Osho - Psychics and other Psychic/Clairvoyant Skills/Abilities

transcribed and typed by Osho through the interdimensio­nal portal

Date : 19/03/2009

Understand that the entire design of being ‘Psychic’ is a System-Manifestation as ‘part of’ the creation of the Mind Consciousness System – thus, any psychic-skill/ability is ‘invalid’ and ‘not real’ within relationship of the Psychic-Design to/towards the Physical that is Real Here. Because the Psychic-System of the Mind Consciousness System only encompass the design-programming of the Mind Consciousness System and is thus limited within its very existence as it exist only in relation to/towards the Unified Consciousness Field as the Pre-programmed System-Reality, as the Mind Consciousness System – and is thus nowhere in existence, in actual Reality as the Physical that is Here. Therefore – within Self, the entirety of the Psychic-System and all apparent ‘skills/abilities’ must be ‘let go of’ in its entirety – for accepting/allowing self to exist as and participate within any ‘part/definition’ of/as the Psychic-System – You are Limiting you as existing as/within the Mind Consciousness System itself Only as the Psychic-System is a manifested ‘part of’ the Mind Consciousness System and Lock you into the Mind Consciousness System in its entirety wherein you remain, subject to the pre-programmed system-reality as the unified consciousness field and is thus existing as Limitation itself within a System-Reality both within yourself and your world, deluding self into believing that what is experienced/done within existing as the Psychic-System is ‘real’ – when it is but the reality of the mind within which you exist and is limited within. So – existing as, participating within or acting according to or in relation to any Psychic- or Clairvoyant-ability/skill as it currently is Designed as the Mind Consciousness System as a System – you’re trapping you within the very expression of you as Limitation, wherein all you’ll ever ‘be’ and be able to ‘do’ – is that which the Psychic-/Clairvoyant-System is Programmed as – and that ‘being’ and ‘doing’ of you as a Psychic-/Clairvoyant-System is not ‘real’ – thus, you’re not Real – but Limited as a System of the Mind Consciousness System. To give perspective ‘more’ specifically:


Depends what the „psychic's“ starting point is. It is possible to be self-honest and psychic.

No – this is not so. Why? The Self-Honesty of the ‘Psychic’ as Manifested System of the Mind Consciousness System would be the realisation that within the very act of existing as a Psychic within the ‘skills and abilities’ thereof – is Separation as Limitation for the very design of ‘Psychic’ and everything and all else involved as the Psychic-System exist within the creation of/as the Mind Consciousness System – and must thus be given up and let go of in its entirety – the very definition of ‘Psychic’ and also all ‘skills and abilities’ involved – for the apparent skills/abilities exist as the Psychic-System of the Mind Consciousness System and are thus programmed-designs that are limited to its program-design within and as the Mind Consciousness System. And within its very nature of existing in/as the mind consciousness system in being a system-design – the ‘skills and abilities’ are not real in any way whatsoever. So, within accepting/allowing self to exist as the Psychic-System and exist within/participate as any pre-programmed system-manifested design thereof as its ‘skills/abilities’ – is dishonest, and deceiving self and others as self. Because all that is ‘accessed’ within the Psychic-System as what self exist as, as the pre-programmed system-manifested design thereof as its ‘skills/abilities’ – is the Realm of the Mind Consciousness System and the unified consciousness field as the System-Reality. And thus, accepting and allowing self to separate self from the Physical, as the Physical that is the actual real-reality – within and as which exist the vastness of eternity itself as Self as the actual manifested physical-expression of equality and oneness as Life. Thus, any existence of self/participation within the Psychic-System within self and towards another – is only supporting/per­petuating the Mind Consciousness System and furthering self into the existence of self as manifested-limitation and so also another – because you’re not assisting the being, you’re not assisting yourself – you’re furthering the Design of the being as what they exist as through the Mind and furthering your own Design of ‘who you believe yourself to be/experience yourself to be’ as the Mind. Thus, as a ‘Psychic’ and everything and all else related to it as skills/abilities – you’re not Here in and as the Physical as equality and oneness, assisting and supporting the actual Being as you equal and one Here = you cannot – because you’re lost/locked into a System-design of the Mind Consciousness System within the unified consciousness field as System-Reality – ‘relating’ with Minds, with Systems, existing in/as Programs = Limited, limiting you exponentially – because Self-Expression Here equal and one in and as the Physical – is ‘beyond’ the system-designed abilities/skills of the Psychic-System within the Mind Consciousness System – and thus, separating you from yourself. Therefore – the self-honest practical action would be to stop existing as/of anything related to the Psychic-System, including its construct-designed abilities/skills – because none of it is real/valid as it does not exist within the Physical that is Real, that is Here. And to from Here – only ‘work with Self here’ – that’s it, and stop completely and participating/e­xisting of self within the Psychic-System, including its pre-designed abilities/skills – to give self the opportunity to self-realize self equal and one as the physical, get out of the Mind completely and from here actually directly, really assist and support another equal and one as Self = that is not defined according to any one/some particular ‘skills/abilities’ – but who self is Here in the Moment equal and one. Thus, one cannot be self-honest and be a ‘Psychic’ and participate/act within its pre-designed limited abilities/skills – because the very existence of you as ‘Psychic’ is of the Mind, the manifestation of limitation, separation and deception – Self-Honesty is not related to a Mind-Design/System and your existence/defi­nition as/within it – it’s related to you equal and one Here as Self-honesty. So, understand that – being self-honest, you cannot in actuality be self-honest and still accept/allow self to exist/partici­pate/act within anything of/as the Mind, such as the Psychic-System and all its pre-designed limited abilities/skills – because the manifestation of the Psychic-System is manifested dishonesty as it exist as manifested separation from all and everything that is you as the Physical that is Here that is Real it exist as the Mind Consciousness System. And continuing to exist within it/participate as it – is Dishonesty. Be careful not to attempt to define self-honesty according to what Self believe self is/defined self as through/as the Mind such as for example the Psychic-System – meaning, relating self-honesty to ‘self’ as the Mind wherein this ‘self’ of ‘self-honesty’ still exist as the Mind – and in this, abusing self-honesty to continue existing in self’s defini­tion/idea/beli­ef of self of the Mind. For example stating that ‘I as Psychic and the abilities/skills I have can be self-honest’ – this, ‘self’ you’re speaking of, is the Mind-Self and not the actual self as equal and one as all Here and is thus not self-honesty lived as self in actuality, but using the knowledge of self-honesty to continue existing as a Mind. Actual lived self-honesty equal and one as all here in this instance, for example – as I’ve stated: Is to give up the lived-definition of self as Mind reflected as the Psychic-System in its entirety – and to actually ‘get back to reality as the Physical Here’. Because this is actual self-honesty, self-honesty that is the living-expression, taking into consideration you as all equal and one – not just your defined-definition of self-interest as the Mind, wanting to remain in/as that which you believe yourself to be.


Being psychic is just a skill, like painting well, or having a good singing voice. The key is – does the psychic define him/herself as a psychic? Is her/his identity dependent on being psychic? If those skills disappeared, would it matter? Does he/she define herself as being „special or superior“ because of these skills? Or does the psychic understand that all are potentially capable of the same skill set, given the same bloodline/pro­gramming and that this „specialness“, like any other skill needs to be let go of for the sake of true oneness and equality where all are equally capable and there is no specialness. At the same time, accepting the skills as gifts and using them to promote Self-Honesty and oneness and equality where these skills may assist.

Understand that, one cannot relate the Psychic-System to the Expression of Painting. The Psychic-System is not a ‘skill’ – it is a manifested designed Program with pre-designed ‘skills/abilities’ within it as an entire system-manifestation of the Mind Consciousness System that the being is Locked into. Painting is a ‘skill’ that is an ‘doing-action’ of the being that Paints and Self can transform self from having it be a Skill to Self-Expression – but self is not existing as only a Painter that can Paint – but self’s expression encompass everything of self that is self as Life Here – thus, painting becomes but a ‘part of’ self’s-expression that is not related to the act of painting – but who self is Here equal and one as All. However – with the Psychic-System = this cannot be done. Because it’s not just an ‘action-doing’ as ‘skill’ as with regards to the being that Paint – it is an entire locked-in system-design of the mind consciousness system, infused, imbedded into and as the entirety of/as self and thus must be let go of in its entirety, including its pre-designed skilled/abilities that is of it – for self to have the ability to self-realize actual self-expression equal and one Here. Therefore – it’s no different to having to give-up your Mind – the exact same process – the Mind must be let go of in its entirety and all and everything of self as the Mind – before self can actualize self as equal and one as Life Here in and as the Physical. Because the Psychic-System is a ‘specialized mind consciousness system’ with a few limited ‘tweaks’ / ‘upgrades’ in its program-design that give you apparent abilities/skills only functional/valid within your mind-reality and unified consciousness field as the system-reality – but those skills/abilities are not ‘you/yours’ but only system-designs of a system, program-designs of a program as the Mind Consciousness System. So – the ‘Psychic’ is no different to a ‘ordinary-being’ existing as a Mind – both exist as a Mind, within a Mind, locked into the unified consciousness field as mind/system-reality – the only difference is the Psychics’ Mind-System has certain tweaks and upgrades to give it, as the mind consciousness system only certain fractional ‘loop-hole’ accesses into its reality as the Mind – wherein the being believe they have ‘skills’/abilities that is ‘relevant’ – when all they have/are able to do is see the Mind itself – and in that, only a refraction of it – so little, but the being believe it is something ‘special/unique’ because of the extensiveness of our own limited accepted and allowed existence. When in fact, it is nothing = it is irrelevant. Because all that you’re ‘accessing’ – is the MIND and only a refraction of the mind, not even a fraction and the reality of the Mind as programs/constructs of threaded information/know­ledge manifested as Memories that is of the Past. Therefore – existing as a Psychic-System, within the ‘skills/abilities’ it is designed as – is irrelevant, completely irrelevant to what is Here in and as the Physical, equal and one – because all you’re accessing is the PAST, is MEMORIES – that is in essence, NOT HERE – but only locked into a system-manifestation as Mind within its system-reality as unified consciousness field. The ‘programmed skills/abilities’ of the Psychic-System of Mind you exist as – simply gave you ‘access’ to what is the Past Manifest as Memories of the Mind/Minds, that is a ‘refractional’ part of what the Mind as System as what we created exist as. It is absolutely, completely, entirely, most certainly, with absolute certainty – irrelevant to ‘access’ the Mind’s –reality as Past-Manifest in the form of Memories – because NONE of it is Real, and relevant within assisting and supporting a Being in their Process. Because your ‘vocal-function’, your only function as Psychic-System, as the only function of the ‘abilities/skills’ thereof is accessing a Beings’ memories of their Mind, the ‘Remembrance-System’ of the Mind = that is not ‘themselves’ as the actual Being, that is not Here in Fact – Memories are simply a manifested system-design of the Mind as a ‘Remembrance-System’ for the Mind which is used to ‘reactive’/’i­nitiate’ itself with, with regards to experienced reactions of emotions/feelings – using memories to lock beings into time-loop cycles within their Mind so that they don’t Focus on what is Here as the Physical – and through Memories, in locking them into the Past through the Memories – keep them in a Design of the Past in their own Mind – pre-occupying them from Here. Thus – memories are irrelevant – what is relevant is the Being as the entirety of ‘who they are’ = and not their memories. Therefore – what is actually being done within existing as a Psychic-System and ‘connecting’ the ‘abilities/skills’ into and as the Mind of another to ‘access’ the Remembrance-System of their Mind as memories, which is the only thing, actually, that the Psychic-System access = that’s it, that’s the only thing you ‘access’/connect into – is Lock the being further into the Design of the Past as you ‘feed energy’ to their memory-manifestations and manifest them into a mind time-loop cycle. Understand that previously – within the White-Light design – beings were also ‘directed to Psychics’ to initiate them / lock them into a time-loop cycle within their own mind or pre-programmed life-design – so that when the Psychic connect into their remembrance-system of the Mind as manifested memories – the remembrance-system of the Mind is fed energy/activated into having the being remain within their pre-programmed life-design, locked into the Past-Design of their Mind as Memories. This was particularly done with beings that the White-Light ‘detected’ could alter from their pre-programmed life-path with ‘flow-outs of events’ within their life-experience, and thus utilized the psychics to activate/initiate beings’ remembrance-system of Mind as Memories – to ensure the being live/exist/function according to their Memories related to their pre-programmed life-design and not have any ‘experiences’ here in the physical that could ‘alter them/remove them’ from their pre-programmed life-design through which they were controlled – but remain existent in the Past-Design of Mind as memories – and never be Here. So, in essence – what the being spoke/saw/did with the being = was entirely, completely irrelevant – as the only actual function of the Psychic was to activate/energize another beings’ Mind-Remembrance system to ensure they exist and remain within Memories – to stay in the Past-Design and continue existing in their pre-programmed life-design = oblivious to what is Here, what is Physical, what is Real. Thus – existing within Memories – is you pre-occupying you from yourself here, from what is Real, physical, actual – equal and one – pre-occupying you, from yourself. Thus – as a Psychic-System, within the designed ‘abilities/skills’ – you’re actually, in fact, doing nothing – only in your own Mind it is where you believe that you’re ‘doing something’ – because the ‘abilities/skills’ is an illusion/a veil from the actual function-design of the Psychic-System you exist as, as the Mind – which is activating beings’ Remembrance-System of Mind as Memories to keep them locked into their Mind, the Past-Design through Memories – ‘keeping them from Here, from Themselves’. Thus – you’re not actually assisting and supporting the Being here as you equal and one, this cannot be done as a Psychic-System or the skills/abilities it is programmed/designed as which you believe you ‘have’ – because none of it is real = all you’re doing is benefiting the Mind and actually harming / influencing the Being and their Process – within you believing that you’re ‘doing something good’ by using the designed skills/abilities of the Psychic-System – which is not actual skills/abilities that is practical in fact – simply system-designed programs within the Mind Consciousness System presented as ‘skills/abilities’. So, ‘having apparent skills/abilities’ in relation to the Psychic-Design – you in fact, don’t have anything – it is not an actual ‘skill/ability’ at all – only a system program-design of the actual System – with one function: To perpetuate others’ Memories and further them into the Mind. You may think/believe it is ‘skills/abilities’ – but this illusion was designed for the being as Psychic to believe/think they’re ‘something good with what they apparently can do’ – but as I said – they actually did nothing, the apparent skills/abilities simply an illusion/veil to have the being as Psychic act in service of the System to keep others in and as their Mind. And therefore, one cannot define what one do/act as, as a Psychic-System as ‘skills/abilities’ at all – their just programs, an illusion as veil to create a belief within a being that they apparently have a particular skill/ability – but in fact, do not – and thus cannot utilize the illusionary-program-designed skills/abilities of the Psychic-System that only exist in your own Mind – in any way whatsoever or relate it to self-application in self honesty equal and one here in assisting and supporting another as Self. So – one cannot attempt to define Psychic skills/abilities to/towards practical application of equality and oneness or self-honesty in action – because equality and oneness in practical application as self-honesty is not defined according to/as you as of the Mind – you cannot attempt to exist as the Mind and continue existing as the Mind and be self-honest equal and one as all here: You’re deluding yourself. So also within the attempt of wanting to remain within a belief of apparent skills/abilities that are illusionary program-designs only existent in your own Mind and attempt to be self-honest as equal and one application within them – it doesn’t work that way. It is to give up the Mind in its entirety and everything and all else it encompass – this is done through a process of self-honesty, until one become self-honesty manifest that is not related to /defined as anything or the Mind – and within this process become the actuality of equality and oneness manifest as the Physical. Therefore – in existing as a Psychic-System and existing within its program-designed abilities/skills – your process is no different to a Human being existing as the Mind – the human being existing as a Mind’s process is to give up their Mind in its entirety – the exact same as yours, your Mind as the ‘Specialized-Psychic-Mind’ must be given up in its totality to give self the opportunity to self-realise self equal and one Here as all. Assistance and support of/as another equal and one as/with you here is NOT related to their MIND as Memories – but in assisting and supporting the Being themselves and this is not done through ‘accessing their mind of memories’ – it’s impossible to assist/support a being in actuality through attempting to do so through their mind-design as but manifested reflection of themselves and simply impossible to do so through only having the ability to access/connect to their memories. It’s all an illusion, this idea of being able to assist and support another equal and one in actuality through ‘psychic-abilities/skills’ – you’re not seeing the Being, you’re not assisting and supporting the Being as themselves equal and one as you in actuality – in fact, you’re not assisting and supporting at all – you only think you are. Actual Seeing – Direct Seeing equal and one Here – is standing in actuality equal and one as the Being and assisting and supporting the Being. This Seeing is seeing as Sound – and thus you see the entirety of a particular point as the Being and can thus direct the being as you within and as the actual cause/origin of what it is that they’re ‘working with’ / ‘dealing with’ – which is the Being themselves. This cannot be done through mind to mind relations – such as done through attempting to use psychic-abilities/skills to ‘get to a being’ through their Mind of memories that is irrelevant from this perspective.


This is what I have encountered in myself. Though I was born with many „psychic“ skills, I refused to be defined by them and chose to downplay them to the extreme, because I realized that they were just skills – not who I am and I did not want to be limited by my abilities, nor thought of as special. I don't see myself as special – I just do things differently. I access information differently, my perspective on life is different – not because I'm trying to be different, but because it just is.

Understand that it’s not enough to ‘just not be defined by something’ – this must be proven in living action by/as Self – for stating: I am psychic and still exist as that which ‘being psychic’ implies – but I’m not defined by it – is dishonest. Within this regard – the living proven action as Self, self honestly – is to not exist as a Psychic within its pre-designed, programmed abilities/skills of Mind in any way whatsoever – but simply walk as Self Here and ‘never look back’ so to speak. Because none of it was Real to begin with in the first place. Also to consider – the very act of/application of ‘accessing’ something ‘inside someone there’ – is a manifested act of Separation and within itself questionable. Direct Seeing Here equal and one as the Being as you – is a Seeing that is Here within and as you as the Being – not something that is accessed ‘there’ in the being through their mind which you ‘filter through’ your own mind. Also within all this, realise that – within everything that has been ‘inverted’ of Self into and as Self to be faced directly by Self within oneself and one’s world – Psychics/existing within psychic/clairvoyant abilities and accepting and allowing self to participate within such system-designs – all you’re actually, in fact ‘accessing’ is your own manifested mind-system design and only actually ‘seeing’ the projection of yourself within your own Mind – ‘projecting yourself as what you exist as of the Mind, unto others’ and at the same time, actually only ‘feeding your mind’ and the design/manifes­tation of you as the Mind, because your starting-point exist as Mind in the first place. Therefore, existing as the definition of Self as ‘Psychic’ and accepting/allowing self to exist as psychic/clairvoyant ‘abilities or skills’ – is a mind-generating concoction, which assist and support no-one’s process, no Being equal and one Here – but only makes matters worse as it intensifies beings’ existence in their own Mind for both. This that I discuss here – applies to psychic and clairvoyant ‘beings’ that is accepting and allowing themselves to exist as this and is accepted and allowed dishonesty = as I discussed above, because self is accepting and allowing self to continue existing as a definition of Mind, in separation only believing help is given to another – when none is given at all in any way whatsoever – because self is not standing in actual living self-honesty as equal and one as the Being as you – and only relating with Minds. Osho