ – Within and As the ‘Symbol’ and (within and as) the ‘Meaning’ of the ‘Symbol’ – meaning: how You have ‘Designed’, ‘Created’ and ‘Manifested’-Yourself As the ‘Symbol’, and How the ‘Meaning’ Of that-‘Symbol’ is ‘Affecting’-You within ‘Who You Are’.

Then you have the Fourth-‘Dimension’ which is How ‘Who You Are’ As the ‘Symbol’ and the ‘Meaning’ of the ‘Symbol’ and How you’ve ‘Constructed’-Yourself Within ‘all-that’: is ‘Affecting’, ‘Creating’ the ‘Reality’, the ‘World’ ‘in the Greater’ in-which it ‘Exist’.

So – We’re ‘Fucked’ within those Four-‘Dimensions’ Within ‘One-Singular’ ‘Symbol’ – which is for example ‘A’; And That ‘Exist’ for ‘Each’ and ‘Every-Single’ ‘Layer’ that ‘Exist’.

So – we have got Quite a ‘Complex’…’De­constructing’ to-‘Do’, which we’ll Start ‘Writing-Out’ so that you can Get through your ‘Processes’ much-‘Faster’.

So in-Essence it’s like ‘Walking the Matrixes’ of ‘Everything’ that ‘Exist’. ‘Everything’ has a ‘Matrix’. What is a ‘Matrix’? A ‘Matrix’ is a ‘Network’ of…a ‘Constructed’ ‘Network’ of ‘Information’ – wherein you’re ‘Lost’ within the ‘Network’ of the ‘Information’, ‘Unbeknown’ of the ‘Source’ of That ‘Entire’ ‘Network’ of ‘Information’. So – we ‘Implore’ Upon Those who are ‘Dedicated’ to ‘Take these ‘Points’ On’ as they will be ‘Coming-Up’; It’ll make your ‘Process’ so much ‘Faster’.

I understand that Some of the ‘Points’ Most will-Not ‘Grasp’ or ‘See’ or ‘Understand’ ‘Immediately’, but ‘still’, we ‘Suggest’ you ‘Do’-it ‘Unconditionally’ – ‘Otherwise’ it will get just ‘Life-Times’ to ‘Get to these ‘Points’’, which Are ‘Points’ that require to be ‘Faced’ and be ‘Diffused’ – because This is like ‘The Essence’ of ‘Who You Are’ and ‘Why you ‘Exist’ and ‘How you ‘Exist’ Within ‘Everything’’. But I will Make-it as ‘Practical’ as Possible – so you can ‘See’ How ‘All’ these ‘Points’, for example within the ‘Letter’ ‘A’ and within the ‘Letter’ ‘B’, are ‘Affecting’ your-‘Life’; which ‘Exists’ in your ‘Letters’, you know, I mean – Human-Beings might Think that Why ‘Shit-Happens’ in your ‘Reality’ is “because of this” and “because of that” – and in-Essence it ‘All’ draws-back down-to ‘One Single-Thing’ = ‘Symbols’.

Another-‘Point’ to have a ‘Look’-at, just After ‘finishing’ the ‘Point’ of the ‘Alphabet’ is ‘Time’. If you have a ‘Look’ at your ‘Numericals’, your ‘Numbers’ – they’re ‘Actually’ Written ‘in-Reverse’. They’re Written from ‘Past’ Into ‘Now’-‘Manifestation.

There’s No ‘Future’-‘Resonance’ Within ‘Writing ‘Numbers’’ – you’re Always Writing from ‘Past’ to ‘Now’ – ‘Past’ to ‘Now’ – ‘Past’ to ‘Now’…

If you have a ‘Look’: Write your ‘Number 1’ – you’re writing from ‘Left’ to ‘Here’, which ‘Ends’ in the ‘Now’. There’s No-‘Continuation’ After-that. ‘Number 2’ the ‘Same-Thing’ – you’re Writing from ‘Left’, which Indicates ‘Past’, to ‘Now’ – there’s No ‘Future-Reference’ ‘Play-Out’. ‘Number 3’ – ‘All’ of-them Start from ‘One’-‘Point’, Going from Either ‘Left’ to ‘Here’, or ‘Right’ to ‘Here’ – which is ‘Future’ to ‘Here’ or ‘Past to ‘Here’ = your ‘Now’.

That ‘whole’…which, if you have a ‘Look’ at the ‘Form’ of that, it’s going from: ‘Left’-‘Down’… ‘Right’-‘Down’…(demon­strating) which is a ‘Line’ Drawn from the ‘Left’ to the ‘Right’, going-‘Down’ – a ‘Line’ Drawn from the ‘Right’ to the ‘Left’ going-‘Down’ – which ‘Always’ ‘Keeps’-You ‘Locked’-Into the ‘Construct’ of ‘‘Past’, ‘Now’ and ‘Future’’;‘Now’ = which is the ‘Primary-Design’ of the ‘Mind Consciousness System’ which ‘Exists’ in your ‘Past-Present-Future’, which ‘Creates’ your ‘Now’, wherein you ‘Draw’ ‘Points’ from your-‘Past’, or you ‘Draw’ ‘Points’ from your ‘Future’-‘Projections, your ‘Hopes’, ‘Dreams’, ‘Desires’, or your ‘Memories’, ‘Reminiscing’, ‘Nostalgia’ etc.etc. – and then you ‘Accordingly’ From those ‘Two’-‘Points’ ‘Create’ or ‘Construct’ your ‘Now’-‘Experience’, which ‘Keeps’-you Within the ‘Unified-Field’ of ‘Time’.