Osho - Gibbon’s discussion

Osho's second chanelling through Sunette, transcribed by Andrea.

Date : 06/02/2007

Let's start with the term Demon or de-manned. De-manned in the sense that the beings have separated themselves from life as who they really are and trapped themselves in one singular thought application mind construct in the dimensions. Their only application of survival was to feed off the emotional energetics created from similar mind application thought constructs of beings on earth. Also in the beginning stages after my departing from earth I was not aware of the existence of demons. I only became aware of their existence during specific course of events which I will explain in later channelings.

My awareness of the existence of demons stepped forth after communicating with Bernard about his personal experience regarding the existence of demons. In the beginning when Sunette's channel opened it was 99% of the time only demons coming through, and within the essence of their communication – asking for help and direction for they were so lost and couldn't find any assistance from anyone, anywhere. During the time demons existed, the demons moved on the earthly planes on the exact same plane of existence as the beings on earth who are alive. So Bernard asked a question, also the question that heightened my awareness with regards to the relationship between the angels, ascended masters, higher beings, enlightened beings etc. and the demons. He asked why nothing had been done to assist the demons/de-manned beings. When the demons came through Sunette, Bernard assisted them to realize who they really are by setting them free from their singular thought application mind construct through forgiveness. Once forgiveness was applied extensively the demon/de-manned being would transcend its demonic self definition application and ascend to the higher planes. This application of demons coming through singularly carried on for quite some time until one evening a demon named Mickey – in a previous life the incarnation of Hitler, came through. He was one of the largest and vicious demons seen in the demon dimension or plane. He came through Sunette and challenged most of the beings communicating to him at the time. As demons were quite fascinating beings in their application for they could see everything of any beings existence on earth. Nothing was hidden from them, as they could see everything, to the deepest darkest secrets. Bernard also assisted Mickey through the application of forgiveness and Mickey also ascended to the higher planes, just like all the other demons/de-manned beings before him.

Some beings including myself in the dimensions started forming a relationship with Bernard and Bernard became directly involved in assisting the dimensions/heaven in becoming more practically involved in assisting beings on earth with their processes. Before Bernard became more directly involved in the assistance of cleaning up heaven and preparing beings in the dimension/heaven to be able to assist more practically and directively the beings on earth, heaven/dimensions were never directly involved in or with the beings on earth's processes. Before Bernard ‚s direct involvement and assistance there was no practical assistance from the dimensions/heaven in beings on earth‘s processes, but only as I have said in my previous channel just mere knowledge and information, being shared through channels. Through months of dedication, communication and Bernard 's direct application in heaven, all beings in heaven equal as one is walking side by side, moment to moment with each being on earth.

The clean up of the demon dimension started when Mickey, Kearan and Veno brought a being from the demon dimension to visit Bernard as a surprise. As Bernard comes from an Afrikaans background they thought it would be a nice surprise to bring through Piet Retief, who they discovered was still existing in the demon dimension after about 200 years, after his death still chasing after ‘blacks', in the exact same manner as the war in which he died. Thus, explaining my specific term of de-manned beings being stuck in a singular mind application thought construct. So after Piet Retief's visit Mickey, Kearan, Jesus and Veno discovered that they are able to assist demons dimensionally in bringing them to awareness of who they really are, thus these four beings literally jumped into the demon dimension, pulled out all the demons/de-manned beings and brought them to consciousness. After this application was done the demon dimension/plane was closed to not ever allow such form of existence for anyone ever again. Instead, forgiveness processes was set up and established in heaven, with the assistance of Bernard and when beings crossed over would immediately assist themselves through the application of forgiveness to realize and see who they really are. And thus, the solution to lost souls or de-manned beings have already been found and applied, and they exist no more.

So from my sharing of heavens experience of demons/de-manned beings I am now referring to the discussion initiated by Gibbon, for which I am quite grateful for. As discussions and asking questions expands ones world and brings forth the application of equality. I am not here to pose as some God or higher being, or as some superior enlightened force. I am here to unconditionally share my experience as well as heavens experience in totality. In my specific statement that there is no God, yes I specifically indicated that there is no being in existence who is more than, more profound, more experienced or with more knowledge than any of us. We are in this process ‘alone' in the sense that we all as one have to stand up and assist ourselves, take responsibility for all existence as one. For only in this way of application will we be able to make a difference to the way we are currently experiencing and expressing ourselves on earth. Yet there is that part of us that exists within each one of us that is directing and assisting the universe and all existence as a whole, which we have not yet fully discovered and accepted as ourselves. This ‘essence' or part of ourselves that exists in each one of us is in essence one and the same, yet we are all individual in this process of self realisation.

What is important to remember, and what I will suggest is for each one who reads these channels to experience and look at the information for themselves, to experience it for themselves as themselves to see whether what I say and share from my own experience and heavens experience rings true in your experience on earth. In terms of producing information that is practical for beings on earth in their process of self realization, the answers for self transformation indeed exists within application of forgiveness. As I have explained, even the demons/de-manned beings and all beings in heaven's tran­sformation occurred through the simple application of forgiveness, clearly indicating that the answers and awareness of self-realisation are the most simplest applications and common sense, because you will not find yourself outside of yourself anywhere. At this moment the new heaven has been established and each beings primary focus is to assist the beings on earth in realizing who they really are, just as all beings in heaven including myself realized who we really are, and we are still together in this process as one. As in my process I have realized the process of self realization never discontinues, from my understanding here now the process we are now embarking on will be an infinite process. Just as in heaven, where we had to give up and let go of the old, through forgiveness to allow ourselves to discover and experience the new as ourselves, the beings on earth will go through the exact same process. The master/slave application is impossible to be recreated ever again as the establishment of equality is so extensive in heaven and is one of the focus points in heavens applications on earth, to bring forth equality in all beings relationships with all and everything that exists in the universe. The only master/slave application that exists at the moment is the beings on earth's enslavement to the mind/thought application using knowledge.

Jesus will also be channeling, explaining more extensively the application of equality. I am not here to tell you what to do like a parent would tell a child. I am here, sharing with you my experience of how forgiveness has assisted me, in my process of self awareness and asking you to try it out, and see and discover for yourself.

In terms of my sentence from my previous channel stating ‘A literally mind blowing being', was not an indication of a guru waiting to be worshipped as this is the last thing in the whole universe any of us in heaven want as we have realized how destructive the application of placing one being more than another creating the master/slave application is. What I was saying is that he challenges and expands the beings minds on earth, removing the master/slave application of the enslavement of beings to the mind/thought application. To set beings free from the enslavement of the mind through forgiveness, just like the demons and ourselves in heaven.

Heaven/dimensions is now no longer separate from earth. I cannot go into details extensively at this moment into how the dimension/heaven became one with earth and now stands as the spirit and inspiration of earth, but merely state that heaven is one and equal and we are bringing forth this oneness and equality we have discovered within ourselves as ourselves here on earth. Within the channelings to follow and other beings individual experiences the application and process of how heaven became one will be more definably explained. In my experience and communication through the channel, it's not that I am a spokesperson for heaven, but I am expressing my experience as myself as I have realized that I am all and everything that exists and I have stood up as heaven and earth, taking responsibility for all and everything in existence as each and every being in heaven has done. And we are assisting beings on earth to do the same, in assisting with their individual processes.

I would encourage all beings to participate in this discussion within equality, bringing forth understanding of equality.

Thank you.


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