Questions and Perspectives: Bohemian Grove

Transcribed and typed by Lilli through the interdimensio­nal portal

Date : 02/11/2007

Question: ‘This is one of the last things I've been curious about, then that's it, I'll get on with the job…

What really goes on during the annual meeting at Bohemian Grove? Is it more weird and horrible than anyone could imagine? Is it too dangerous to mention here? Satanic Rituals or innocent fun? Or have people just been letting their imaginations run wild too much?’

Perspective: Not a problem – I suggest you ask if there exist any ‘unsolved mysteries’ or conspiracies’ in your mind – because such apparent ‘mysteries’ and ‘conspiracies’ have been manifested in this world for one reason and purpose: Pre-occupation, attention diversion, entertainment and confusion of the mind.

Thus – the sooner we get all those clarified and revealed, the mind can let it go – you’re able to focus on your own individual process – and I am certain that there will be many others with the exact same question.


No – the world leaders or elite don’t gather in this way – do you really think that the world leaders and elite will have ‘gatherings’ of any sorts in this world anywhere where it will be probable for human beings to know about it? No

Look at it practically – if you were the elite – or world leaders – would you have such a ‘gathering’ anywhere in this world where’s it’s pr­obable that any human being might find out?

Thus – the Bohemian Grove is a gathering yes – though it is a Masonic ritual gathering.

Nothing extreme and no ‘offerings’ of live human beings or shit like that.