Questions and Perspectives: Jinn/Genie

Transcribed and typed by Veno through the interdimensio­nal portal

Date : 11/10/2007

Question: Jinn/Genies. I have several items that are said to have Jinn attached. What and who are they?

Perspective: Jinn/Genies were but human beings description for ‘Spirits' that they communicated with or ‘came across' or had sudden, unexpected visions of.

It was ‘usually' the ‘case' when human beings see/observe something they don't understand and ‘view' / ‘perceive' it as being superior / of ‘greater' power – such as ‘Spirits'. Because (as perceived during that period of the origination of the term Jinn/Genie) they are seemingly unlimited and boundless and of power and superiority because they are not in human physical body.

Thus ideas and perceptions and conclusions are ‘drawn' – and the ‘Spirits' during that period would ‘play along' with human beings perceptions and belief and assumptions.