Questions and Perspectives: Concern for Outside / Separate Influences

Transcribed and typed by Veno through the interdimensio­nal portal

Date : 17/10/2007


Listening to Andrea's videos she would explain how when she walked onto a house or situation she could see other beings. or for another example, when you walk into a room with a group of people who have a lot of demons in them, around them, (im not sure how that works) are you placing yourself into a situation where you become vulnerable to those demons? The reason I ask this question is because I am wondering how this relates to communication with you guys on Desteni. Ill say this, I have never seen interdimensional beings or demons or ever had any experiences like this in my life (that im aware of now). It seems like Desteni and others on the forum are quite „deep“ into interdimensional communication and im wondering what happens to a person like myself who I would recognize as having no experience with this whatsoever. Is it possible for me to be confronted through this website with someone else's „problems“ or catch a „cold“ from someone else? Find myself mixed up in a situation that im not prepared for. Also, INTERNET! I was wondering if the way Desteni is being expressed, through video and the internet can be commented on. Why through video and the net? I see the internet as a large part of the system, and to interact with Desteni I have to connect myself to that system through the internet in a big way. (In the system not of the system)I've been wondering about this?


Demons no longer exist – only your own ‘system demons' that you manifest through participation of the mind.

All human beings' processes have been inverted to self – in other words – no human being or dimensional being is influencing another – you're all alone with your own mind manifested ‘influences'.

Though – you are able to be influenced by another if you allow it and if you give permission – thus your responsibility.

Understand – Andrea's experience was before heaven changed completely – Jack will give perspective on this soon.

We've placed this on the internet because this process is for each and every single human being individually – you sit alone infront of your computer and continue with your own individual process – it's perfect. Understand – each one is alone in this process – though we support and assist each other accordingly.

And – we're here on earth – you have a Tree, fairy and animal within you as you standing as who you are as life within and as oneness and equality – supporting and assisting you in every moment.

Nothing is able to influence you unless you allow it and unless you give permission – and the only way anything is able to influence you is if you exist in separation of that ‘something' or ‘someone'.

Before you'll see or hear dimensional beings – your mind must stop. Therefore – at the moment – you have only you to be ‘concerned' about – all you're required to focus on is you – all that you're responsible for is yourself – the only being that you must be honest with is you.

First you ‘get to know yourself' and be intimate with you before you consider other ‘great leaps'.