Questions and Perspectives: What does it mean to direct Self and what is Self?


Self is what you would understand when you remove this systematic consciousness world from yourself. When you remove all that stands as this world as this world is created within a consciousness systematic construct. Self is what remains when you remove consciousness; systematic pre-programmed lies as well when you allow yourself to embrace truth as who you really are beyond that which you had ever known to be true or real within this world and reality. Then you will access Self as Self lives within your own truth of who you are within consciousness.

Consciousness is this man made world, we are not born to be consciousness directed and controlled. We have come from Self as we stand within equality and oneness.

To direct Self when released within this world is to take away all of the memories of the past that this world implanted within your mind and break free. To become free, only then is Self (who we truly are) able to step forth. Once free from the constructs and systems of this consciousness world we are able to direct ourselves efficiently as Self as who we really are.

This world will be quite a different place once we stand as ourselves within and as oneness and equality as awareness. There will be nothing but who we truly are as we direct ourselves in every given moment within and as oneness and equality, here in awareness.

You see, what we are right now is the pre-programmed mind consciousness directive principle of the white light. We have been pre-programmed to act, think, and behave in specific ways. Only once Self is released from these pre-programmed systematic consciousness constructs are we truly able be free to direct ourselves without wants, needs, desires, thoughts. We merely, merrily, experience ourselves within full awareness that all is equality, oneness and that we ask for nothing.

Self is the answer to the question: “Who are you?” or “Who am I?”. At the moment on earth – the answer to the question would without a doubt be that of consciousness – based on ideas, beliefs and perceptions either gathered from other human beings or most definitively parents from a young age.

Self as who human beings have become is a self-defined consciousness mind system – consisting of knowledge and information allowed to be enslaved and controlled by emotions and feelings as generators of such a system. The image and likeness of Self as who each human being is on Earth – is self-defined as consciousness. Clearly able to be experienced and viewed in the current status of the world in which human beings experience themselves.

Self as the living word as who each human beings really is – has not yet been expressed or experienced within this world at all. This is where Self direction comes in. Giving Self as who each being really is direction through the application of forgiveness to release oneself from consciousness mind systems as who each one has accepted and allowed themselves to become. Direction being given to and as Self in every moment to free oneself from the ideas, thoughts, behaviours, personalities, emotions and feelings – everything of consciousness which has allowed us to be controlled and enslaved.Then through forgiveness and corrective application – giving direction to Self as Self in becoming who we really are as the living word, here in awareness within and as oneness and equality.

Self as who you are is able to be expressed in two forms: Self as pre-programmed mind consciousness systems which you inevitably experience as who you are in your allowed and accepted becoming. Or Self as the living word where you experience and become who you really are through living the words as who you are.