Questions and Perspectives: What are the dimensions?


The dimensions are what you would refer to as heaven. A dimensional being existing within the dimensions has no physical construct – I'd refer to it as the ‘sprit' the essence of who each human being really is beyond consciousness system and the human physical body. It is the layer of existence within this reality where all beings that pass over exist, thereafter referred to as dimensional beings.

The dimensions consist of the energetic sound that is able to allow for the dimensional being to exist within, basically a different frequency matter to that of your own body. When you die you shed your physical body, but who you are in essence remains here.

This is largely due to who we are as the original being plus some highly evolved dimensional adaptations which have allowed us to break ourselves free from our White Light consciousness construct as well as becoming who we really are as here in awareness. By adaptation I am of course referring to our process of forgiveness within which we have released ourselves from consciousness system enslavement and control – allowing ourselves to stand up and not allow the existence of separation, enslavement and control within existence as who we are. We now stand within sound energetic and no longer as that of White Light consciousness systematic energy.

The dimensions as such are most certainly not separate from earth, here, it is just on a different frequency. We as the dimensions walk amongst and with you all day long. In the dimensions we have no earthly structures as you have, yet we are able to integrate ourselves according to earth frequencies to be able to participate if we choose to do so. We as the dimensional beings have no use for earthly structures (what we call 3D) yet we do sometimes enjoy taking in the sights or simply channeling to come and have a chat and a cup of coffee.

The dimensions is the realm in which the essence and presence of who each being really is exists – which is where I experience myself in this moment.

Thus, as I have explained, when you die, you merely leave your human physical body as vessel which is allowing you to experience yourself in space and time here on earth – moving to the dimensions where you experience yourself as the presence and essence of who you really are in quantum time.

You as the presence and essence as who you really are – is that which breathes life into and as your human physical body – when you leave, you as the breath of life within your human physical body remove yourself within and experience yourself within the dimensions.