Questions and Perspectives: Out of Body Traveling

Transcribed and typed by Veno through the interdimensio­nal portal

Date : 17/10/2007


Can you travel anywhere in the world and then meet with an individual while they sleep and then assist them in leaving their body and taking them on a journey to another dimension?


We're within and as human beings in every moment of every breath – you do not require to leave your body because everything of you as who you are is here within and as you – we as you as all that you are is here within and as you – not necessary to leave your body.

There aren't any other dimensions – we're here within and as human beings – we're here – all that exist is this existence – though we have a placement within the dimensions where the beings that cross over experience their processed – when done – they're within and as a human being assisting and supporting and directing the human being as one as them.

No human being in this world will ‘leave' their body unless they die.

Here are two video's that'll give perspective for why:… (Astral projection exposed)… (Only one Portal)