Questions and Perspectives: What are systems?


As I explained earlier the White Light is responsible for the control and enslavement of the human. When consciousness was put in place by the White Light they also designed the systems. A system therefore is any form of consciousness that feeds the White Light – either on a greater or individual scale of experience.

The White Light was dependant on people to act according to specific consciousness application in order for the White Light to have control and power over all human beings and dimensional beings in existence.

If you are able to imagine a system being represented by the human mind then you have a basic understanding of the predicament we all face.

Systems are what we experience when we leave our awareness of who we really are as the beings we were all created in essence and we turn toward the existence that all are currently facing themselves within in consciousness as separation. Systems, to give you a brief example are therefore thoughts, feelings, beliefs and behaviours, anything that confines, restricts, binds and controls us as who we are by self defined personality.

Consciousness desires to be fed and supported and what other way than to create systems that people belong to as well as become. If for example you have a desire then you belong to and eventually become that system – obsessed and possessed by desire which in turn generates movement within you feeding your mind consciousness system as who you have become. While you are creating the desires that feed that particular system you more and more become the actual system and eventually most beings are not able to be anything other than that particular system.

The becoming of system is when your presence and essence is self-defined within an emotion or feeling that is of consciousness systems. To not be a system any longer one must realize that this entire world is created in some form of a White Light system and therefore all your participations as expression, behaviours and reactions are systematic.

Day to day life as you are conscious of, is therefore your systematic ‘life'. Your life as you are currently conscious of is not actually what life is. Systems are not life and considering that the White Light designed your entire life within consciousness means that what you are experiencing is not able to be life. It would rather be called robotic, preprogrammed or systematic. As soon as you're always doing the same application that is able to be linked back to the White Light's preprogrammed consciousness control then you are in a system, which means you are a walking system because no person is able to tell me that they are able to walk free from their preprogrammed systematic consciousness lives. The minute you experience yourself as unable to not be the person you are or that your life is not able to be done any other way then you know that you in fact have been preprogrammed to be a particular system, feeding many systems and therefore is not able to consider yourself truly free.

A more specific example of a system would be for instance religion. The most prominent of all systems within this world, together with the money system is the religious system. A system such as this consists of many human beings as pre-programmed consciousness as their mind – who place their ideas and beliefs of some greater power, being or force outside of themselves together. In this movement – many beings participating in the belief and idea of some greater power, being or force outside of themselves – creates an entity – God for instance.

When so many beings follow such an idea or belief – a system is created – globally within this world. This religious system within the world is continuously fed through the application of prayer and going to establishments such as churches and singing songs – all such participations within the belief and idea of a God – feeds the entire religious system – making it plausible as being real and true.

The more human beings participate and feed this religious system – they become a system within the system due to their dedication and commitment through participation within the religion they have placed their beliefs and ideas within. Feeding in turn their own mind consciousness system enslaved within the religious system of the world.