Questions and Perspectives: What are Demons?


Do you remember when I explained to you about where emotions and thought come from? Well basically a demon is any being alive or dead that no longer is able to switch themselves off from their specific thoughts constructs and emotions.

We perceive that a demon is a dead person only, yet I am able to tell you that in essence whether you're dead or alive the basic understanding within your mind consciousness design as a human being applies in both realities. If you're an emotionally charged angry being (alive) and you become obsessed by your anger as a self-defined expression then it eventually consumes you and then de-humanizes you. Demon/de-manned – is what I'd term the expression of demons as.

Thereafter, when you cross over to the dimensions, you will then be no other than a demon. Demons as we all know, that exist in the dimensions are human beings as mind consciousness who at the moment of death yet again could not let go of their earthly obsessions as emotions and thoughts of who and what they had become and were - while still experiencing themselves on earth.

This is how a demon is created: Human beings who throughout their lives become stuck in one thought application which they weren't to able to let go of as a self-defined construct of who and what they were on earth. They later on in their lives don't even realize how their entire existence has evolved around this one thought (usually generated by a singular emotion). Then when you die you pass over within this same thought and emotional construct and due to your anger for your own experience on earth you end up fighting with whomever you are able to due to how you have immense compound emotional energy as anger for instance that you need to express in the form of self-destruction.

Self-destruction is somewhat complex when you're dead and you experience very little about who you are or what happens and become of you. If you are able to inflict pain and sufferings on the living then you are somewhat satisfied – the role demons played within the interference of human beings' experience of themselves.

A demon is also only able to be a being that requires strength from other living beings; therefore possession is yet again not just for the dead. Anybody who requires possessing a person for their essence or drain and utilizing their strength will therefore fall into the category of a demon – using for instance superiority expressions on those that experience themselves as inferior and unworthy. The inferior and unworthy give the superior the power and control to be who they are and allow for abuse and manipulation.

You see, demons as we know them dimensionally were as a direct result of what they allowed or experienced when they lived on earth. Demons were beings lost within their own mind consciousness system – even when crossing over to the dimensions after their experience on earth. No-one, no beings in the dimensions had ever turned to support demons – instead they feared them, leaving them to infinitely be lost within their own thought and emotional construct system.

To give you an example for instance: We still found Piet Retief within the demon dimension – still chasing after Zulu's which had passed over with him during the war they had participated within – after 200 years!

There were for instance children who had passed over many years before – moving within the demon dimension asking and searching and looking for their parents – with no-one supporting them at all – no beings.

Be as it may, demons are no longer around due to the fact that heaven (the dimensions) have assisted the demons and released them from their application. This was done about a year ago with the support of a group of people, we ensured that all beings lost and trapped in expressions such as demons experienced the process of forgiveness so they may set themselves free from that which enslaved them as one thought and emotional construct of which they had never been given any method of how to release themselves from it.

If you know of anybody who claims to be experiencing demonic activity then look no further than the human mind.