Practically Facing and Walking-Through The Past as Self


By: Sunette/Dimensions

19 April 2010


The Past:

Understand the following:

All that you are now - within thought, word and deed and how you express ‘who you are’ within that = is the Past Manifest. Meaning – all the Thoughts you have, reactions you experience and physical behaviour you move within = has been programmed, constructed and shaped – according to and as the past, thus – in this moment, you are the living manifestation of the past, your past - in the physical.

What “letting go of the past” mean, is – “letting go of your relationship to/towards the past within yourself”.

What “letting go of your relationship to/towards the past within yourself” mean, is – not reacting to/towards your past, within yourself – not having any energetic experience/relationship to/towards your past within yourself. Because – it is within accepting and allowing self to exist within that relationship to/towards the past within ourselves = that “re-instate the past and thus re-create time-loops/cycles within the past we exist as”.

Within this act of letting go of the past, which means – letting go of your ‘personal connection/relationship with your past in energy’, because you’re ‘connected to your past within yourself with energy, the energetic emotional/feeling charge you have to/towards memories/past experiences is the definition for/of the ‘relationship you have with your past’ = in severing that energetic connection with the past within yourself as memories as past experiences = is letting go of the past / letting go of you in relationship with your past.

Within severing your relationship to/towards the past / letting go of the past within yourself = DOES NOT MEAN THE PAST DISSAPPEAR WITHIN YOURSELF – your past is you, manifested as we’ve explained before.
The act of letting go of the past within yourself / severing that energetic connection you have with the past within yourself: Is step taken to be able to face one’s past within yourself without energy = but with clarity and stability.
So that – when you walk in facing the past as you, which is in every moment as you participate in your world and now including the Pie-Charts – your starting-point isn’t Energy in relationship to/towards the Past, that’ll only feed/compound your relationship with the past, or your relationship with yourself as the Past BUT your starting-point exist within self-clarity and self-directiveness – wherein you’re able to assess you in relation to the past within clarity and stability and accordingly direct you within it, in stopping you in existing as the past – but changing you in practical living application.

Additional self-support within walking in facing the Past as you – is BREATH.
Realise, that – you in fact = only have the Moment within BREATH and your self-honest living in that Moment of Breath – to change/transcend the Past, wherein you in that Moment of seeing what you’re accepting and allowing = immediately stop and change you.
In walking so in Breath – you have your self-stability to face the past and walk through the past as you, and your self-honesty to change you in practical-application.

Thus – letting go of the past, severing your energetic-relationship connection with the past within yourself, walking in every moment as breath in self-stability and self-clarity as you face / walk-through the manifested past that is you, both within and without = is the Simple Practical Application Steps – in birthing yourself from the system, the past – that exist as beginning and end, and live HERE as the Moment in and as self-expression, standing eternal.

Within that – you have self-forgiveness, when you realise/see you’ve “Missed a Moment” and accepted and allowed yourself to participate as the Past-Manifest, recreating and re-establishing the Past as you, instead of expanding and specifying you within and as the stand of Self-Perfection in self-honesty in honouring you. Thus – you accordingly apply Self-Forgiveness, in releasing yourself from that Hold of the Past that you accepted and allowed in that Moment, to through Self-Forgiveness “sever that energetic relationship connection” – so that once that relationship-connection is severed to/towards the past within yourself = you “re-establish you with yourself in the physical in stability and clarity” to again take-on the next moment within the starting-point of SELF in SELF-HONESTY and NOT the PAST AS ENERGY.

Thus, realise – you are the Past Manifest, you in every moment of your breathing/participation in reality in every moment FACE YOURSELF AS THE PAST MANIFEST, though – you have the ability and opportunity to stop and change you from existing as the past, to living HERE in the MOMENT – which is done through letting go of the past / severing that energetic relationship connection to establish your allocation point in the Physical from the Past into the Physical here with Self. From this starting-point of self – you walk in BREATH in the MOMENT and direct yourself in every moment through the support of self-honesty and self-forgiveness.

So you walk in actually changing/expanding you and perfecting YOUR living/expression in reality – instead of continuing existing in energy with the past, regurgitating cycles, habits and loop of Mind.

All have got the tools to walk this process – you require applying it and living to to see/experience an actual result/effect. The key is stopping existing as the past in energy, but applying yourself here in every moment of BREATH.