Questions and Perspectives: Freckles and Moles

Transcribed and typed Jack through the interdimensio­nal portal

Date : 19/10/2007

Question: hello i always wanted to know the design of freckles and moles on the body. . . thanks Perspective: Freckles: Freckles is but the sensitivity of the skin according to the light rays of the sun – reasonably rare circumstance this – where human beings are born with such sensitive skin that the sun’s light rays colour the pigments of the skin.

In the old days, long ago, cultures believed that human beings with freckles were ‘blessed’ by the ‘son’ of ‘God’ and would live a rich and fulfilling life – and in other cultures or beliefs human beings with freckles were cursed by the witches of their time and ostracized from towns to live alone outside through fear of them bestowing harm.

Interesting what beliefs can drive one to become and do…

Moles: Moles is the ‘disease’ of the interdimensional systems within and as human beings of the mind – see – most human beings’ human physical body is not able to ‘handle’ the mind systems within and as their human physical body – thus – their skin form and manifest moles to compensate for the ‘loss’ / ‘suppression’ of life force essence within and as the human physical body – moles – and indication of the ‘depletion’ of life force essence within and as the human physical body.

It’s not that life force essence as you within and as the human physical body is able to ‘deplete’ or be of ‘loss’ – it is that the life force essence as who you really are becomes suppressed within and as your human physical body as the mind consciousness systems ‘takes the life force essence’s place’ – thus – instead of you living as life within and as oneness and equality as your human physical body – you believe and perceive yourself to be the mind – thus – the mind is like a ‘vampire’ within you – ‘feeding off’ the life essence that is you to have the ability to exist – thus the reason why you as the life force essence becomes suppressed by and through participation in the mind. Also the reason for ageing – is the mind – depleting the human physical body as the suppression of you as the life essence of you within and as oneness and equality.