Questions and Perspectives: in the System but not of the System

Transcribed and typed by Veno through the interdimensio­nal portal

Date : 02/11/2007

Question: ‘How do I exist in the system but not of the system if I continue to fill its dish when it needs food to live. Stop paying my rent, my bills, my student loan, Stop participating in this system. It seems like EVERY move I make is feeding this system. EVERY MOVE. Each time I use my phone or turn on my computer, my entire existence is a system. How do I ground myself in this process? Isn't grounding yourself just making sure your still paying attention to the pictures. Making sure you’re still a picture.

What's the difference between „pictures“ and physicality?

An with my breath, I breath 1234, go to the grocery store, breath 1234, go to my job, breath 1234, continue to participate within this system, breath 1234, I guess I'm just noticing that everything is basically a system and its a bit overwhelming,

You know I cant help but realize that this question is unnecessary. Rather than write the question, I should be focusing on the breath. Its funny I ask because I somehow want the quick fix, the sped up version of this process and with each word I write a prolong it?’

Perspective: Andrew – to be in the system – realise that you still require breathing, nurturing your human physical body and fill it with liquids such as water – for the moment until we get this process done – to not be of the system – is to not be of the mind.

Thus – to be in the system but not of the system – is to still remain here on earth – with no mind as thoughts, feelings and emotions – then to direct, assist and support others in your world as you to stop their mind through the exact same process you have – first prove, live and apply the process as yourself before you direct others as you.

Realise that you’re already grounded – the only ‘thing’ that can make you believe or perceive you are not grounded is the mind. So – apply self forgiveness for allowing your mind to make you believe and perceive you’re not grounded.

Pictures is the mind’s interpre­tation of this world through the human physical eyes – where pictures exist in your mind – within and as separation – instead of realising you are one with and equal to all that you see – you are all that you see. Though – the mind interprets this existence as pictures – instead of life expression as you as one as you.

When the mind stops – you’ll have no pictures existing within you – because you’ll realise and live as all that exists…interesting.