Questions and Perspectives: The process of Birthing Self?


The process of birthing self is often the hardest part of understanding self – it's the process of transcendence.

When you're recreating yourself in the image and likeness of self as who you really are then you're basically stripping and tearing all that you have allowed within consciousness from yourself so that you may walk freely.

Once you understand and realize what we have allowed through our participation in this world you are then in a position to re-birth yourself. Once you realize that consciousness is how we got ourselves into this mess in the first place then to re-birth yourself is to take off all the layers of consciousness until only you remain as ‘I' remain.

When you birth self unconditionally you are then able to stand back from consciousness, observe everything that is happening in this world and direct accordingly. Only however once you are able to stand free from consciousness are you able to direct effectively as to be entangled within this world creates all sorts of slavery and limitation, therefore never setting self free.

It is however not easy shedding what consciousness we have allowed within ourselves as consciousness puts up one hell of a fight! Just remember that it will make you believe that you are not able to function without it and that your survival depends on consciousness (all in the form of thoughts and deeds). This is indeed not how self lives as self is the essence of life therefore it does not require the creations within consciousness (thoughts, desires, needs, relationship, wants). Self is able to stand within this consciousness created world as self and not consciousness, directing and expressing.

To birth self through forgiveness and letting go is to be absolutely honest with yourself about what you have allowed and what it is you are doing. Only then will you fully be able to see consciousness therefore birthing from that self awareness. I see consciousness; I understand what it does, what it creates and I step from that as self free to direct self, to not participate in the consciousness that created this world.

The birthing of self is the process of experiencing yourself from consciousness to awareness – which Alice Bailey is currently writing an entire book about.