Questions and Perspectives: Veno and Atheist's Fun

Transcribed and typed Veno through the interdimensio­nal portal

Date : 17/10/2007


This is in response to the funny videos of dirty tricks by Jack and Veno. Is it possible that your fun and tricks in the other Dimensions/heaven has something to do about the spiritual evolution of those you scare? Could they have been thinking of fear before you decided to scare the hell out of them? Might they be thinking…? “I hope nothing is scary in here…nothing like a big loud sound I hope”. Then you come along and scare the hell out of them and laugh. Or can you give misinformation to a soul who just transferred over and have them not believe it? If you scare them and they Blowup and turn into a cloud of dust and they ask you if they will be that way forever and you say YES…will they be? Because they believe it or will they eventually see the evidence of their own being and recreate themselves? Can they manifest their own messiah? Or will they eventually realize that if they set aside their fear there is no need for one? How can we as human beings cross over without other entities taking advantage of the moments when we are weak, even if they only wish to do an experiment to see the response? I guess a rule of thumb would be to asses the fear source before reacting even if you just died by car crash. And to only react from the understanding of forgiveness. I am so far away from this at the moment. It seems that the times when I really need to understand immortality and the oneness of everything that I end up fearing pain or something similar. Is the only way to get over this to give everything we are away? Let them seemingly sacrifice us?


When the beings cross-over – they are and will be for a moment –depending on how much their nature had become of the mind consciousness system within them – still within and as a ‘mind natured belief' of themselves.

Understand – that when I ‘have fun' with the beings that cross over – I don't ‘fuck' with the beings as who they are – I ‘fuck' with their ‘mind natured belief' of themselves for a moment.

Though – they will inevitably after a few moments or instantaneously – realise who they are – where they are – all the knowledge and information of all of existence within and as them of oneness and equality as who they are. Then – they go through processes in the dimensions, to live and experience and apply all the knowledge and information as themselves they realised in one moment in the dimensions – to have the ability to assist and support human beings within and as oneness and equality of life.

I am able to determine, before the being dies, how ‘long' they will remain within their ‘mind natured belief' of who and what they were on earth – the longest I had was 7 seconds earth time – which was the Atheist – then accordingly I set up the ‘fooling with their mind natured belief process' – then after a few moments – they instantaneously realise and understand everything of existence as themselves and they always laugh with me – because they immediately understand that I was ‘fucking' with their ‘mind natured belief' of themselves.

All in the dimensions within and as oneness and equality – assisting and supporting human beings – no more alternate existences / realties created – this has stopped.

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