Questions and Perspectives: What are refractions?


If you go back right to when and how we were all put together in our creation you'll see the tiniest refractions of information in our biological make-up from atoms to the energetic information, that when placed together forms our entire make up.

As you tend to understand this about biology, use that same understanding when it comes to the effect and working of refractions. If you take the word refraction and you compare it to a molecule, atom or cell you'll see that when two atoms come together they form a molecule. Molecules come together to create macromolecules, macromolecules together create organelles, then cells, then organs, organ systems and finally these placed together create the human being! The same applies for refractions; it is everything that we consist of.

Therefore when you place refractions together you either get the human mind, body, information a situation or an event. When we were created our makers created us with the ability to direct us merely by the placement of these tiny refractions at the point of creation.

Imagine for a moment if the beings that designed you wanted you to fall in-love. All they had to do was place refractions within you. Refractions as small as that of electrical charges, hormonal fluctuations, information, ideas, memories and the next thing you throw all that together and you supposedly….fall in-love.

Here I have compiled some information on the various forms of refractions as noted in a dictionary, just to give you an idea of the various types:


Physics . The change of direction of a ray of light, sound, heat, or the like, in passing obliquely from one medium into another in which its wave velocity is different.


Ophthalmology .


The ability of the eye to refract light that enters it so as to form an image on the retina.


The determining of the refractive condition of the eye.


Astronomy .


Also called astronomical refraction. Th e amount, in angular measure, by which the altitude of a celestial body is increased by the refraction of its light in the earth's atmosphere, being zero at the zenith and a maximum at the horizon.


The observed altered location, as seen from the earth, of another planet or the like due to diffraction by the atmosphere.

Now the same applies for refractions within the body, caused by changes that take place such as the movement, direction so forth in a beings life.


Now let me show you the refractions that exist within you. Refractions is able to be seen by the dimensions in the form of thoughts, emotions, feelings, desires, wants, needs anything that absolutely ‘refractionally' is able to have a direct impact on how you function. If at some stage in your life you were pre-programmed to become a specific person be it may through personality or character and you experience that but later decide it is not who you are you now sit with an interesting dilemma.

Refractionally you now have thousands of molecules specifically directing you because you specifically told them to. Anything that we participate in becomes us, biologically. Our cells take on all the information that we are and keeps directing us according to the specific information. So within molecules you have refractions still lingering of your previous application. Let's say now you do your forgiveness and you apply yourself every day with the understanding that your previous application is to be changed. Now, however, refractionally you still have information running around your entire system relating to your past experiences.

As you are able to see with the explanations given for Astronomy, Ophthalmology and physics (to name a few areas of science) refractions bend, adapt and direct other refractions. Now you've started a new application, let's call it ‘you're no longer accepting lies as who you are'. You walk every day only accepting 100% honesty from yourself, however your molecules that have not been cleared of all previous energetic refractions are still implanting into your bodily system information about your previous application. The key here is to understand what refractions are capable of.

When you read the segment about light being reflected due to how the light and objects have different wave velocities, you're looking at the same thing happening currently in your body. You've changed your application from lying to honesty yet refractionaly your cells still hold the information from previous lies not to mention other body regions such as chemical compounding, consciousness just to mention a few. Now whenever you're faced with being truthful your entire make up will change in any given moment rejecting truth due to refractions clinging energetically to your cells and DNA. So instead of you accepting truth your cells reflect the lies instead, due to the application of truth not being absorbed as yourself into each cell. Just like I explained with two organelles creating one cell you have compounding occurring again due to the number of refractions inhabiting your system (body).

Refractions is able to be anything from moments in time to lingering memories to the slightest idea, anything that once you start clearing yourself from past attachments through the power of application and forgiveness can still be attached to you without you even knowing. Refractions are indeed complicated. So basically what I am presenting is the ability one set of information within your DNA and cells has to divert or change new information regarding new applications.


We as the dimensions run around all day chasing refractions. Anything that happens here in the dimensions gets broken up into refractions, from moments that happened within an event to the timeline applications here in 3D. Everything that comes into existence is able to be seen as refractions. Because the dimensions are here and because of the placement of moments and the placement of events we are all very busy with the refractions caused by our own movement as well as participations. Remember the dimensions unlike 3D is not able be maintained as stability according to physical structures, we are information, moments, energetic movement and sound. Nothing physical exists here for us to watch ourselves by and how we are affected by change. Thus, we within the dimensions have to stand as stability as who we are in every moment by living the words: I am stability to be certain that we are constantly stable in the dimensions.

You are fortunate in that you are able to be ‘grounded' by your physical environment. When we are not 100% aware of the refractions that are left during an event or a moment we are able to in about a week become a completely different dimension because all the compounded moments in the form of refractions have the ability to redirect us as explained in the human body.

Let's use an example of how refractions are created. Let's say that as I sit here talking about this the entire conversation is able to be seen as moments, participations, memories, words and so forth. With each breath that you take many refractions are created by this moment we share. We discuss this topic, therefore the moment is created. Now you have information that has been moved energetically as well as within this reality. Remember when we discussed existence and that it is simple to create something. Well the same applies for refractions. If I spoke to you about this topic then in existence there will now float in space and time and everything that is in between, frequencial refractions of our conversation.

This is due to the fact that everything in this world carries weight. One miniscule moment creates refractions because that is how we created our world, everything we do being of some significance because we are such beings that build everything according to thousands of tiny details. This building within the refractional ability comes from when we were created. We were given moments that led to other moments all because of mere refractions.

By this I speak about how our world came to be from simple molecules to everything you experience now. This was due to the ability that we have of creating. Good from some vantage points, not so good when all we do is create, absolutely anything, without us even being aware of it. You are most certainly only aware of your own experience, sometimes your thoughts and feelings. Nobody however is really aware of the refractions that go on within all of this, let's call it; what is really going on.

All moments as you experience them are different from another being's because of your different upbringing and life experience; therefore we all ‘act' differently. This when looked at in the tiniest detail is able to be seen due to refractions interacting with one another. The refractions from your childhood now interact with your learned behaviours/ personalities which clash with your beliefs and so at the end of the day you have based your given experience on these interactions of refractions.

Now let's take a look at how refractions is able to redirect this world in a space of 100 years. If you read my article on war, rape, murder you noticed me mentioning how if a being creates something we as the dimensions now have to step in to ‘clean' up. This I was speaking about is refractions. The example I used was that of a person committing suicide. Once they thought this, refractions occurred within space and time now associated to each and every singular moment within this single event. Within such an occurrence you are able to have up to 1000 refractions (as seen by dimensional ‘eyes'). Let's look at this example. The person now thought about killing themselves. Now refractions are created according to why, how, when, who was linked to the reason, the reason's linked to past events, all associated paths leading from this beings experience to that of world events, future decisions based on this decision and the list goes on.

Are you able to start seeing all that is possible here? Eventually 100 years down the line this world is able to be seen as the compounding that occurs when you place one refraction next to another and another, eventually creating this ‘reality'. I will give you an example of what we've been looking at in my articles.

I focused a lot on the compounding that causes rape, murder and war. Here you have events that were created by your actions and the actions of others in society create other events. You participate in something and where do the moments consisting of refractions go? They are scooped up by global awareness/ consciousness and what is created thereafter will cause us to have all sorts of new experiences.

We are all aware of consequence. However we don't fully comprehend how intricately this works. Consequence is the result you have when you place together all refractions which then gives an outcome. Simple math's actually. Perhaps that is why we are forced to do maths at school yet nobody sees the mathematical equations around them. We are aware that in this life we have events happening and that it creates victims, yet we are not able to see what happens between how these events affect our lives down the line and globally how these events came to be.

Have you ever stopped to ask why events take place and how they were created? If you look for example at all the thousands of different types of personalities that exist, how were they created? Look at your own preferences and the fact that while you're enjoying coffee with two sugars, no milk another enjoys tea with one sugar, lots of milk. All different responses because of refractions constantly playing off against one another in your body. When you decide to change yourself refractions are what make you give up because you are not able fight against cellular memory. You are able to deny your own memories but once they inhabit the cells you become the information.