Questions and Perspectives: Relationship with Desteni

Transcribed and typed by Veno through the interdimensio­nal portal

Date : 11/10/2007

Question: However, if thoughts/feelin­gs/emotions do step forth, rather than say „I am one with Desteni, Desteni and I are one“, should I not be specific to the thing that aroused those thought/feelin­gs/emotions.

Perspective: Yes – specificity is definitely ‘necessary' when thoughts, feelings and emotions ‘step forth' in applying self forgiveness in every moment. Though the reason I mentioned the statement: ‘I am one with/as…' is to make sure your starting point of you as applying self forgiveness stand within and as oneness and equality.

Making sure that you in every moment stand within and as oneness and equality with all that exist – then applying yourself accordingly.

Question: … and i realize in doing so that I am revealing my fear of giving myself to something I don't understand completely (Desteni). Something that is foreign, yet familiar at the same time. But that uncertainty does exist, I am working on it.

Perspective: Understand – that it is not about ‘giving yourself' to anything – that'd be separation – Desteni is here as you to assist and support you so you may assist and support yourself – to realise you – for you to realise, live and experience you as awareness as life within and as oneness and equality – realising that you are not a mind system – but life. No –one is able to do it for you – you have to do it for yourself.

Uncertainty is ‘related' to Fear of Loss – fear of loss is of the mind – because the mind fears losing all that it has used to define itself to.

So – a suggestion to look at Fear of Loss within you and within your world: What do you ‘fear losing' – because that which you ‘fear losing' – you have used to ‘define' who you are separate from you. Instead of standing alone (all one) within and as oneness and equality as who you are.

There are DIY forgiveness support and assistance videos on the System Demon Fear of Loss – which explain specific self forgiveness words to do that'll assist.