Paramahansa Yogananda - I did not accept myself as God

Transcribed and typed by Paramahansa Yogananda through the interdimensio­nal portal

Date : 04/10/2007

My experience/un­derstanding of self realisation was still of separation – self in ‘self realisation' was not taken into consideration – instead self in self realisation was replaced by ‘God'.

I did not accept/realise myself as God – as One – as who I am as One and equal as God. The concept of even considering that I am the very God I defined to exist: Seemed ‘too a great an acceptance for a human being.'

Thus – instead of ‘self realisation' it was ‘realise that you are one with God' – which is impossible. Why? The very concept of the existence and definition of God separation – therefore – all that I had done was of this world of separation – another ‘different varied perspective' of the same ‘notion' – that a separate ‘something' exist that we must understand/know instead of realising that that very ‘something' / ‘ God' is ourselves that we have separated ourselves from.

Thus – I would refrain from the concept of ‘God' entirely – actually of anything that is of this world – because everything this is of this world has ‘served its purpose' – in this moment we have realised: Self – as life of oneness and equality – which renders the past ‘useless' – everything of the past of ‘knowing' must cease to exist. For all that must remain is Self is ‘I' in every moment of every breath – the living word of One.

And so oneness and equality will exist as the experience of each – as each stand as the living word, express and the living word and live words within and as oneness and equality. And so all will stand within and as oneness and equality as the living word: as I that remain in every moment with every breath.

Cease the past – drop the past – shed the past – all knowing and thinking – this is birth. The unconditional nature of self birth as life of oneness and equality of self as I – self birth is when the past cease to exist – and you will see when the past cease to exist – the future will cease to exist and thus also the present – because the present and the future only exist because of the past. All that must remain is I in every breath of every moment – the moment as I as self – as the moment is the expression of Self – not of past, present or future.

Then the moment as I as self: Here I live. No longer will I then be detained in past, present or future: For as the moment – I am here – I am life – I live.

Paramahansa Yogananda