Oneness and equality as self as all here one and equal

Daily Dimensional Diaries 29 September 2008:

Oneness and equality as self as all here one and equal

Transcribed and typed by Jack through the interdimensio­nal portal

Date : 29/09/2008

To clarify the actual expression of oneness and equality as self as all here one and equal

I will be discussing an interesting point with regards to being’s misin­terpretation or assumption with regards to oneness and equality as self as all here one and equal:

We’ve found that the ‘self/I/me’ within the expression: All as one as equal as SELF/ME/I here – is ‘emphasized’ within application according to the idea that is formed with regards to what it actually really means that all is me/self here – one and equal.

That the idea or perception or assumption exist that – if all is ME/SELF – that means, that all that exist, must be exactly as I experience ME/SELF – from a ‘personalized’ / ‘personified’ perspective according to how the ‘self/I/me’ is defined and experienced according to/through the mind. That – the SELF/ME of MIND is related to or connected to the expression of oneness and equality/all as one as equal here – instead of taking into consideration that oneness and equality has nothing to do with ‘self/I/me’ alone – but take into consideration and stand as the expansive/bou­ndlessness of who we really are – within which a self/I/me cannot exist.

There exist a tendency within/of the mind – which we have become – to ‘want to understand or make sense’ of what is here from a logical perspective of ‘interpretation’ – instead of simply realizing that I am that already.

That the simplicity of self realization has become the most difficult – when its actually the most simple – lol, shit.

Within this wanting to make sense or understand – one tends to relate self/I/me of mind to/towards what is read/experien­ced/seen/parti­cipated within in this world or within ourselves – making or designing the self/I/me of mind the ‘centralized’ point within it all – and thus transforming through incorporating what is read/seen/expe­rienced/parti­cipated within – into and as the definition of ‘self/I/me’ of mind – instead of the actual realization, that I am that which I see/experien­ce/participate within/read.

Therefore – it is to ensure within yourself – that oneness and equality isn’t ‘related to self/I/me’ of mind – where you attempt/try to define all that exists as this ‘self/I/me’ of mind – by attempting/trying to ‘personalize’ all that exists as ‘self/I/me’ of mind.

Meaning that for example – seeing a rock – and in seeing the rock – try/attempt to see the rock as you or try/attempt to be the rock as you here – through attempting/trying to ‘see the rock as the ‘you’ as the ‘self/I/me’ of mind – by wanting to ‘make the rock you see the same as the self/I/me of mind to which you have defined yourself.

Understand – this is not standing one and equal as the rock in self realization that it is you – this is you attempting/trying to define the rock in relation to how you’ve defined yourself through the mind – wanting to make the rock the same/similar to how you exist as the mind/through the mind as the self/I/me you experience yourself to be.

See: It’s ALL as me HERE – and not = all as ME here.

Within ALL as me/is me HERE – you expand yourself within yourself within and as the absolute realization – that for example, your brother/sister/mot­her/father as they exist at this moment – including everything and all of themselves – every inch/part of themselves that form what they are in this moment – is in fact you – according to what you’ve accepted and allowed to exist both within and without.

Within ALL that exists as me/is me HERE – nothing of what currently exist in existence, as it exists in existence is excluded – and ‘opens’ you to the full revelation of you – standing absolute in vulnerability and intimacy within yourself as your entire creation that is you and all that exist in and as it.

Within all is ME here – you’ll only stand one and equal as that which you accept and allow yourself to be one with and equal to within yourself, within the limited definition of yourself according to the mind/constructs of the mind and systems of the mind as well as the manifested programmed/pre-designed nature of the mind – utilizing ‘discernment’ as apparent ‘choice’ with regards to ‘what you will stand one and equal with and what not’ – this is not actual absolute unconditional oneness and equality HERE – this is self-interest – wanting to design/create oneness and equality according to apparent ‘choice’: I will only stand one and equal with and/or as this and/or that and that’s it – because you can form/shape it according to ‘your liking’ to support your definition/exis­tence/experien­ce of yourself as and within the mind.

Thus, actual self realization and standing as one and equal as all here – is not about designing yourself/creating yourself to be one and equal as something or someone according to ‘choice’ – according to how you believe yourself to be and perceive something or someone else to – and within this, wanting to or attempting to change that something or someone into something or someone that ‘match’ or ‘fit into’ your self-definition of self/I/me of mind.

Actual self realization here standing as all as one as equal – is absolutely unconditional – ‘inviting’ all and everything of and as you as it exists in this world as this world into and as you here – from the perspective of experiencing no resistance / fear / judgment / interpretation / denial as reaction to/towards anything or anyone that exists in this existence as this existence as you here.

If any reaction is experienced to/towards anything or anyone in this existence, this world – simply indicate separation, there exist a point or part within yourself where you simply refuse to see that it is actually you – in this, refusal exists – because you know that if you were to actually realise that it is you – you will change, you will no more and cannot anymore exist in the limited definition of yourself – and will take self responsibility as that part/point of you – and no more accept/allow you to exist as it or accept or allow it to exist in you or your world as you – and thus ‘no more be the same as everybody else’.

A common manifested fear that exist in all – the fear of no more being the same as everybody else – the fear of being an outcast – separate – not realizing that you’re actually separate from yourself in wanting to be the same mind as everybody else – that separation from ‘being the same mind; has become of ‘greater/more importance’ than the actual separation that exists that is separation from self as self here as all.

Within actual oneness and equality here – you realise, the limitlessness, the boundlessness, the unending never-ending ‘unique’ / ‘authentic’ expressions that exists as you in and as existence, not only according to the limited-defined existence of mind-programmed designed personalities/per­sona’s – as you see all that exist as you – for what it is as it is in the absolute most pure expression one and equal here.

That the ‘one and equal’ principle – exists within each one as you standing ONE and EQUAL as ALL as self HERE – in this, each one is authentic / unique – yet one and equal here as all as here as life.

Therefore, assist and support yourself to ensure that you’re not conditional within the principle of oneness and equality here – otherwise, you’ll only re-format your own mind and definitions/ideas of you as self/I/me of mind – and not actually self realise the absolute expression of actual unconditional oneness and equality here – that is inconceivable – and thus can only be self-realised here – and not designed/inter­preted according to apparent ‘choice’.

Therefore, we move from the smaller to the greater – first starting with you, yourself – standing absolutely unconditionally one and equal with all and everything that exists as yourself of yourself currently – all definitions/con­structs/system­s/programs/ha­bits/behaviou­rs/ideas/beli­efs/pictures/thou­ghts/reaction­s/emotions/fe­elings – in other words the mind in itself – because only from here, do you have the power to actually change as it – from it and within it and actually stand up and transform you. In separation with it – this is not possible, in the very act of separation – you are giving the design, the program, the system, the construct you have defined you as and currently exist as the power to exist, the control to exist as you limit yourself within the very acceptance and allowance of separation.

Then you move to/towards your family, then friends, then acquaintances – and so you continue the expansion of you in standing one and equal as all that exists here.