Questions and Perspectives: What is an interdimensional portal?


The interdimensional portal is a word that we here at desteni-universe use to describe our own ‘upgraded channel'. Channels as you are use to them are just that, the dimensional being sticks his or her head or body into that of the being and is then able to communicate using the beings vocal cords or write using the beings mind and hands.

An interdimensional portal is a being's ability to leave their body and give the dimensional being full access to use the body as if it were their own. This particular beings' physical body stand as the interdimensional portal. She leaves her body completely and enters heaven fully aware so that a dimensional being may occupy her physical body as interdimensional portal. When the dimensional being integrates into her body they do so fully and completely. Integration occurs as the dimensional being integrates right through into the cells, on a DNA level and the mind. Therefore what is possible with this portal is that the dimensional being coming through is allowed to have free expression of themselves. The dimensional beings are able to hear, see, and experience anything that is humanly possible while within the interdimensional Portal here on earth

When we, the dimensional beings, come through to either write our articles or to work we are able to fully integrate ourselves with all information that exists within us. The interdimensional portal has been a unique experience for us because in the past, channels have not allowed us to fully express ourselves as the information transference is somewhat limited according to the beings', through who we channeled, own mind or own beliefs. In other words, the human being through who we channeled influenced the dimensional beings' experience while channeling.

For instance if you have a human being as channel who have a particular dislike for something then the being coming through might experience that dislike as themselves. Which as you are able to imagine leaves one problem. What does that mean for all other channeling's that have happened in the past? Does it perhaps mean that unless your mind has been cleared 100% before the being enters it is possible that some channelings are that of human interpretation? In some cases this question is able to be answered with a: ‘Yes'. Often channeled being's stories are ‘interpreted' by the mind of the channel. This was often the case with many dimensional beings stories and therefore the full truth of their experiences were never revealed as the human being as channels' own mind interfered or influenced the words spoken by the dimensional being to a certain extent.

Now as we are fully integrated into the being's body as interdimensional portal, none of this happens as we stand clear of any influence, as all information of the portal leaves with her. Her body becomes a complete empty shell as nothing remains of her when she leaves her body and move into the dimensions. This giving dimensional beings the opportunity to fully and completely integrate in her physical body as though it were our own. This has been specifically designed so that each being that enters is able to fully express themselves without any influences from the being whose physical body have become the interdimensional portal. We often come through and stay for an entire day, to come and work or experience ourselves here.

The portal does not require specific energy as all energy in actuality is constant. Before when channels became tired or the being required rest it was because the energy of the channel was being used for the dimensional being to be able to participate. Also because the being was ‘switched' off from their minds so that the dimensional being is able to utilize the mind, it meant that this was only possible for short periods of time. The human body was only able to be ‘disconnected' from the mind for a certain period. Now however the portal's body has been set up so that physically it sustains itself and at the point that the dimensional being integrates there is nothing being taken ‘from' the body. Therefore, during the experience of beings moving in and out of the body as portal – the body physically remains constant and no matter how many beings move in and out of the portal, the experience remains constant. The dimensions are not dependent on humans for energy, which has now been correlated with our purpose and our directive principle. Dependency on human beings for energy was the experience in the dimensions when the White Light was still well and about. When heaven stood up to the white light it meant that no longer were we ‘slaves' to what they prescribed and our experience changed from the perspective of no longer being dependent on human beings for energy but we remain infinitely constant within the experience of ourselves in the dimensions and are thus able to direct and support you effectively.

Energy as life is not something that you are able to lose or drain, it stands constant into infinity. Who we are as life is not able to be killed, drained or depleted. Therefore if you experience fatigue or a ‘loss' of energy, then you know that your mind is still allowing you to limit yourself. Remember who we are stands constant and stable into infinity, the mind as consciousness has limitations and gets tired because it does not support life for longer than it has been ‘trained' by you to allow.

The portal when leaving her body is able to walk around with the dimensional beings in the dimensions and is fully aware of everything. She comes back into her body and is able to clearly recollect what she did and how. The two ‘worlds' therefore are not separated in her mind and therefore she is able to be in either dimension clearly with full information recollection and transference. She moves out of her body completely with all her ‘information' as who she is and steps into the dimensions. The same occurs when the dimensional being steps into the portal and they fully integrate as themselves into the physical body as portal.

We often come through to participate in this world. We stay for a day and we experience what it is like to sleep, go to the movies or to go out and experience different things human beings participate in, in this world.

What is important for the dimensions is to experience this world with you, in a manner of speaking. No longer do we sit in heaven watching as we use to do. We now walk here in 3D, on earth, with you and we fully participate in what you are experiencing. When we come through any of the channels we fully participate in what you do here in 3D as ourselves so that we no longer are separate from you, but instead get as much insight into human behavior and experience so that we are better able to assist you. What better way to assist human beings then to actually walk as you would in your own experience of yourself. Practical application of understanding is what we are currently working with. No longer does heaven assist humans by merely sharing information with you. Heaven now fully participates so that we are able to assist ourselves by living the words, therefore assisting you to do the same.